BTC Chapter 477 : Full of Horsepower

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“What? The machine finished! So fast!” When Sheng Wenyan received the news. He was somewhat surprised. After all, this was a large-scale mechanical equipment manufacturing, and he didn’t have much confidence.

What he thought earlier, as long as Red Letter Group can launch the intelligent operation system. The efficiency of operation shall improved a lot, but who knows, it will not take long. People not only made operating systems, even mechanical equipment is built!

This efficiency is simply amazing! At the same time, let Sheng Wenyan have some doubts, so fast, really create something good? He really afraid of being pitted now. If he is pitted this time, he will have no chance to turn over!

What he doesn’t know, Red Letter Quantum Brain Hong Xiaoxiao intelligence was advancing all the time. Now to design these simple intelligent operating systems, it only takes a few days for her to design, and it takes an hour or two to built it. The rest of time is spent for testing and perfecting.

In terms of machinery, as early as a few years ago, Pengyun industrial system was able to manufacture high-strength metal materials, motors and other equipment. With the perfect industrial system of Pengyun Automobile and the design from RI-8901, the speed is naturally fast.

Sheng Wenyan couldn’t restrain his curiosity, hurried went to visit Pengyun Machinery in person.

After visiting the exploration equipment and general-purpose mining robot developed by Pengyun Machinery. This intelligent and fully automated high-level Science and Technology immediately impressed him!

He even said in Pengyun Machinery Co., Ltd.: “If we cooperated with Red Letter Group for ten years early, we would have become the world’s number one mining company now!”

Of course, this is just a joke because there is no Red Letter Group a decade ago. These are enough to show the shock he felt.


Nigeria, Kaduna State, Guangtu Mining Group’s iron ore mine.

After waiting for several months, they finally ushered in the first batch of the latest machinery and equipment ordered. In view of the problem of productivity, the first batch is not many, except for some standard mechanical equipment, there are only three general-purpose mining robots.

The cost of each general-purpose mining robot is millions, and with the intelligent control system, the selling price is up to 10 million.

Sheng Wenyan also actively wants to put into production, so that the senior management of the group can see the powerful power of the new equipment, so that he can mobilize more funds to place new orders for Pengyun Machinery.

“This is the new machine in the legend!” Lin Zhiyuan, the chief engineer of the mine, looked at the new equipment shipped from the motherland. From the perspective of styling. These equipments is completely different from what they used.

“I heard it is fully automated. Is there such a bad thing?” Lin Zhiyuan didn’t believe it very much. He would believe if it’s small machines. Because the operation of small machines is relatively simple, there is no risk of large errors.

But things like mining machines are cumbersome to operate and work. If this can be made intelligent, how is this machine? That is simply an intelligent robot!

“It’s a wicked one!” The domestic master smiled, “General Manager Lin, I am not bragging. Although we only have three mining robots, if they work, the workload is worth the workers in the entire mine!”

“You will brag!” Lin Zhiyuan said with disappointment, “Our workers are not good at work. There are all kinds of mining machines and excavators. There are more than three? They can’t beat them? You can say it at best. The work efficiency is a little higher, surpassing all of us, it’s so good!”

“Hey, I know that, I have told you now, you don’t believe it. When we set things up, you wait and see!” said the worker master.

Subsequently, they spent a certain amount of time, adding the data of the mine to the intelligent management system, using the quantum computer for analysis and calculation, and then deploying a space suitable for mining robots to start fully automated mining operations.

In the monitoring room, Lin Zhiyuan and other mine chiefs and directors stared at the real-time projection screen. This is the first operation for mining robots. They are all very curious about the strength of the so-called new equipment.

“Look, our three mining robots are in troublesome areas for workers. Now start automated operations!” The workers started the operations. The engineering intelligence program began to take over the mining robot.

They all saw in the screen, without any human operation arrangement, the mining robot automatically started working.

The powerful engineering motor pours out horsepower and drives sky arm to work. The hard ore is as fragile as tofu in front of the roaring mechanical monster!

“Oh, my mother! This robot is so powerful!!” The mine director exclaimed.He often went to inspect the construction conditions and has never seen such a quick and intelligent construction!

“If our workers go to work, it will take at least half an hour! This mining robot can done it in a few minutes! And it really doesn’t need people to control it, it’s amazing!”

“These are very difficult locations. It’s difficult to deploy our mining machines, but they are completely unaffected! We used machines before, this is a robot!” one engineer praised.

Lin Zhiyuan also widened his eyes. This mining robot has completely conquered him! Working in the most dangerous and difficult locations, fully automated, working several times more efficiently, working day and night… With this stuff, mining is simply ten times easier!

“General Lin, how do you see it?” The worker master asked Lin Zhiyuan.

“Good! Good! Good!” Lin Zhiyuan even said three “good” words, his face turned red, obviously a little excited.

“President Sheng has a vision!” Lin Zhiyuan remembered that Sheng Wenyan insisted on cooperating with Red Letter Group to order mining machinery at high prices.

He didn’t understand it very much at the beginning. Now he saw this mining robot, he fully understood it! He is agreeing with both hands and feet. With this magic, the mining speed of this mine can be greatly improved. Even if the mining rights change after one year. The group’s losses will be reduced to a minimum!

He even thought, waiting for more mining robots to arrive, they would still have the opportunity to earn back the cost in the shortest time and then make a profit.


The mining robot are fully operated, working day and night, and a large amount of ore is mined and transported out.

The change of management rights in Nigeria is also earlier than they expected. Six months later. The original local Land and Resources fell and new factions is elected.

Recently, Nigerian land and resources department has clearly stated, there are many problems in the previous management work and regulations, and they will make further amendments to ensure the country’s land and resources.

At this time point, in Kaduna State, some officials of Ministry of Land and Resources issued a notice to Guangtu Mining Group, and they would send people to inspect the mine to make management adjustments.

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