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Xue Yao is on the road, and her mood is still very embarrassing. After waiting for arrive at Headquarters, Jia Hai personally met and confirmed this, she only came back.

The ecstasy in the heart does not need to be said, it is even more embarrassing. The elementary school brother of that year was already big man who made her to look up. She really don’t know how to face him in the future.

Anyway, thanks is a must. She wants to call and doesn’t know how to speak. The chat issued a thank you, saying: “This time have your big light, I will give you a good job. When do you have time, I will invite you to dinner, thank you!”

Lu Zixin saw the news and replied: “Fat water does not flow outside the field, small things, but I remember this meal, I will find you next time.”

This kind of thing is just a matter of convenience for him. Since it is convenient for friends, why not?

Xue Yao is naturally grateful, said thank you again.

Next, it is the specific negotiation and handover process. Both sides are very fast. After confirming that there are no problems, Red Letter game has determined the intention to purchase.

The total amount of purchase involved reached 1.1 billion. This is also a super big order in the business district!

Few companies buy a single office building at a time. Generally, it is good to negotiate in advance, find a real estate company to select a piece of land and then start construction.

The Red Letter game, because the development is too fast, can not wait to build a building, so it contributed to this big order.

In the office, Su Zhirong reported the financial situation to him: “Our commercial real estate agreement with Baijia has a down payment of 50%, which is 550 million. The remaining amount will be settled at the end of December next year. ”

The liquidity of the Red Letter game is definitely not one billion, so it is impossible to settle it in one go.

Lu Zixin nods, according to the profitability of Red Letter, in a few months, will be able to earn back the last paragraph.

“Then go through the formalities and move to Hongxin Building.” The office building has been renamed to Hongxin Building.

Relocating a company is not a trivial matter, and considering the need to maintain normal operations, it can only be relocated by department. In advance, we must lay the broadband, equipment and other aspects of the new office building.

After a month, the relocation was almost over. Lu Zixin is sitting in the new office, which is more spacious and more comfortable than before.

This month, the profit of “Desolate Battlegrounds” mobile game and online games has grown again, and the mobile game’s monthly flow has broken through 500 million! The online game is a lot worse, only on the threshold of 100 million.

In the entire online market, games are the fastest and most profitable projects. Unfortunately, Red Letter is still far from reaching Tencent mobile game for more than one billion quarters. The company does have many shortcomings in value-added services and game types.

The online game accelerator, also officially entered the profit period, with a monthly profit of tens of millions, and the growth is slow. Because this project does not have so much value-added space for games, the main earner is stable users. With the user, it is much easier to develop other projects.

Lu Zixin organized some of the company’s executives to meet and prepare for the next project.

In the conference room, there are more than a dozen management, Liu Tong, Zhu An, Liang Song and some department heads and directors.

Lu Zixin stood at the forefront, and Su Zhirong, a sleek suit, served as his assistant, operating laptops and projectors for him.

“The next project, I think some people already know, computer housekeeper! Can also be called the Cloud host project!” Lu Zixin’s eyes swept through everyone, and the employees looked at him intently.

“Director Liang, let you introduce this Cloud host first.”

Liang Song stood up and said: “Yes, I am responsible for Red :etter online game accelerator project. As we all know, our online game accelerator has been popular, and it has been well received.”

“What is the reason for this? It’s all because of this Cloud host…”

He introduced the function of Cloud host and said: “In the beginning, the Cloud host supercomputer could not fit most computers. But after two months of data collection and System upgrade, we now can adapt to 80% of user computers on the market.”

“So, we plan to enter the computer housekeeper project, the most important function of which is this Cloud host. Let the users who have equipped our Red Letter computer housekeeper, the computer speed is greatly improved!”

“Even, in the future, every necessary computer installed software must have our Red Letter computer housekeeper!”

Liang Song finished, everyone applauded. Zhu An asked: “Is it really amazing?”

“We have tested it a few times, just like the previous online game acceleration, the magic is very high. The one that restricts us may be the user’s network speed. We can’t do this, we can’t help them install broadband again?” Liang Song Said with a smile.

“Hahahaha!” everyone laughed and the meeting room was filled with a relaxed atmosphere.

“Su Zhirong, let’s arrange for you,” Lu Zixin said.

Su Zhirong was a little nervous. Although she was an assistant to Lu Zixin, she did not have much merit, nor was she a veteran at the time of the company’s founding. It is very embarrassing to have so many executives meeting.

She calmed her mind and adjusted the PPT. She said: “After careful planning and consideration, the project of Red Letter Computer Manager will be formally established today.”

“The new department office is located on 6 to 7 floor of Hongxin Building. The director is Liang Song, promoted to the director of Computer Manager project from online game accelerator project director. It is the director of the online game accelerator to computer housekeeper. The former director of the online game accelerator project. Ning Kai is the head of new online game accelerator project.”

“The personnel department cooperates with talent recruitment; the marketing department is responsible for publicity and business cooperation; the financial department makes a financial evaluation before 15 and submits it to General office for review, the logistics department purchases the equipment as needed…”

She declared it in an orderly manner. When she finished, everyone applauded. Su Zhirong had a smile on her face and her heart was relaxed. Fortunately, she did not lose face to Lu Zixin.

“What I just announced is only the result of the preliminary plan. What opinions and proposals do you have, you said.” Lu Zixin said.

“I have!” Zhu An made the first comment. He said: “The new project was established and our marketing department was too busy. I requested to re-deploy the building to us and recruit a group of new employees. About ten people.”

The Hongxin Building has a total of more than 30 floors, and it has not yet been fully utilized. The directors of each department are staring at them and want to have one or two more offices in their department.

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Are you already good?”

“That is, there are so many projects in our company, and each project is enough to set up a subsidiary! The marketing department is definitely too busy,” said Zhu An.

He is telling the truth. Although the Red Letter game is now known as a game company, the project expansion is equivalent to the fit of several companies.

“Okay, approved.” Lu Zixin said quickly.

“General, then our mobile game project department has to expand the office space and the number of people…” Others have also asked for it, Lu Zixin made arrangements.

“Well, the meeting is officially is over. If there are any problems, all will report to me separately.” Lu Zixin stood up and announced: “I announced that Red Letter Computer Manager project was officially established!”

“pā pā pā…” The warm applause sounded, everyone was filled with joy and expectation. They had a hunch that from today, the red letter will come out of the game world and radiate to the entire network!

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