BTC Chapter 314 : Science Fiction

Edited: XiaXue

“If you let the real characters or scenes into the virtual projection, can you do that?” Lu Zixin suddenly asked.

Yan Wei have random reaction, said: “Of course, many of our models are designed according to real scenes and characters. Compared with real objects, we make 3D models in the computer and then render them.”

“If it’s direct shooting?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Shooting?” Yan Wei shook his head and said: “President Lu, ordinary shooting equipment can only capture flat images, so the projection is also a flat projection. To make three-dimensional, it depends on computer design.”

Xue Yao said: “This is the case. We plan to shoot a virtual projection movie. Do you think it is technically feasible?”

“Virtual projection movie?” When he heard this. Yan Wei suddenly came to the mood and said: “The movie have to completely performed by real people, because every scene has to be three-dimensionally designed after shooting, and the cost is too high.”

“But if you make anime, anime movies, there is no problem!”

“We already have holographic recording equipment,” Lu Zixin said.

“That’s ok!” Yan Wei immediately affirmed, “President Lu, in fact, I have imagined before. We took a real-life virtual projection video last month, only three minutes, but rely entirely on ordinary photography equipment to shoot through full angle And then made into a virtual projection, the effect is not bad. If you have professional equipment directly, it is no problem to make a movie.”

“Good, technical problems solved.” Lu Zixin snapped a finger and shocked Yan Wei.

“You are slowing down the work on Red Letter game. I will borrow you for a while and be a technical guide for virtual projection shooting. Will take deputy director of the first virtual projection movie of our red letter.”

After Lu Zixin finished, Yan Wei stunned and said incredulously: “Let me make a movie? This…”

“What, don’t you want?”

“Will, willing, of course, willing!” Yan Wei excitedly smiled. “I can’t think I can really shoot a virtual projection movie, President. You can rest assured that I have been studying the shooting problem of virtual projection for two months. I definitely put this thing done!”


Found main technical guidance in the team, followed by several other important candidates.

“Look, this is the list.” Xue Yao handed Lu Zixin a data sheet with their pre-selected directors. Mainly domestic top directors and first-line directors.

On the above, more than half of the names have been drawn, some are refusing invitations, and some have scheduled.

“The company is in contact with Director Bai and Director Hu. Director Hu has not yet responded. Bai Xuan seems to have some wishes. I wonder if we want to spend a lot of money to find a foreign director.” Xue Yao pointed to the name above.

On the data sheet, there are not only directors but also their masterpieces.

Lu Zixin frowned: “This Director Bai, have never taken a science fiction movie, we are going to shoot science fiction!

The first virtual projection movie. Of course, is to shoot a sci-fi movie with a special effect explosion. Which has been fixed early in the morning.

“You see the introduction of the work, he took a magic movie, and it is almost…”

“No, what garbage is magic, it is nonsense. Don’t want him.” Lu Zixin directly vetoed.

“You are too capricious, right?” Xue Yao said silently.

“What happens when the boss is not willful?” Lu Zixin asked. “Or is this boss not white?”

“You are the boss, you are amazing.”

Lu Zixin simply swept it over and said with dissatisfaction: “There are too few names to shoot sci-fi blockbusters. Only a few have rejected our invitation.”

“Is there anything else?”

“There are some, many directors also took the initiative to consult with us, apply, but the reputation is not that big.” Xue Yao said, “I did not dare to ask, after all, this is our first film, I think it is still safe to see. ”

“It’s okay, even though it’s bold.” Lu Zixin comforted. “The first one didn’t shoot well. You can take another second. The money for several movies, we can still afford it.”

Xue Yao’s helpless smile, Lu Zixin’s mentality is completely different from her. She must do this well, this is the time to prove her ability, and Lu Zixin is more of a mentality to play, after all, for him, it is a small matter to lose billions.

“Well, I will filter it in the past few days, and I will pick a few people at that time.” Xue Yao said.


“President Xia, Red Letter Film seems to have given up looking for a Director Bai, ready to find other directors.” Lida film and television news sources are very wide, red letter film industry has an action, they immediately know.

“Very good!” Xia Kui laughed. “It seems that everyone has a tacit understanding. The talented directors are all in our circle. No one in the circle helps them, what kind of tricks can they play?”

“What is the name of our film and television circle training, which is not a few movies, TV dramas come out? Red letter wants to squeeze into the film and television circle, it is not so easy!”

While Xue Yao selected the director, Lu Zixin was looking for another important figure in the team, screenwriter!

There are three important parts of the virtual projection movie. The first feature is the virtual projection shooting technology. With the equipment, there is experienced game director Yan Wei, this one is solved.

The second is a professional director who masters professional skills and can lead the team’s director, this is still looking for.

The third is scriptwriter and the special effects, without a good story can not attract the audience.

Lu Zixin wants to intervene in this matter, and there are also reasons for the scriptwriter, because he has already thought about the candidate.

“Science fiction, science fiction, oh, this guy’s sci-fi is my appetite.” Lu Zixin turned on the phone. Opened a novel reading software, and opened his bookshelf.

One of the novels he recently read is the science fiction novel called “The Game King of Dimension.” The story background is set in the future world and virtual world games are popular all over the world. So people can enter the virtual world through specialized equipment.

And this virtual world game has a variety of copies. For example, all kinds of familiar novels, fairy tales, and film and television works can be copies, even fairy tales and legends can be a copy of the game.

And through the copy of the game, you can get a variety of rewards. These rewards can be sold to other players and replaced with wealth in the real world.

The plot design is very interesting. For example, a group of players prepared a variety of high-quality Science and Technology hot weapons and go to the copy of the King Kong gourd doll. They are hammered by the seven gourd Xiaojingang, there is a copy of the call, and the result becomes dark fairy tale. Copy enter the movie world and become a copy of the villain…

As the story deepens, the protagonist gradually discovers. These copies actually linked, hiding a huge conspiracy.

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