BTC Chapter 297 : Mutual Love, Mutual Death

Edited: XiaXue

If you can only watch, everyone’s curiosity about virtual projections will not last long. Only by personal experience and operation can they fully understand the fun of the game.

After showing the projections of the characters a little, they started the game operation demonstration, so that the audience can see the game experience of “Soul of Three Kingdoms”.

Virtual projection has the advantage that it can control the size of the projection within a certain range, and other games cannot.

Su Xiaomeng has been excited to go to the experience area and took a special game operation handle. This is a specially made operation device. In addition, you can download the APP software and directly operate it with your mobile phone or other electronic devices, thus minimizing the limitations of the game on the operating device.

Lu Zixin also took one and played against her.

At the beginning of the game, you must first choose the battle mode. In “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, there are personal PK mode, Break-through mode, and the most exciting multiplayer campaign mode.

The two of them naturally first carry out the personal PK mode and choose the generals.

Su Xiaomeng cosplay is awkward, naturally she chose Diao Chan as her own military commander, and Lu Zixin chose Lu Bu.

“This is mutual love, mutual death!” The audience spoke.

In “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, the military’s attribute will have a balance adjustment or level restriction. Now both of them are level one. There is no one who is absolutely stronger than anyone. It is the core of fighting games.

In the exhibition hall, a light and shadow platform was raised, and the audience was amazed and watched around.

“General, you can’t be merciless!” This voice is not an official voice, but Su Xiaomeng’s own match, and some of her fans are still shouting “Dream Goddess” to encourage her.

“Let’s come over!” Lu Zixin grabbed the operating handle and began to manipulate the virtual projection.

Two generals projections, starting to move under their hands, such scenes, so that more people are attracted with curiosity.

“What kind of game, it’s so interesting! Actually it’s still a projection!”

“Is the game now so forked? Long experience!”

“This scene I used to see in the movie, 666!”

“Red letter is a hang, saying that there is a virtual projection there is it virtual projection!”


Su Xiaomeng started PK with Lu Zixin. The Halberd swung. The fighting moves are like dancing in front of everyone, beautiful but full of murder.

Lu Zixin controlled Lu Bu, holding a hand-painted sky painting, tall and handsome, powerful, positive attack, can directly slam the scorpion.

“Too bully!” Su Xiaomeng fans are arrogant for her. “How does Lu Bu say that he is a fierce player? Isn’t it a bully to fight with Lu Bu?”

“I really want to go up and help Dream Goddess KO him!”

“Hey, the power of Diao Chan is not high, but there are special skills!” Su Xiaomeng gave a stunt when she gave a slight glimpse.

They saw the sin of the virtual projection suddenly revealing a stunned look, and said to Lu Bu with a mournful voice: “General, do you really want to kill myself?”

On the field, Lu Bu’s body was stiff, expression was complicated and stopped at the same place.

At this time, there is a text projection next to it, indicating that it is just a sly “charming” skill, the skill effect is to let the male hero enter a three-second chaotic state.

Taking Lu Bu into chaos, she suddenly sneaked, and a sword stabbed Lu Bu, and suddenly killed one-fifth Lu Bu HP.

“666! Dream Goddess is mighty!” The audience dreamed of Su Xiaomeng waving the flag.

“It’s too realistic! This game is too god!” a boy said with emotion. “I was almost enchanted by it!”

“Oh, your life!” His girlfriend disdained said, “Isn’t that an avatar?”

“You don’t understand, this game is absolutely! I have to buy one anyway!”

Lu Zixin is not to be outdone, but also to launch the skills, Silver Moon Slash, I saw the mighty and handsome Lu Bu jumped up, Diao Chan squatted down, and quickly retreated, but a silver sword qi was drawn, still hurt her.

In the virtual projection game of “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, for the sake of picture harmony, there will be no special effects of blood splashing when the character is injured, but other phenomena will appear, allowing the player to intuitively feel the state of the general.

For example, the current Diao Chan has lost half of the blood. So it showed that her mouth was slightly bloody, and the clothes were slightly scratched to reveal the scratched skin.

However, this kind of projection looks more exciting for the male audience present. This special beauty is about to ignite their otaku soul!

“Too beautiful! Just rushing at this, I have to buy this virtual projection game!”

“Ah, so beautiful, what about the size? There are also Zhen Yan, Cai Wenji, Sun Shangxiang… I really want to see!”

Women are not willing to show weakness, said: “Lu Bu is also very handsome! There is Zhao Yun or something!”

The audience has now been attracted to this virtual projection game, and the mind is completely on it.

This phenomenon has appeared in the exhibition hall of ChinaJoy. There are more and more viewers in Red Letter digital interactive entertainment area. Even if it has been crowded, the crowd is still close to this side.

Because the virtual projection is very large, there is no factor that the line of sight is occluded.

Tencent’s interactive entertainment area, when the white baby and the audience took a group photo, it is reasonable to say that popularity should be more and more.

However, the white baby found that audience was almost three-quarters less, and this trend is still expanding!

What’s happening here? Is it unattractive? Impossible, the fans are still so enthusiastic!

At this time, the host suddenly announced: “Because the organizer has some things, the photo is temporarily over. You can rest assured that the next few days, the baby is still at ChinaJoy site and will continue to interact with you!”

When I stepped down, the white baby asked: “What happened? How did everyone go?”

“The red letter game is doing things!” Tencent’s game staff was helpless. “Now everyone is squeezing over and seeing that, we have to stagger the event time.”

“I don’t believe it. Isn’t I still attractive to others?” said the white baby, taking his agent and walking over to watch.

He was shocked when he walked to the interactive area of ​​Red Letter on the other side.

It’s crowded with people, and it’s blocked by traffic. Almost everyone is surrounded virtual projection games.

And among the crowd, there are two real and clear game characters, PK is in progress!

“My God, is this a virtual projection?” White Baby exclaimed, “It’s amazing!”

“She” finally knows why everyone is coming here. This magical and magical picture is also full of attraction for “her”.

People are curious animals. Who wouldn’t want to see this scene?

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