MST Chapter 93 : Hands on

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Fat woman regretted it, very regretted, how about the obsessed I planted a child, planted also just, why lead a few people around to scold the child, this is kicked on the iron plate, if replaced by the general family, is not convinced, but lost money on the money, it is absolutely impossible to make things like this, now it’s all up to this, and seeing Ye Guang like this is not going to stop.

No way, can’t hold it, call the security guard, inform the boss! Fat woman hate straight teeth, Ye Guang so a noisy, no matter who is wrong, boss will certainly ask her responsibility, do not say other, this month’s performance bonus is definitely buttoned up, but fat woman also dare to let Ye Guang so go down, or the bigger, the last fear is not just deduction point bonus, Ben thought about the 980 of the clothes to sell out, take some commission, this is very well, estimated to compensate madam and fold soldiers.

The fat woman’s sigh of relief, said the voice is unreasonable, then ran to the front desk and made a phone call, said to the phone, and then apologized. Hanging up the phone, the fat woman glanced at Ye Guang and greeted a shopping guide to call the security guard of the mall.

Ye Guang ignored her, and he took care of himself to tear the clothes. The fat woman and several shopping guides did not swipe the cards, and looked at him stupidly.

After a few minutes, the shopping guide came in with three security guards.

As soon as three security guards entered the door, they saw a mess in the store. The guides had already told them about it on the road. As security guards, they would not manage the specifics of the incident. Who is right and who is wrong? Just need to ensure the safety of the mall, to ensure that no one can make trouble.

One of the security guards was clearly the leader, and went to Ye Guang. “Sir, please stop, here is the mall, please don’t make trouble!”

Ye Guang looked at him, “Is it trouble? Oh, who is making trouble? Forget it, I can tell you, I am spending, I pay for every piece of clothing. As for how to pay for it, it seems to have nothing to do with you?”

The security leader looked at Ye Guang and looked at a few shopping guides in the store. He was not too clear about the incident. It was just that the shopping guide ran to tell him that someone was causing trouble in the store, so he took two men. There is no need to ask questions about the passing of the matter. No matter whether or not Ye Guang tears the clothes, it is definitely a trouble.

Security leader: “Sir, please stop, otherwise we will take tough measures.”

Ye Guang glanced at the security guard and looked at the two security guards who followed him. Ye Guang had Herculean. He actually had no fear. Just two or three people would not be a problem. But he didn’t use Herculean to move his hands, fearing that he couldn’t control it well, couldn’t hold his hand, and when he had a problem, he was so happy, so Ye Guang looked at a few people and kindly reminded him, “This matter has nothing to do with you. I advise you not to do it. I am afraid that I can’t hold my hand. It is not good to hurt a few people at that time. ”

The surrounding customers are a bit cold, lying! Buddy, you can, this is forced.

There was a young dad with a child, and after watching it for a while, Ye Guang said this, he immediately yelled, “Brother, you can, this wave of full marks!”

Several security guards listened to Ye Guang’s words, and they also came up with fierce anger. They were all retired from the army. They couldn’t say how good they were, but one person did not care about five or six ordinary people. This is the head of the security guard. In the same year, he was the elite of the company and won the championship. Although Ye Guang looks tall and strong, but in the eyes of several security guards, it is an ordinary young man, not to mention three people, one person can easily subdue him, but I did not expect Ye Guang tone So big, but also said that they are afraid of not being able to hold their hands and hurt them. Cut, funny?

They are all hot tempers, and the security guards step forward. “You are dealing with us three alone, and want to hurt us? Little brother, crazy enough, what? Practice?”

Ye Guang startled, mad? Why are you crazy? Also, the brother in front said to pretend? How do you install it? He said that it is the truth, kindly remind you to feed, Ye Guang doesn’t want to do it with him, he waved his hands again and again. “No, no, don’t do it, I am afraid I can’t control myself.”

When the words came out, it sounded like provocations to security guards. They opened the rack and waited for Ye Guang to promise to rush up. Ye Guang was shocked and quickly protected Yiyi next to him.

Bang” a sound, Ye Guang left shoulder firmly punched by the security chief, the whole shoulder is a bit tingling, this punch also put Ye Guang temper fight out, originally he was unhappy, otherwise will not be torn in the shop so long clothes, security boss said hands on, a greeting are not dozen, moreover, Yiyi still at his side, not afraid of accidentally hurt the child? Do you have a little scruples?

Ye Guang came up with fire, holding Yiyi and taking a few steps back and putting Yiyi in a safe place. “Yiyi, stay here, don’t come.”

Yiyi knows that he is going to fight and pull his clothes. “Ye Guang, don’t fight.”

Ye Guang touched Yiyi’s head. “It’s okay, good, you stay here.” Say, Ye Guang stood up and headed for the security leader.

Ye Guang has some numbness on the shoulders. I have to say that the security chief is really heavy enough. You know, Ye Guang is using the state of Herculean, and he feels so mad at him, Ye Guang knows. If you don’t use Herculean, you can’t stand the punch. It’s hard to say, “Oh, let’s fight, come!”

The head of the security guard is actually quite surprised. His own boxing power is different. He knows it well. Although he has not used all his strength, the general man can’t afford it. Even if he doesn’t fall to the ground, his shoulders will hurt for a long time. Can’t afford it, but Ye Guang is just like nothing, really surprised him.

Security leader pulled open again, hands clenched, to Ye Guang attack, Ye Guang do not know what martial arts routine, Herculean also just improve his physical fitness, so that the ability to respond agility and strength and other physical factors improve, because today is the first time with Herculean, Ye Guang also estimated not good now how much strength, so, he first used the three-point force, want to try first.

Luminous hands blocked the fist of the security leader with no moves, and then pushed, the security leader immediately “squat” and was pushed back six or seven steps by him.

Ye Guang is a little surprised, is one-third force like this? This Herculean is really amazing. Fortunately, I didn’t have the urge to try it first. Otherwise, I really tried to hit the person directly with a punch. I also pointed out what it would be like to be a big man.

The head of security guard was also shocked. The strength of the young man was so big. His fist was easily blocked. Then he pushed back six or seven steps. The security chief did not dare to look down on Ye Guang, and his look became dignified.

It seems to be a trainer! Not good to deal with!

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