BTC Chapter 462 : Heavy Industry Machinery

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“How many kilometers a day?” The engineers of Zhongnan Construction Group were dissatisfied. “If ordinary roads are rebuilt, we can do it a few kilometers a day.”

“But this time it is a magnetic levitation intelligent road. The work of laying a magnetic levitation induction board is relatively simple. It is equipped with various sensors and smart equipment, as well as laying wireless charging equipment and safety protection equipment very laborious. How can construction machinery be so flexible and intelligent? You have to rely on manual coordination.”

“It’s too weak.” Dongfang Hao still disdainfully said: “If it is the engineering machine I designed, 90% and above can be done mechanically, and manual work only requires supervision and operation.”

“Do you also design construction machinery equipment?” someone asked.

“Of course, there is no mechanical design that I won’t!” said Dongfang Hao.

“Let’s blow a few words!” Lu Zixin pressed his arrogant arrogance and said, “He has always said this.”

“Young people, understand.” Guo Chu said roundly.

Lu Zixin went to the main construction site and probably got to know. This is what Guo Chu said: “President Guo, construction safety must be guaranteed. I don’t want any problems with our new road construction.”

“This is of course, there will be no accidents.” Guo Chu promised.

“In addition, in terms of engineering construction, we can find ways to improve the speed. For example, in engineering machinery, Pengyun Machinery has developed well recently and has a lot of convenient tools.”

“I understand, I will find out when I go back.” Guo Chu thought that Lu Zixin was selling Pengyun Machinery’s products to him. He thought that if there is no problem, the group can also place an order at Pengyun Machinery and sell Lu Zixin face.


After leaving the construction site, Lu Zixin said to Dongfang Hao, “Do you remember what you said earlier?”

“What are you talking about? Did I say anything?” Dongfang Hao gave a blank expression.

“Xiaoxiao, let him listen.” After Lu Zixin finished speaking, Hong Xiaoxiao played Dongfang Hao words directly.

“If it is the engineering machine I designed, more than 90% of the work can be done mechanically, and manual work only requires supervision and operation.”

“This is what I said, what’s the matter?” Dongfang Hao didn’t want to admit it.

“The cow that was blown out was the water that was poured out and could not be recovered.” Lu Zixin smiled at him.

“The water that is poured out can also be recovered!” Dongfang Hao stretched out his arm, and his arm immediately turned into liquid and flowed to the ground, but immediately recovered and turned into a human arm.

“Don’t play with me,” Lu Zixin said simply. “Next, you will stay at Pengyun Machinery and design some practical construction machinery.”

“Efficiency, as you said, can make their construction efficiency a few kilometers a day.”

“Daddy, are you going to set me up?” Dongfang Hao was not convinced. “Last time, didn’t you say after designing a magnetic levitation car, let me go out for the waves?”

“Well? That was a few months ago!” Lu Zixin asked. “Are you still not enough?”

“Xiaoxiao, what major events have he done in these months?”

Hong Xiaoxiao immediately reported: “On the 1st of last month, he participated in the X new singer audition. On the spot, the judges said he were rubbish and were eliminated.”

“They are really rubbish, don’t understand music!” Dongfang Hao explained.

“On the 14th of last month, he live broadcast on the XX platform. On the same day, hundreds of thousands of cash Red envelopes were sent to netizens, and it was also on the news.”

“It’s only a few hundred thousand. It’s all my pocket money.” Dongfang Hao said indifferently.

“On the 26th of last month, he participated in the XX Racing Competition in United States, won the championship and broke the world record.”

“This is my normal entertainment activity.” Dongfang Hao said.

“On the 3rd of this month, go to Las Vegas to gamble and put seven people into the hospital!”

“That doesn’t blame me, those guys overestimate one’s capabilities want to blackmail me, I will teach them a little. Daddy, you know, I am a little more serious, they don’t have any residue.” Dongfang Hao shrugged and said indifferently.

“Hong Xiaoxiao, why are you always suing me? Strictly speaking, you should call me Big Brother!” said Dongfang Hao.

“Humph, I only listen to Dad.” Hong Xiaoxiao made a scornful voice.

“Okay.” Lu Zixin is too lazy to listen to it, but fortunately, his strength is already strong enough, and these things that Dongfang Hao has provoked can be easily solved. As long as Dongfang Hao does not reveal some of the Super Science and Technology, it is a small problem.

“Pengyun Machinery will hand it over to you, the main R&D aspect is heavy industry machinery and equipment. Simply put, it will increase our construction progress dozens of times! OK?” Lu Zixin said.

“OK!” Dongfang Hao reluctantly agreed.


Pengyun Machinery is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pengyun Automobile Group, has a relatively “long history” within Red Letter Group, which is earlier than the first electric vehicle of Pengyun.

At the beginning, Pengyun first motor was designed by Pengyun Machinery. Later, some mechanical designs also required the participation of Pengyun Machinery.

After Pengyun Automobile was on the right track, Lu Zixin thought about letting Pengyun Machinery develop.

Technological manufacturing is absolutely indispensable for industrial foundation. In addition to the precision machining represented by machine tool technology, there must also be a strong heavy industry strength, one of which is large-scale construction machinery!

All aspects of the relationship between construction machinery, such as this road construction, such as mining of mineral resources, construction of large-scale industrial facilities.

Red Letter Group is a leader in the field of computer electronics technology. Similarly, Lu Zixin also wants to make it a leader in the field of heavy industry!

Looking at the big guys in Ten Thousand Realm’s Science and Technology Chat Group, such as Tony Stark, such as Bruce Wayne, have strong industrial strength, so that they can create powerful equipment.

Lu Zixin also participated in the design and manufacturing process of the first batch of large-scale engineering equipment of Pengyun Machinery. He was mainly responsible for proposing suggestions and controlling the direction, to avoid Dongfang Hao designed something that went off the line.

“The first large-scale construction machinery we designed has three main models,” said Dongfang Hao.

“The first model, the Oriental Iron Armor Construction Vehicle! This is a special engineering vehicle that can travel in complex terrain such as hills and mountains. It has a heavy load and can carry various engineering equipment to complete transportation, excavation, bulldozing, and other engineering work.”

In front of Lu Zixin, a holographic projection of an engineering vehicle appeared. From the appearance, there is not much difference from other construction vehicles, the difference lies in mechanical power. It will use the motor with the strongest horsepower of Pengyun Machinery, and the power will reach a terrifying value. It can be used with other engineering equipment such as hydraulic shovel, excavating bucket, and is convenient and practical.

The operating system of this special engineering vehicle is also more convenient than other engineering vehicle. Intelligent controllers are used in many places to reduce the difficulty of operation and improve the safety factor.

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