MST Chapter 94 : Ye Guang fight

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Onlookers customers are also a very surprised, originally when security chief rushed up they all thought Ye Guang to suffer, such a young man, can with this looks fierce security leader fight, but did not think, but is the security leader obviously defeated Ye Guang, so a push, put security leader push six or seven step back, and look at his relaxed appearance, certainly has not done his best!

Ye Guang looked at a few security guards, and I was a little appreciative of my strength. I said a little, “Let’s go together.”

The security guards knew that they were not Ye Guang’s opponents, and they couldn’t say that they were alone and Ye Guang alone, and look at two security guards he brought. The other two security guards immediately met, and the three men surrounded Ye Guang.

“Little brother, it seems that you are a trainer, but we are not vegetarian. To make trouble in our shopping malls, you must first ask us to say!”

“Less nonsense! If you want to fight, you are afraid that you will not!”

“Humph! I will take you down and see if you dare to be so hard.”

Said, the three men joined forces to attack Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is now a little stronger, the reaction is faster, the other is the martial arts moves, the fighting skills are nothing, so it is very difficult for one person to deal with three people, and the body has been smashed several times, the security leader is the most, one foot went straight to Ye Guang’s chest, and Ye Guang went down a few meters.

Security leader: “Little brother, it seems that you are more powerful, let’s stop, you can’t beat us, I don’t want to be embarrassed, don’t make trouble, pay for the loss, apologize to the store, this is the case.”

Ye Guang rubbed his chest and coughed twice. This foot was really not light. Ye Guang couldn’t eat it. He climbed up from the ground. Ye Guang’s eyes were a little red. “When you want to fight, how much nonsense! Let me apologize, impossible!”

“Oh, you are stubborn, then don’t blame us!” As said, the security guards gave another look to the other two security guards, and the three men joined forces to attack Ye Guang.

Ye Guang is very calm, really I am afraid that you are not? Isn’t it just not fighting? Will Laozi be beaten?

Firm Rock is used!

I have to look at it, is your fist hard, or system skill Firm Rock harder!

With Firm Rock, Ye Guang has the confidence, not like the previous one, has been a defensive, passive beating, he is not against several security attacks, let a few people attack on him, his fists fall on Ye Guang still has a little feeling, just like pat on Ye Guang, it doesn’t hurt him.

Ye Guang is attacking and defending. He doesn’t care about the attack of three people at all, but Ye Guang is not experienced enough for the fight, and the opposite three are the elites out of the army. The battle experience is rich, and Ye Guang’s fist is almost blocked. In the face of failure, the main Ye Guang did not dare to use all his strength, fearing that a punch would be a real problem.

This is what Ye Guang has been beating in the eyes of the onlookers. Many people are worried about Ye Guang, so they don’t break people.

There are also good customers who support Ye Guang.

“Hey! Have you beat people like this?”

“This is not afraid of killing people!”

“Stop! I’ll call the police if I don’t stop!”

However, the three security guards are unheard of, but they are still attacking Ye Guang, and the more they attack, the more surprised they are. Are you still human? How could such a violent attack hit him, he was like a good man, can he have such a strong resistance to attack.

Yiyi saw Ye Guang beaten, anxiously on the side, and the anxious tears began to swirl in her eyes. A kind customer touched Yiyi, fearing that she would rush to it.

Ye Guang is also a bit red-eyed. His fighting experience compared the opposite three are poor. I don’t know how many streets. The fist attack is not hit. The three security guards frequently attacked him with his fists and legs. Although he did not take any substantial damage, it looked quite embarrassing. Moreover, he had been beaten so much, that is, the clay figurine also played a three-point fire.

Finally, Ye Guang found an opportunity to seize the wrist of a security guard who attacked him, and forced himself to pull in front of him. The other hand slammed into the security chest, suddenly, this security guard flew directly two meters and fell to the ground and couldn’t get up with his chest.

Another security guard may have been because his companion was knocked down and lost a god. He was also turned back by Ye Guang, and he slammed into a showcase and squatted on the ground.

There was a security guard leader left, and the leader was a leader. After all, the situation was a lot bigger. The two security guards were down by Ye Guang. His offensive was even more violent, but after all, he had only one person, Ye Guang said to him. A person’s words are still very easy to deal with, and the three or two are also pushed down by Ye Guang.

The onlookers all took a breath, and the plot was reversed too fast. Ye Guang, who had been passively beaten, actually had the help of God for a moment, and easily laid down three seemingly fierce security guards. People can give you a fly, how strong is this strength?

Ye Guang also played a fire, and after pushing down the security leader, he lifted his foot and gave him a foot. The security guard slipped out a few meters away. It can be seen that this foot has multiples. Ye Guang does not give up, catching up and still wanting to do it. .

“Ye Guang!!” Yiyi shouted aloud, Ye Guang froze, stopped, then turned to look at Yiyi, Yiyi endured tears and endured very hard, full of anxiety, very wronged, said, “Ye Guang, don’t fight, You are like this, I am afraid… We go home.”

The customers next to them also screamed out, “Don’t fight, boy, forget it, you have to play something, forget it.”

Ye Guang’s fists slowly loosened, the rising momentum relaxed, his eyes softened again, and slowly approached Yiyi, Ye Guang said to a good-hearted female customer who had been pulling Yiyi. “Thank you.” Then he crouched down and wiped the tears that was escaping Yiyi eyes. “Well, don’t fight.”

Yiyi nodded. “Then let’s go home, I don’t want to be here.”

Ye Guang smiled at her. “Okay, but Yiyi waits first. There is still something that has not been handled well. It will be fine right away, hehe.”

Several security guards were still lying on the ground, Ye Guang stood up and looked at the few guides led by the fat woman. Several people were somewhat afraid of shrinking, no reason, no fear, no seeing. Can the three security guards on the ground be beaten up by him? Moreover, they are a few weak women.

Just fighting made some wolverines, Ye Guang sorted out his own packaging, and then looked around for a moment, “The few pieces of clothes that were torn back, and the things that are now broken, you calculate, swipe.”

The fat woman’s voice is a little trembling, “No… I don’t need it.” She is afraid, she is really scared, and she regrets it. She regrets it and provokes who is not good. It does not provoke such a difficult Lord.

I knew this before, why bother?

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