BTC Chapter 463 : Promotion

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“The second model is an intelligent road modification vehicle specially designed for laying magnetic levitation intelligent roads! It is bigger in size, and only needs to put the materials in place, it can lay its own magnetic suspension intelligent road, which is ten times faster than conventional construction!”

Although this construction machine is a special type, the current magnetic suspension intelligent road reconstruction in the country has just begun. Lu Zixin believes that when the construction groups see it’s powerful functions, orders will not be less.

“Third is the most powerful construction machine of this time! I personally designed it and called it Optimus arm!” Dongfang Hao proudly introduced, “The inspiration comes from the arm of Optimus Prime’s boss. The main structure is a huge robotic arm!”

A model of Optimus arm in front of Lu Zixin. From the outside, it is a robotic arm that can flexibly turn and realize the functions of grabbing and carrying.

When the robot arm is equipped with other large accessories in front of it, such as a drill bit, it can become a drilling rig! With a bucket, it can become a large forklift!

It’s most distinctive feature is it flexibility and convenience. It can be used together with special engineering vehicles. Through machinery, human hands can be turned into huge robotic arms with dozens of tons work force!

The robotic arm can be precisely operated and accurately positioned, which makes it much more convenient than a crane.

For example, to lift a large equipment or material, the crane needs to be prepared for half a day before it can be slowly start the construction.

But if you have such a powerful robotic arm, it can directly grab the job! Turn the originally complicated and troublesome construction into a simple operation!

“Be creative and make it as soon as possible.” Lu Zixin praised.


One month later, Zhongnan Construction Group, Group Headquarters. Guo Chu, who is nearly 50 years old, is sitting in the office and is checking the latest project reports.

During this period of time, the large project of Zhongnan Construction Group is the transformation of magnetic levitation intelligent road. Last time Lu Zixin said that the progress was too slow, he tried to adjust the construction progress. The construction progress in the most recent month has increased by 20% compared with the previous month.

He just couldn’t help it no matter how fast it was. Construction must not only meet the deadline, but also ensure safety and quality. If Red Letter Group is not rich and allocated timely funding, they would really not be able to do so.

“President Guo, Pengyun Machinery, invited us to visit.” Outside the office, his young female secretary walked in and said.

“It’s really coming.” Guo Chu remembered that Lu Zixin mentioned it to him last time.

“How about Pengyun Machinery?” he asked, the female secretary familiar with his habits and already prepared the information.

She opened the projection screen and said: “Pengyun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the same time as Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pengyun Automobile Group. The main products are automobile motors, small construction machinery…”

“The main products and orders of Pengyun Machinery are directly supplied to Pengyun Automobile. There are only a few products for sale. At present, they have never sold large engineering equipment.”

“Never sold? In other words, they want us to be their first buyer?” Guo Chu thinks, the price of large construction machinery is not cheap and it must be practical, the impractical machinery is just a pile of scrap iron and it is easy to cause a safety accident.

Pengyun Machinery did not make a name for construction machinery, which made him somewhat uncertain. The machinery procurement of Zhongnan Construction Group is generally to find the top heavy industry enterprises in China or abroad.

“This is really hard to do!” Guo Chu said, “I have to find Old Bai and Old Wang to discuss.”

He was talking about the two vice presidents of the group. Soon, the three of them started a remote projection conference mode to discuss.

“Construction machinery is not a joke, it is Pengyun Machinery. We must also carefully consider that if their products are not good enough, they will definitely not be purchased.” Old Bai attitude is very clear, this aspect can not be mixed with favors.

“I have the same idea as Old Bai. Although Red Letter Group is now our big customer, some places can’t be sloppy.” Old Wang first stated his position and then said: “But you still have to give you face. If you visit with two people, Just take a walk.”

“If their products are not as good as other heavy industry companies, then it can’t blame us.”

“Then work hard for Old Guo to take a trip, now I am talking about the project with Old Wang in Nigeria.” Lao Zhang said.

“Haha, both of you are twice as black as before going to Africa!” Guo Chu said with a smile. “Right, how is the project in Nigeria going?”

“Oh, not very ideal.” Old Bai shook his head.

“What happened?”

“It will not be clear for a while, and we will talk again in the evening. Now I am going to visit a local official.”

“Well, talk at night.”


A few days later, Pengyun Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomed several guests from Zhongnan Construction Group. Zhongnan Construction Group, current CEO Guo Chu, chief mechanical engineer Yan Yongde, senior technical director Lai Yang and others.

Although there is no expectation, Guo Chu still brought a professional technician, so that you can understand the product level of Pengyun Machinery.

After a simple welcome, they went straight to the theme and watched the new products that Pengyun Machinery recommended to them.

Compared with other large mechanical heavy industry enterprises, Pengyun Machinery looks a bit shabby, there are no piles of large machinery, no mighty and domineering steel behemoths, which makes Guo Chu and others feel that they are not very reliable.

“President Guo, our products have never been pushed to the market, you are the first customers to visit.” Pengyun Machinery’s staff introduced.

“Then we are really honored.” Guo Chu said decent words, followed by them to the engineering machinery test site.

When they arrived at the test site, they saw a huge engineering vehicle. The big wheel that is taller than human, the steel body is like a behemoth, and it gives a shocking feeling from the outside.

However, Guo Chu and others are still calm, they are the ones who have seen the market, and they have seen more construction machinery.

From the appearance, this engineering vehicle is still the case. But engineering machinery does not look like appearance, but performance!

Every mechanical design is related to the performance of engineering vehicle, load capacity, horsepower, complex terrain stability, safety and so on.

“This is our special engineering vehicle, which can be constructed on most complex terrains to realize transportation, construction and other functions.” The staff introduced, “Its various indicators are far higher than the best similar engineering vehicle on the market.”

Yan Yongde wanted to see the relevant data of the construction vehicle, after carefully studied it, he found that the data is indeed excellent, but there is suspicion of exaggeration. After all, only actual operation can know whether it is really practical. The experimental data cannot explain the problem.

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