BTC Chapter 522 : Trial

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Two seconds later, the machine unfolded and became a humanoid robot. The orange special paint shell, the mechanical frame made of titanium alloy and carbon fiber materials with extremely hard super-strong alloy steel used for the spine.

Lu Zixin’s smart glasses automatically scan out its external attributes. Height 1.75 meters. Hands, feet and other parts are approximately close to the proportion of the human body. Brain is equipped with smart chip and more than tens thousands of micro-sensors. Allowing it to perceive surrounding environment and changes.

The torso contains energy and power devices, with the alloy metal legs stand firmly on the ground.

“No. 2 special rescue robot can perform 98% of the operations of human limbs. Under instructions, it can perform dangerous activities such as safety operations and rescue.” Dongfang Hao said, and let the R&D staff to start the demonstration.

In the test site, there is a venue for testing humanoid robots. Walking and crossing obstacle is not a problem for No. 2, it can do more!

Climbing, on the simulated wall, No. 2 hand can become a nail claw and crawling vertically on the wall.

Jumping, No. 2 can jump over two meters high obstacles and can land to maintain balance!

Creeping, No. 2 can crawl forward like a reptile, and the speed is very fast, in the process, it can also carry heavy objects.

For conventional rescue, in addition to power devices in the torso of No. 2. There are also some small safety protection equipment. Such as tranquilizers, hemostatic spray and so on.

Seeing No. 2 performance made the researchers from Iron Arm Group convinced! The performance of this robot is too powerful. It’s no exaggeration to say, if it can develop supporting combat systems and weapons, it can be used as a robotic soldier. Isn’t this military’s previous research goal? Of course, it is only used for rescue and special environmental operations.

After checking No.1 and No.2, Lu Zixin asked the team to continue testing and improvement, then let people to inform the defense department.

In fact, without his notice, the people from the defense department in intelligent robot company have already learned and reported it to above. The Ministry of National Defense immediately sent a commissioner to check it out. After seeing the robot performance, he expressed his praise and hoped to use it as soon as possible.

Testing and application are two different things. In actual application, the environment and emergencies are much more complicated than the laboratory. But if you don’t use it, you never know where the problem is.

The No. 1 industrial octopus was first invested in a subsidiary of Red Letter Group, in automated auto parts production plant of Pengyun Automobile, it replaced some complicated manual operations.

The No. 2 special rescue robot was taken to fire department in Yangcheng City as their first trial rescue robot.

In the automated auto parts production plant. The newly developed industrial octopus robot is ushered. This kind of robot, not to mention the workers, it is the first time the factory management has seen it.

In order to cope with production, the programmers of intelligent program spent a lot of time investigating the operation essentials of the station, various data, and writing the program into the industrial octopus

In order to create a comparative experiment, the factory management specially arranged a production line, all of which was handed over to industrial octopus robots. From material distribution, product manufacturing, production, inspection and loading. These series of operations are all handled by robots, realizing unmanned operation of the production line.

The factory management has specially arranged a group with the fastest production efficiency in normal times as a comparison experiment group with robot production.

“Dear workers!” The team leader shouted to other workers, “This time, the latest machine industry octopus has  arrived in our factory. Everyone saw it. This high-tech product can be used for production operations. If they can replace us? Then do we still have jobs?”

What team leader said made the workers a little worried. Yes, if they didn’t need labor, where will they go to work?

“So, we have to prove that we are stronger than these iron bumps! Starting next week, our group will be used as an experimental comparison group to compare the production efficiency of industrial octopus. We use a three-shift, 24-hour non-stop production method.”

“In one week, we will try to improve production efficiency as much as possible. At that time, we will compare the quantity and quality with the products from industrial octopus production line! I hope everyone can do their duties. If we lose, then our position will not be guaranteed! If you win, double your bonus for this month!”

The monetary reward is the most substantial reward. The factory promised to double their bonus and the workers immediately shouted and yelling, “We’ll definitely win!”

“Which shovel will move things? Do you know how to operate the machine?”

“I don’t believe they can be smarter than our human brains!”

“Our group was originally the model group with the fastest production in the factory. This time we’re still working in three shifts and produces 24 hours a day. It will surpass them!”

The workers are full of fighting spirit. In their production lines, some problems must be solved by skilled workers. Presumably, the octopus-like machine can’t do it.

After everything is ready. The production line operated by industrial octopus and the production line operated by the model worker team will start processing and production at the same time. A week later, they will decide the winner!


Yangcheng, a fire brigade in a certain place. Many firefighters are watching the newly arrived special rescue robots in the yard. This special rescue robot has been modified and added a fire rescue system with some special accessories. Their skin is colored the same color as firefighters clothes, and they are called fire rescue robots.

“These are our new members, the robot brothers. There are only two at present. Each is worth several millions’ yuan, everyone should be careful not to break it!” the captain introduced.

“Captain, is this robot so good? Can it really rescue people?” One firefighter asked curiously.

“Let’s go try it?” Someone suggested.

“This is a high-tech robot studied from above! You don’t believe in their strength, right? Now, I’m going to open your eyes to you brats!” the captain said mysteriously.

All firefighters gathered around, waiting for the robot’s performance.

The captain took out the smart order dispenser provided with the robot and issued the latest order. He shouted: “Fire Robot No.1, run 100 meters forward!”

One of the fire robots, like a soldier, stood at attention first, and then trot forward. A distance of one hundred meters, no more, no less, not even one centimeter more!

“It’s interesting! But will it run? What work is there?” The firefighters not satisfied with just this, and continued to ask.

“I’m told you, they can do what you train!” The captain said. Then he took them to the practice site, where there are training settings such as ladder climbing and wall climbing, then ordered the fire robot to start a series of training demonstrations.

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