BTC Chapter 435 : T-1001

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Red Queen : “[emoticon: I don’t understand your aesthetics at all.]”

Mr. L : “It was enough to have the level of RI-8901 last time, but Luke’s big brother doesn’t seem to be online.”

Lu Zixin tried Aite Creator Luke, but there was no response in the group.

Red Queen said : “Maybe he is transforming himself into a smart life, and he has no time to go online. Owner, I know there is a ‘guy’ who can help. @Skynet”

Skynet soon appeared, saying : “Human body camouflage? This is simple, high-strength alloy for bones, liquid memory metal for muscle tissue, and bionic body for appearance.”

“It can also be equipped with a variety of weapons, such as laser weapons and plasma emitters. After the transformation, it is not a problem for a robot to destroy a city.”

Mr. L : “The weapon is too exaggerated, as long as the bionic body can do it.”

Skynet continued : “The most central part of robot is intelligent program. I have the latest T-1001 finalizing robot program, which is an improved version on T-1000 that can be perfectly disguised as a human being.”

Optimus Prime said : “There is no need to attach intelligent programs, which will affect it’s thinking. Mechanical life has its own thinking, as long as it upgrades it’s mechanical equations, these are not a problem.”

Skynet : “Is it possible to imitate mechanical equations? Can robots become mechanical life? Can I use them?”

Optimus Prime : “Imitating mechanical equations is one of the most outstanding Science and Technology inventions of Cybertron. The middle principle is too deep and complex. Some structures are made directly from the real leadership module. I don’t understand.”

The leadership module comes from the original planet core computer of Cybertron Planet, the magical ball. Created by a powerful intelligent life five-faceted monster in the universe, the mechanical life of Cybertron Planet originated here.

Skynet : “The leadership module is incredible! Actually, it can turn ordinary machinery into mechanical life. The robot I designed with the most advanced intelligence can’t be transformed into mechanical life.”

Skynet asked : “Optimus Prime leader, can you imitate the mechanical equations for me?”

“Yes, I will send it to you.” Optimus Prime directly agreed, and Lu Zixin saw the group prompt.

Group Tip : “Optimus Prime sent an exclusive Red envelope to Skynet, please choose to receive it.”

Group Tip : “Optimus Prime sent an exclusive Red envelope to Mr. L. Please choose to receive it.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: look at it.]”

Lu Zixin immediately received the exclusive Red envelope from Optimus Prime, which is an upgrade equation.

Optimus Prime said : “@Mr. L, you put this upgrade equation into the body of Iron Head, it will automatically complete the upgrade. After the upgrade, it will add a lot of mechanical knowledge and enhance the deformation ability.”

At this time, Skynet also sent an exclusive Red envelope to Lu Zixin.

Group Tip : “You have received the exclusive Red envelope from Skynet. Congratulations on getting a T-1001 Terminator bionic mechanical body.”

In the group space of Lu Zixin, there is a Terminator robot with the same appearance as human man.

The T-1001 model of Terminator robot, because of the more powerful alloy and liquid metal, the mechanical structure is more subtle, so the volume is much smaller than T-800, unlike the big one like RI-8901, but a 1.78m-high ordinary man.

This is a real body, Lu Zixin did not give Skynet a little awareness during the insurance period.

After a group chat, Lu Zixin went to “Metal Fortress” where RI-8901 and Iron Head live.

Today, the grid has been encircled outside their Metal Fortress to prevent passersby from approaching. To be on the safe side, Lu Zixin deliberately found RI-8901 to prevent Iron Head from appearing after evolutionary process.

“Wait if it is a problem with the brain, just dry it down!” Lu Zixin confessed.

“Daddy, don’t need this! I am sure that my brain is not a problem!” Iron Head promised, “When I evolved, my IQ will reach a peak!”

Lu Zixin shook his head and said: “Optimus Prime said that mechanical life is different from artificial intelligence. Your IQ mainly depends on your study and use of knowledge. It will not change much because of the upgrade. At most, it will only enrich your database.”

“It doesn’t matter, my IQ is enough.” Iron Head is full of confidence and said: “When I evolve, this stupid big man can’t beat me! Haha, laser weapons, electromagnetic weapons! And plasma weapons!”

Lu Zixin ruthlessly hit it again, saying: “Plasma weapons are for you, only the plasma cutter can repair your car. Also, strictly speaking, even if you own plasma weapon, you are not RI-8901 opponent, it is a robot made by Luke, the core is the metal of outer world, the combat device is not less than you.”

“Heaven is jealous!” Iron Head shouted reluctantly. Although it was somewhat dissatisfied, he went into the transformation room and quickly used upgrade equation.

Originally Iron Head body is a motorcycle. In evolution, it has become the appearance of a motorcycle. The evolution equations are placed in the front of motorcycle, suddenly producing super high temperatures and radiation.

Fortunately, the transformation room has the functions of explosion-proof, anti-radiation, etc., otherwise the radiation when changing is enough to cause irreversible damage to human body.

The monitoring equipment is completely ineffective and Lu Zixin can only be viewed through anti explosion-proof glass.

The motorcycle prototype of Iron Head Body has been constantly changing. Various parts are constantly adjusted, and some metals are even dissolved directly, changing shape and structure.

After half an hour, the upgrade of Iron Head was completed. The appearance of motorcycle did not change, but it shouted excitedly: “I evolved, I am no longer me – not right, I am stronger!”

Say, it starts to deform directly, the deformation speed is faster, more sophisticated, and the corresponding aspects of the ability are also improved.

“La la la la…” Iron Head is excited to sing a song and dance in it.

“Not finished yet, put on your body!” Lu Zixin asked RI-8901 to bring T-1001 bionic mechanical body into the transformation room.

“Cool, I can transform between human form and Transformers form in the future!” Iron Head knocked on his head and took out a mechanical equation on the top of T-1001 bionic mechanical body.

I saw that the color on T-1001 top began to turn into a metallic color, and then it became a liquid metal to immerse the mechanical equations. The mechanical core of Iron Head began to connect and transform the body and fuse with it.

“This feeling, so strange!” T-1001 suddenly opened his eyes and made a low male voice. This bionic mechanical body can mimic any human voice with a very high degree of simulation.

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