BTC Chapter 521 : Industrial Octopus

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Members from Iron Arm Research Group curiously looked at the small container, wondering what Heavenly God Group had researched.

The container opened and there are two safes inside.

Dongfang Hao snapped his fingers and shouted: “No. 1, come out and show up!”

He commanded, and the signal receiver in the box received the command.  Signal light turned on, and the safe opened automatically.

Everyone leaned over to take a look. They didn’t see anything about robots at all. They only saw a part of robots piled in boxes.

“A bunch of parts? Are you going to assemble on site?” asked the iron arm group.

“No, this is the most space-saving placement method. This smart box can also for recharged and tested all day long.” Dongfang Hao said, and the contents in the box changed again.

They saw the stacked machines begin to stretch! Like a fully integrated metal ball, it spreads out from all directions, extends, bends, and deforms. After a dazzling transformation, it becomes a robot with eight legs!

This thing is like an octopus, and it walks more casually. All eight legs can move. You can also lift a few mechanical tentacles, and it can move with two, three, four, five, or six feet.

“What is this?” The people in the iron arm group looked confused. What kind of robot is this? Deformed and eight-legged, what does it do?

Dongfang Hao introduced: “This is our No. 1 robotic product, industrial octopus. Its main function is to carry out industrial manufacturing and complete operation tasks.”

“Start the routine test!” Dongfang Hao gave instructions again. The routine test is the test iron arm group just performed.

Moving, crossing obstacles, these are not problems for industrial octopus. Because there are eight legs, it moves more stable and faster.

The more you look at it, the more frowning the members of Iron Arm R&D team will be. They felt the design of this machine was not simple.

Their robot dog only has four legs, and the balance system and power system are enough for them to have a headache. As for this industrial octopus, all eight legs can coordinate their movements in an orderly manner, and any number of legs can maintain balance. This balance system and mechanical intelligence system do a great job!

Industrial octopus can also carry heavy loads. Unlike previous robot dogs that need to place goods manually, industrial octopuses can move objects through mechanical tentacles, and can also scan the barcode information of the goods to determine the strength and intensity of the transport, ensuring the goods will not be damaged.

Looking at industrial octopus performance in the test field. The Iron Arm team members were embarrassed.

They worked so hard to come up with the most proud product, how is it so much different from others? This shouldn’t be. They are the previous military robotics research team with rich experience. Now, they are overtaken so quickly!

However, the performance of the industrial octopus is more than that. Like its name, its appearance is to help industrial production.

Dongfang Hao said: “In addition to being able to move and carry. Each mechanical tentacle of industrial octopus has various industrial operation functions. There is electric welding, splicing, picking, etc., and other dangerous cutting function is removed. But, if necessary, you can add cutting knife accessories at any time.”

“With it, you can replace the manual completion of various industrial operations, with higher accuracy, unlimited endurance, you can work 24 hours.”

“What if there is a breakdown?” Lu Zixin looked at this industrial octopus, which was as tall as a human. It was a mechanical thing. Any accident could threaten personal safety.

“Of course, we have designed a security system.” Dongfang Hao said, “The industrial octopus has an emergency fault device. Once an emergency fault occurs, the power supply will be forcibly interrupted, and the intelligent system sensors will keep a safe distance in the process of industrial operation.”

“If this is not safe yet, I also designed a robot fuse!” Dongfang Hao took out a small box and said: “Like a fire extinguisher, you can use it to force the robot to shut down immediately.”

Three programs have been able to roughly guarantee the safety to use these robots. As for more unexpected situations, it is a very small probability event.

After Dongfang Hao finished, the people in iron arm group have been shocked. They really designed such a multifunctional robot?

How long is this! One mechanical dog isn’t finished yet, and they’ve left us far behind!

On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Boston Dynamics Robotics is still thinking of ways to commercialize robots! The research and development results of Heavenly God team could already enter industrial manufacturing!

Their goal of catching up has been overtaken by Heavenly God R&D team! How does this compare?

Members of Iron Arm R&D team are somewhat frustrated and have doubts about their lives. Is it really because their own technical level is not good?

The machine dynamics expert also became silent. He always looked down on Dongfang Hao before. Thinking this guy is a member of Red Letter Group and came here to mix research and development funds.

I don’t know how many times the robot designed by others better than him! Too shocking!

Dongfang Hao is about to show off a few more words. Lu Zixin stopped him and said to iron arm research team: “Research design, sometimes it just needs a bit of inspiration or methods and tools”

“I feel that your two groups can learn from each other. All from one company. It is better to learn advanced methods from each other and cooperate with R&D.”

That’s how it is said, but the iron arm R&D team can’t help. With the industrial octopus from Heavenly God team here, they don’t have the confidence to tinker with their robot dog anymore, even if it’s perfect, it still worse compared to industrial octopus!

Lu Zixin continued: “I don’t think so. The team’s research and development goals need to be adjusted to maximize the cost of scientific research.”

What he meant was to have Iron Arm team merge into Heavenly God team to avoid wasting research and development funds. Up to now, members of Iron Arm R&D team have nothing to say. This had broken the arrogance of these military researchers.

“Right, what’s the other?” Lu Zixin looked at the other unopened box.

“This is a special rescue robot requested by military, it can be used for defense mission detection or extreme rescue detection.” Dongfang Hao snapped his fingers again and shouted: “No. 2, deformed!”

The second box opened.  The machine is constantly changing. Lu Zixin can see, Dongfang Hao has incorporated the mechanical deformation skills of their Cybertron stars in the design to minimize the space occupied by the machine.

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