BTC Chapter 151 : Professional ethics, do you have it?

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In the video, it was exactly Cao Zhida and Qi Jian after they left Red Letter.

And the shooting is very clear, the sound is clear and audible, making people feel like a professional cameraman.

On the screen, Qi Jian said with a smile : “This time you can report the latest progress, I will give you the title.”

“Red Letter Company refused to admit that the battery exploded, and the attitude was tough, and they want to force the victims to withdraw their complaints!”

Then there is Cao Zhida ridicule and catering. When Qi Jian said, “It’s not always to attract the attention of the public… our mission is complete” The whole process is absolute silence.

Everyone was stunned, they absolutely did not think of it, and red letter actually came up with such evidence! The Cao Zhida reporter, who is just as stunned, is actually doing his own conscience and doing business ethics!

Then, the crowd broke out again.

Not only that, but the screen is still switching. Before he went to Qi Jian, the screen change to Qi Jian talked with Cao Zhida about the exchange of fake reports and bank transfer records. Even the false reports written by Cao Zhida were clearly displayed on the electronic screen!

These evidences have caused some doubts in the hearts of others to disappear. The evidence is like a mountain. Every evidence is a steel nail, nailed to Cao Zhida heart!

His face was pale, and he couldn’t say a word, and he had a thought in mind – I was finished!

So many people, such multimedia peers, and online audiences have seen this scene. His career will come to an end, and it is conceivable that those of his peers will certainly not let him go, they will certainly report his deeds and use harsh words to criticize!

And seeing this, the audience is boiling! The reporter who just had a sense of justice, is now suddenly being opened by Red Letter and privately and filthy. How can everyone bear it? This is to play with their feelings!

Immediately, a young reporter shouted: “Shameless! Is such a person still a reporter?”

Others also shouted: “Don’t face, actually collect money to write reports!”

“Scorpio, Cao reporter is such a person, I admit the wrong person!”

“Which media is this, drive them out!”

“Damn it, I almost believe him!”

“He actually has a private deal with Qi Jian, can this thing reverse?” Some reporters smelled the hot news, and quickly handed out the microphone to interview.

“Cao reporter, is this evidence true? Why do you want to trade with Qi Jian?”

“Cao Zhida, is your false report all instructed by Qi Jian?” There is also a reporter calling his name, and the problem is directed at the core of public concern!

“Cao reporter, do you have anything to defend?”

As a reporter, Cao Zhida is familiar with lenses and microphones. He also had an illusion one day, he became a celebrity, surrounded by lenses and microphones, enjoying the feeling of being crowded.

Today, he did experience it, but it was totally different from what he imagined! The lens and the microphone are facing him, but it is not worship, but contempt, degeneration, and shame to walk with him!

He is not vocal, and now he does not know what to say. Because the video is true, he can’t justify it. He was remorseful in his heart, why did he that money, and now it was backfire in front of him.

Cao Zhida was sweating and stuttering, and he said for a long time: “This…this is all fake, all red letters forged, yes, forged!”

“Don’t be misled by them!”

Qi Jian is not good at the side, and some reporters want to interview him. But his heart has long been a huge wave, unable to calm down.

Why does Red Letter have video evidence of his communication with Cao Zhida? By the way, it must be Cao Zhida idiot, which was tracked and monitored! It must be him!

He immediately said: “These videos are probably processed, and the sound is also matched. It is not what we are talking about!”

“Red letter companies want to use these to cover up their scandals, everyone will not believe their smearing, I am absolutely innocent!”

“Shut up!” Tang Gang yelled. “Qi Jian, do you think we only have this? Your business is not over yet!”

He squinted and angered and scared Qi Jian. Tang Gang is also very angry about what they are doing. The products that are finally their made are subject to their embarrassment. This thing can’t be tolerated!

He said loudly: “The truth of the evidence is true. We don’t have to doubt. Today we also invited the director of Public Security Bureau of Pengcheng District and the experienced police comrades who will verify our evidence.”

Having said that, Tang Gang looked coldly at Qi Jian and Cao Zhida and continued: “The criminals can’t run!”

At this time, the next Bai secretary said: “We have received the report of red letter, and verified the relevant evidence. It is true that Cao reporter has the suspicion of using the crime of duty.”

Cao Zhida scared his legs and feet, almost did not stand firm, there was a policeman next to him, “goodhearted” to hold him, said: “This comrade, you should take a break with us first.”

“I…I…” Cao Zhida didn’t know how to respond. A captain next to him said directly: “Take away.”

Relevant evidence, Red Letter has already provided them, so they have mastered the evidence of Cao Zhida’s crime, and then Cao Zhida will face the complaints of Red Letter Company and court’s trial.

He is completely finished! Cao Zhida squinted and hoped that the lens of media would not photograph him, but it was in vain. His face has been remembered by everyone, and the photos are quite a lot.

On the network platform, netizens have also been shocked.

“I X him, this reporter actually lie to Laozi! TM collects money, fake reports, the loss of Laozi also gave him a praise!”

“What is going on here? Didn’t he still say that he was reporting truthfully? Why did he suddenly become a black-hearted reporter?”

“Why can such a guy be a reporter? And what media is he reporting, you have to find out!”

“PY trading! Look at him still a dog-like, it turned out to be a dregs!”

“I am also doing media work. It is such a person who has ruined the reputation of our industry and despised!”

Others don’t believe it, “Is it impossible? Qi lawyers have said that this may be fake!”

“Fart! Your brain was kicked? The police confirmed it.”

“hehe, so much evidence, do you make a fake look? The police won’t check?”

Cao Zhida was taken away, and the focus of the scene was transferred to Qi Jian. He also participated in this incident and was the master messenger who induced Cao Zhida to write fake report!

Qi Jian is a simple and powerful person, and he is already worried about it. When the light is simple, you can make him carry a big stain!

He racked his brains and wanted to come up with a way to shirk responsibility.

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