BTC Chapter 464 : Must be sold to me!

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“Special engineering vehicles can be connected to quantum information network. After accessing our engineering machinery intelligent private network, we can complete various complicated operations through quantum computer. The engineering vehicles are equipped with various sensors such as gravity, sound and light…”

Hearing this kind of engineering vehicle can also use quantum intelligent control, Guo Chu and others have come to interest. Who doesn’t know, the hottest thing in the world is quantum intelligence of Red Letter Group. Almost all industries are undergoing intelligent reform and development. Nowadays, this kind of intelligence can also be applied to large construction machinery. They are very curious.

“Can I go up and experience it?” asked Yan Yongde.

“Of course.” After the staff agreed, he went up to experience the special engineering vehicle of Pengyun Machinery.

General engineering vehicles are difficult to operate and must be operated by professionally trained drivers. Yan Yongde is a mechanical engineer himself, proficient in the operation of various large machinery.

But it didn’t take long for him to get on engineering vehicle to feel the convenience of intelligence. This special engineering vehicle can be unmanned! Moreover, some engineering machinery operations can be directly commanded by the intelligent system. Through the ultra-high precision sensor, the mechanical operation is in no way inferior to the experienced manual operation, even better in the subtleties.

“President Guo, this is a good thing, at least from the operating mode, it is much better than the engineering vehicles we have now! With this thing, any driver can become a ‘master’!” Yan Yongde got off, then said to Guo Chu in surprise.

They do engineering construction and know that experienced drivers and general drivers are very different. Some people have a monthly salary of 10,000, and some people can earn a monthly salary of 100,000. The gap is not visible on the surface, but it will be obvious in the course of actual operation.

This special engineering vehicle equipped with an intelligent system can greatly reduce this technology gap and make the construction more convenient and smooth.

“I know, there is a surprise!” Guo Chu said with a smile, “Pengyun brand is really not blowing!”

He didn’t have much hope, so the special engineering vehicles gave him a little expectation. Yes, Pengyun Machinery is not as good as other international heavy industry enterprises, but the intelligently controlled construction machinery is definitely a highlight!

“This is not our most powerful product.” It was Lu Zixin, who just came from Red Letter Electronics Group.

“President Lu!” Guo Chu shouted. “What magic weapons do you have? Can you let me see?”

“Of course,” Lu Zixin said. “Didn’t I mention speeding up the progress of the project last time? This time our designer really designed a magic weapon!”

“A modified vehicle specially adapted for maglev intelligent roads! Belong to super large machinery!”

“Let me see!”

A group of people came to the manufacturing factory, under the high shed, it was a huge behemoth of steel casting!

The magnetic levitation intelligent road reconstruction vehicle is composed of four parts. For the convenience of transportation, these four parts can be separated and have an independent motion system.

In the actual project, these four parts can be combined by the one-key control system, and the middle mechanical structure is extended to become a four-lane road wide road reconstruction machine. Even with the industrial robot design such as the robotic Dongfang Hao and RI-8901, this magnetic levitation intelligent road reconstruction vehicle also cost tens of millions R&D costs!

The small mechanical mechanisms involved, power facilities, operating system, etc., each of them is a technological advancement!

Compared to this large magnetic suspension intelligent road reconstruction vehicle, people stand below, there is not half a wheel high! So from a visual point of view, it is very shocking.

“Great, majestic! Steel behemoth!” Guo Chu praised. “How does this remodeling vehicle work?”

The staff introduced: “The magnetic levitation intelligent road reconstruction we are currently carrying out usually involves pre-processing the road, such as leveling the road surface and arranging cable lines. Then install the magnetic levitation sensor board and various sensing devices. Laying wireless charging equipment for cars… these series of actions need to be repeated on the road, and there can be no mistakes to complete.”

“This type of construction takes time and labor, and with our specially designed retrofit vehicle, only the filling material is needed, and the modified vehicle can automatically complete the modification.”

“Clean the road, install the sensor board, sensors, charging equipment… these processes have been recorded in the operating system, as well as safety monitoring, quality monitoring, the mechanical device of the modified vehicle can accomplish these tasks 100 times faster than the manual efficiency.”

“It’s so amazing. Then, can the efficiency of our road reconstruction be increased by several times?” Guo Chu and others were a little bit disbelieved. If they had this kind of artifact, their project progress would be able to move forward like opening up.

“If you don’t believe it, we can try it on the spot,” Lu Zixin said. “There is a test road here.”

“Try it!” Guo Chu immediately agreed.

The staff started the modified vehicle, four parts, each part is like a large engineering vehicle, driving separately, all the way to a specially constructed test road.

“Starting to merge!” Every two parts of the modified vehicle are located on one side of the road, and the mechanical structures extending from the middle are combined to form a construction mechanical device with a large cross-sectional area.

Subsequently, the modified car began the first step and cleared the road. Above modified vehicle, the staff will reload the magnetic suspension sensor board, various sensors, cables, electrical equipment, etc., which have been prepared for a long time.

The modified vehicle began to be installed automatically, and the mechanical device was running in an orderly manner. The original ordinary road surface was installed with a piece of magnetic levitation sensor board, and various lines were also hidden in the pipeline under the road.

“This machine is simply amazing!” Several engineers from Zhongnan Construction Group screamed in surprise, such modified vehicle would be worth of an engineer and a dozen workers, and also construction machinery.

One process after another, if they were to complete it, they would not be able to do it in a few days. But with this remodeling vehicle, they only need to control the remodeling vehicle and dispatch the raw materials. At the end of the day, one mile is not a problem. If two or three vehicles are started at the same time, the progress will be several times faster!

“This thing, we want it!” Guo Chu spoke immediately, and he saw that there was a huge commercial value hidden in it.

There are still so many roads in the country to be upgraded. In other countries, this machine is sold for tens of millions. He wants to buy a few more machines. The cost savings and profits are definitely more than the purchase cost!

“President Guo, I haven’t said the price yet!” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

“No matter what the price is, President Lu, anyway, you must sell this good thing to me!” Guo Chu can’t wait to sign a purchase contract with Pengyun Machinery.

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