BSI Chapter 220 : My Queen

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After deciding to hold the wedding, the time for the wedding was confirmed. On March 8th, two months later, on this same day, four weddings will be held at the same time. After deliberating on a good date, Gotei 13th will be fully responsible.

After the meeting, some of Captain left Xia Yan, but there are still many people around Xia Yan.

“Xia Yan, you become Soul King, must be very formidable, right? You have to give me a chance to spar.”

Zaraki Kenpachi said first.

Xia Yan nodded with a smile and said: “There will be this opportunity.”

Zaraki Kenpachi left with satisfaction, Kusajishi Yachiru waved at Xia Yan and left.

Then a harsh sound sounded, “Soul King, very mysterious look, I don’t know if I can study it?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri looked at Xia Yan in the distance, his eyes wide and enthusiasm.

Xia Yan sighed and said: “Kurotsuchi Captain, you give me a little more, how can I let you study.”

“You can’t let me study you, then what about him?”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri pointed to the right hand of Soul King and said, “I can always study him.”

Xia Yan said with no anger: “Of course not, and, please respect others, and studying others is an offensive thing.”

“It’s a stingy person, I knew I should stop you at the beginning.”

Kurotsuchi Mayuri yelled at Nemu and left.

Xia Yan chat with others again, Shiba Kaien smiled and said: “You have not been at home for a while, Kūkaku has been worried about you.”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I will.”

“Then don’t bother you, let’s get together next time.”

Shiba Kaien grabbed Shiba Miyako hand and left.

“Then we will leave first. I will leave you to Soi Fon Captain today. You have to invite us to dinner tomorrow.” Abarai Renji said with a smile, calling Kuchiki Rukia, Kira Izuru, Ikkaku and the others to leave.

They have a lot of words to say to Xia Yan, but some people want to see him, so they decided to leave.

“Since it’s okay, then we are leaving.”

Harribel’s voice came, her side stood with her three subordinates, Perez, Ulquiorra and Nelliel, and Dondochakka and Pesche.

“Would you like to go? I still want to play in Soul Society for a while. ”

Nelliel said dissatisfied.

Xia Yan said with a smile: “If you want to stay in the Soul Society, you can stay here.”

Harribel shook her head and said, “This is where Shinigami is.”

“You have saved the life of Shinigami. It is not an enemy. You can stay here. We will help you prepare for your stay.”

Kyouraku Shunsui intervened in a timely manner. Although Arrancar and Shinigami were once enemies, they also saved Shinigami. In the battle with Quincy, Arrancar helped a lot.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Zaraki Kenpachi, Kuchiki Byakuya, Abarai Renji, etc.

Arrancar like Harribel, has basic intelligence and is not considered ordinary.

So even if they stay here, there will be no trouble.

“Let’s stay for a while.”

Harribel heard this, nodded.


Nelliel immediately cheered and said, “I have to live in Soul Society for a while.”

“Then I will arrange for you to stay first.”

Kyouraku Shunsui left with Arrancar, and Xia Yan was on the other side, laughing and saying: “Let you worry.”

“It really makes us worry.”

Muguruma Kensei came over, and both hands circled the chest and said: “You disappeared ten days ago, and then Soi Fon was sentenced to a capital punishment. Now that you have appeared again, there are too many things to be born.”

Sarugaki Hiyori said with a cold voice: “We also planned to save Soi Fon yesterday. If Lisa’s sister said that Soi Fon does not want us to save, we are afraid that we will have a battle with Shinigami.”

When they heard Sarugaki Hiyori words, Xia Yan and Soi Fon look at Yadomaru Lisa, the latter said softly: “I just think that Soi Fon should not want to live alone.”

Soi Fon nodded and said, “You are right. At that time, I really didn’t want to live alone, so if you come to save me, I won’t leave.”

At that time, Soi Fon, bent on death, no longer had any living ideas.

Xia Yan look at Soi Fon, holding her hand, said with dissatisfaction: “Soi Fon sister, no matter what time, you should not think about going to death, even without me, you must live alone.”

Soi Fon said softly: “There is no value for you, and there is value in living.”

“Yes, living is all my hope.”

Xia Yan said with a smile, hug Soi Fon gently.

“It’s really numb.”

Hirako Shinji waved his hand and said, “Good meat, we are gone. If you want to see us, come to Human World.”

Hirako Shinji turned and left, and the two men took the lead to leave.

“Be sure to come to Human World and find Mashiro.”

Kuna Mashiro waved and followed Hirako Shinji and turned away.

“I have researched a few Kidos and I can teach you when I can.” There was a smile in Ushoda Hachigen, but then he said, “I forgot, you don’t need to learn Kido now.”

There was some sadness in Ushoda Hachigen face, but Xia Yan said with a smile: “Senior, I will go to Human World to find you to learn Kido.”

“We are going back.” Ushoda Hachigen and Otoribashi Rojuro left together.

Aikawa Love said with a smile: “Xia Yan, I have been drawing manga recently. There is already a way of thinking. If I draw it, it must be very popular.”

Xia Yan heard this and curiously asked: “What idea?”

Aikawa Love said with a smile: “I intend to use you as the main character, draw you from the story of a normal Shinigami to become Soul King, and show Shinigami’s World to the reader, which is sure to be very popular.”

“Do you want to draw me?”

Xia Yan quickly waved his hand and said, “This can’t be done. I don’t like the story of others who have made me a main character, or forget it.”

It’s a shame to be a male main character.

Aikawa Love heard this, and some distressed said: “Can’t I draw you? What should I do?”

“I think about it again.”

Aikawa Love sighed, turned and left.

It is really interesting that he wants to draw manga. Xia Yan smiled and shook his head.

“Then I left, I wish you and Soi Fon happiness.”

Yadomaru Lisa stood in front of Xia Yan, and a corner of the mouth was hung with a faint smile, her eyes showed a complex look.

“Thank you.”

Xia Yan seriously thanked and grabbed Soi Fon’s hand and said with a smile: “I will be good to Soi Fon’s sister.”

Yadomaru Lisa suddenly smiled and said, “Then I am gone. ”

Yadomaru Lisa had a little tiptoe and her body neglected, and she immediately caught up with Visored Legion.

The eight people of Visored Legion disappeared into the distance.

“Let’s go back, go to Soul King Palace and take you to where I live.”

Xia Yan smiled and said to Soi Fon.


Soi Fon smiled and pulled Xia Yan’s hand.

The two walked out of the Great Hall, Mimihagi, Yamamoto Genryuusai, Unohana Retsu, Hikifune Kirio, Chōjirō Sasakibe followed.

Xia Yan’s right hand waved, time and space changed, and seven people came to Soul King Palace instantly.

Xia Yan smiled and said to Soi Fon: “My queen, welcome to my palace.”

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  1. Finally a fanfic where everyone actually gets married instead of beating around the bush. Although I wish Unohana and Zaraki ended up together to.

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