MST Chapter 96 : Ye Guang play rogue

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In the end, Liu Chiyan was still persuaded by Ye Guang, but she was still unwilling.

“The clothes are bad, but they dare to smear Yiyi, don’t want to face!” Liu Chiyan was angry and said, “No, absolutely not.”

Ye Guang: “I really can’t do this. Otherwise, I have spent so much money in their homes, but they are cheaper. I will take this dress to report the case.”

“Yes! Report them!” Liu Chiyan nodded. “Let brother Jiang handle this. He is familiar with this.”

“Yes, that’s the best.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t delay, immediately found Jiang Fengxian, said something to him briefly, and then let him deal with it.

Jiang Fengxian nodded and promised, “Oh, this thing is on me, and I promise not to let them be better. I am afraid I can’t do this today. I will do it tomorrow morning!”

Ye Guang thought about it and said, “I don’t worry, I have already let go when I left the store. It is estimated that they are also worried. Old Jiang, let’s dry him for two days, let them be afraid of two days, see them can’t sleep well.”

The three men looked at each other like three old foxes.

Yiyi sighed, “The world of adults is so complicated.”

Ye Guang: “Go, not all things that you have caused.”


At nights

On the table.

Liu Chiyan gave Ye Guang a la carte. “I have read the story you wrote.”

Ye Guang’s eyes lit up, “Looked? And how was it? how do you feel?”

“Great.” Liu Chiyan thought about it and added another sentence, “Very good.”

Ye Guang looked proud. “I said, what I write can’t worse?”

Just kidding, this is one of the four famous books Journey to the West! Still worse?

Ye Guang: “Hey. It’s okay to do this show. ”

Liu Chiyan didn’t even think about it. “No.”

Ye Guang glanced, “Are you not saying good? Ok, still not?”

Liu Chiyan ordered him an order again, “Is not, you write this story is very good, I have seen in the afternoon and fascinated, do not know how you think out, but the story is good, if you publish into a novel, then I agree with both hands, but TV is not, tell story telling TV program is difficult to do, The ratings of such programs have been low all along, and none of them have been able to do so, not to say that their stories are bad, just because few viewers are willing to watch them.”

Ye Guang is not reconciled, “Can’t you? Is there a good rating?”

“No.” Liu Chiyan is straightforward. “You think, the audience watching TV shows are not all about killing time. It’s a fun picture, so nowadays, whether it’s a TV drama or Variety show, most of them are entertainment with high ratings audiences. If you are a TV drama, you are talking about what is going on, and there will be very few viewers to buy it. For example, the anti-corruption TV series “Qingzheng Lianming” broadcasted by CCTV some time ago is overwhelming, and the news broadcast is it creates momentum, but what can be the result? The ratings are terrible, and there is no audience to watch. Is it not good to shoot? Or is there a problem with the plot? No! But this kind of TV series can’t be fired at all!”

Ye Guang grin, “That doesn’t necessarily…”

I will tell you that there is a drama called “In The Name Of The People”

Liu Chiyan did not pick up his embarrassment and continued. “The same is true. The story of the novel you wrote is good, but it is made into a TV show, there will be no audience to watch it.”

Ye Guang: “Can’t you? Really so absolute? I doubt that.”

Liu Chiyan: “The truth is… anyway, no one has done this show so far.”

Ye Guang snorted. “Then I will be the first!”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white eyes. “You still dream.”


After meal, Ye Guang said awkwardly, but Liu Chiyan made up her mind that she couldn’t let him come, so he couldn’t let go, and disagreed with Ye Guang to do this show.

Ye Guang is not awkward. Is it necessary to give up eight-star Journey to the West? This is done, but there are rewards. Moreover, the system task requires Ye Guang within one months to make a culture-friendly program, can not complete the system punishment for a year is not humane, Ye Guang will also think of what other programs, and time is so tight, only one months, Finally Yiyi give him open brain hole to think of Journey to the West, Liu Chiyan also disagree.

What is this?

No! Can’t just give up, don’t rush to reward, not because of punishment, just because it is Journey to the West! Journey to the West! Journey to the West!

No matter what, bring Monkey bro to this world! Ye Guang has strengthened his beliefs.

When Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan went to sleep in the bedroom at night, Ye Guang made a big move.

Ye Guang turned over and pressed the whole person on Liu Chiyan, and the hand was not honestly placed on the part that Liu Chiyan could not write.

Liu Chiyan is blushing and snarling. “You let go, go on!”

Ye Guang started playing rogue, “No, unless you promise me to do the show.”

Hum, mock, really when I can’t clean up you? Okay, there is no way, but we will play rogue!

Liu Chiyan: “Come on, you are heavy!”

Ye Guang snorted, “Then promise me.”

Liu Chiyan: “No!”

Ye Guang: “Then I won’t go down.”

Liu Chiyan: “How come you are so rogue, I will kick you if you don’t go down.”

“No, I won’t go even if you kick me unless you promise me.” Ye Guang continues to be rogue.

Liu Chiyan snorted and didn’t push Ye Guang. “Hey, then you press it, it’s your wife, it’s broken and you don’t feel bad!” Liu Chiyan has a kind of learning and also plays a rogue.

“Oh, huh.” Ye Guang is also coming, “You still give me this set, then don’t blame me, you are welcome!”

Liu Chiyan screamed, “Look at who has boiled over!”

Ye Guang’s laughed twice, then his hands began to mess.

Liu Chiyan was shocked, “Ye Guang! You bastard, you are shameless, you hoodlum! Ah! Don’t touch there! you……”

After a moment, Ye Guang was not pressing Liu Chiyan, Liu Chiyan was flushed, and she was in his arms like a kitten.

Ye Guang VS Liu Chiyan

Ye Guang wins!

Sample, can’t cure you?

Liu Chiyan is in the arms of Ye Guang. “You just want to do this show.”

Ye Guang: “Well, I have to do it.”

Liu Chiyan: “What to do if you don’t do well, this is our company’s first project.”

Ye Guang: “Impossible! I am there, I can’t do it well!”

Liu Chiyan cut it. “You just blow it, really, this show is good first. Wait for our Studio to make a few projects first. You can do it later, so it’s safe.”

Ye Guang shook his head. “No, you have to do it right away, you have to do it within a month!”

Liu Chiyan: “So urgent? Can’t really put it first? ”

“No!” Ye Guang smirked and looked at Liu Chiyan. “Oh, little girl. Do you want to go back? Dare to repent? See how your husband clean up you!”

Said, Ye Guang’s hand began to blame again.

Liu Chiyan exclaimed, “Ah! You don’t… I promised, no regrets, don’t mess.”

“Ah! Ye Guang, you hoodlum… I promise you still……. Ah”

Full room spring.

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