MST Chapter 95 : No noble soul

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Ye Guang has not taken over the bank card.

“I don’t lack money, and I don’t have the habit of owing money!”

“Sir, really no need.” The fat woman didn’t dare to swipe his card. She was scared to death. What she wanted most now was to send away Ye Guang this god.

Anyway, Ye Guang didn’t tear a few pieces of clothes behind. The ones that were previously brushed have already made a lot of money. Now she just wants to send Ye Guang quickly, and the rest doesn’t matter.

Ye Guang didn’t agree, glanced at the fat woman and shouted, “I told you to brush!” For the fat woman, Ye Guang is a little bit rude, “Which is so much nonsense!”

The fat woman shivered, and then quickly brushed a sum of money, three thousand yuan, she couldn’t remember how many clothes Ye Guang had ripped behind, but certainly should be more than three thousand, not to mention because the fight hit the broken showcase.

After brushing the card, the fat woman handed the card up. Ye Guang took the card and put it in his pocket. He turned and picked up Yiyi. “Go, let’s go home.”

Ye Guang is no longer noisy, venting enough. Although this kind of treatment is not very good, the best way is to seek judicial help and solve it through legal means, but Ye Guang can’t let Yiyi being bullied, he can’t swallow it for a while.

Isn’t it hurting each other? See who has consumed more.

However, Ye Guang is also noisy, and has continued to use a lot of Herculean. The recently accumulated prestige points are almost at the bottom. Ye Guang is a little bit distressed, but for Yiyi, it is worth it!

Ye Guang walked out with Yiyi, and the surrounding customers turned their side to give way to him. Several of the handbags that Ye Guang had previously carried were still resting. Ye Guang held Yiyi and walked over to pick up the bag. Ye Guang thought and look at the fat woman again. “I said, as long as it’s you, it won’t end. Today I don’t want to make trouble, but it’s not over yet.” Ye Guang looked at the clothes that Yiyi had been holding for 98,000. “I will take this dress and go to the judicial authorities to check if my child is broken it or if it exists quality problems, if it is a quality problem, then… Humph! Is this a framed blackmail? 98,000, the amount is not small.”

The fat woman suddenly turned pale, and the station couldn’t stand anymore. “Sir, sir, sorry, it’s my fault, you exalted your hand…”

Ye Guang glanced at her with a sullen look. The fat woman didn’t dare to speak. She looked at Ye Guang with her eyes and looked pitiful.

Self-acceptance, knowing this, why bother? This is a retribution of a bad heart!

It was Yiyi who was kind and looked at the pitiful look of the fat woman and several shopping guides, whispering, “Ye Guang, they look pitiful.”

Ye Guang: “Well, because they bullied you, I bullied them.”

Yiyi replied, whispered, “Why would they bully me?”

Ye Guang chuckled, carrying a handbag and holding Yiyi while walking. “Because they are like the clothes in your hand, they look beautiful, but they are actually bad. They are usually good. But as long as someone gently pulls it, the bad essence is exposed.”

Yiyi shook her head and said that she could not understand.

Ye Guang touched her head and changed his mind. “Because they only have a glamorous appearance, but they have no noble soul.”

Yiyi still shook her head. “I still don’t understand.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, how are you so stupid, usually not very smart.”

Yiyi: “Hey! You are stupid! Ye Guang is a big fool! Fighting with others, I want to go home and tell my aunt! ”

“Well, you have no conscience. I am not fighting because I am angry with you. You dare to complain!”



The two were joking and left under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

The onlookers saw such a big show, there has been constant discussion.

“Hey, this thing is going to be troublesome, this guy is really… Ah ha ha.”

“Although there is a glamorous appearance, but there is no noble soul, this is what is said.”

“Yes, it’s said that they are self-sufficient.”

“Don’t tell me, this guy looks a bit familiar.”

“Hey, I feel familiar when you say this.”


Everyone talked for a while. After the fat woman walked behind Ye Guang, she couldn’t support it. She sat down on the ground and screamed in her mouth. “It’s over, finished, finished.”

Several shopping guides looked at the fat woman, and looked at the store, all facing each other, and there was concern in the eyebrows.

This time, their shop is planted, it can not be said that the fat woman planted, but they shop planted against extortion, fraud consumers, Ye Guang to really Yiyi tore that piece of clothing take to authority institution do a fair test, then in the end is Yiyi torn, or this dress originally exist quality problem, then will be at a glance, Ye Guang if go Related departments complain, they do not die also want to peel off, to know, this is not only shoddy, fraud consumers, but also planted framed, is extortion strong buy strong sell, this charge is much larger than shoddy.

After coming out of the store called ‘Giovanni’, Ye Guang and Yiyi didn’t have the interest to continue shopping, although there were still some things not bought, and Ye Guang was also preparing to set up two sets of lines, both of whom were leaders. Now, I still wear the goods all day long, how can I also mention the grades, for civilian goods!

But the enthusiasm is gone, Ye Guang can only give up, next time, he is not a person who pays special attention to dressing.

In his opinion, clothes don’t have to be worn well, as long as the clothes are not ruined, clean and tidy, and of course, it is better to wear a little more in important occasions, not to show anything, this is out respect for the organizers.

It was still early, and Ye Guang returned to studio with Yiyi.

Liu Chiyan: “How come back so soon? Have you bought everything?”

Ye Guang said, “Almost, some can’t find it.”

Liu Chiyan snorted and found Ye Guang’s clothes dirty. “What are you doing? How dirty the clothes are.”

Ye Guang looked down. He wore a white shirt. Although he had erased the obvious footprints and dust, the white shirt looked dirty. I didn’t want to worry about Liu Chiyan. Ye Guang wanted to find a reason to fool the past, but Yiyi rushed to talk.

“Ye Guang is fighting with others!”

Liu Chiyan blinked, “Said! What happened!”

Ye Guang’s touching nose, “Nothing, it’s a little conflict.”

Yiyi has picked up again. “It is not! Ye Guang made a big fire, tore the clothes in the store, and hit three big uncles. It was fierce, and I was scared.”

Liu Chiyan stared at him.

“Little traitor.” Ye Guang glanced at Yiyi and then said to Liu Chiyan what had just happened.

Liu Chiyan didn’t blame Ye Guang after listening to it. She was like a cat who had been trampled on her tail. “Dare to bully Yiyi! Go! This can’t be justified, let’s find them to settle!”

Yiyi is also Liu Chiyan reverse scale. She is the most likely to be bullied by Yiyi.

Ye Guang quickly grabbed Liu Chiyan, who is trying to get out of the box. “Hey, hey, what are you doing, you are Goddess, you are going to find someone to trouble, and you can’t go to the headlines tomorrow.”

“What’s wrong with Goddess, Goddess can’t make a difference for their children.” Liu Chiyan is very angry.

No one can bully Yiyi!

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