BTC Chapter 109 : Review

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The press conference is over, but the discussion for Red Letter mobile phone has just begun.

When Tian Xiangshan had not left the venue, he was blocked by reporters and answered several questions.

“Do you think the performance of Red Letter mobile phone is exaggerated?”

“Science and Technology is constantly improving, and mobile phones are the same.” Tian Xiangshan did not answer directly.

“What do you expect from the sales of HX1?”

“I will buy one as support!” Tian Xiangshan snarled, the reporter quickly wrote down this sentence, and it is a news material!


How the discussion on Internet became, the Red Letter company can not take care of them, they are now pressing the matter, urging the foundry to step up production.

Fortunately, with the end of Spring Festival, the staff of each post officially went to work, and the factory’s production capacity also returned. Before the release of Red Letter mobile phone, the supply of 400.000 HX1 has been guaranteed.

As long as the sales volume exceeds 300,000 in one month, the gambling with Rice can be completed. Next, it is time to test the market performance of HX1!

1st, 12:00 afternoon, is the time for HX1 to go on sale.

Red Letter does not have its own physical store, so the sales model adopted is online sales. They have already reached a cooperation with e-commerce companies such as Beijing West and will sell on these e-commerce platforms.

Until the official sale, the number of people pre-ordering HX1 online was only 865. Compared to other brands of mobile phones, this figure is quite bleak. Most netizens are still waiting to see, they don’t know what the real performance of HX1 is.

At 12:00 PM, the purchase option was finally opened, and some customers who were already prepared were ready to start buying.

When everyone is just placing an order and there is no real mobile phone, someone has already got the real machine of HX1.

In the digital Science and Technology live broadcast of a famous website, Bao Liren is broadcasting HX1 to tens of thousands netizens.

Bao Liren, net name buns. It is a very red mobile phone evaluation person on the Internet. It often evaluates various mobile phones, language is humorous, and very fair, so many mobile phone enthusiasts are paying attention to him.

When many mobile phones are on sale, they will be asked to do the evaluation. The Red Letter mobile phone is no exception. They directly sent a HX1 for his evaluation.

“Everyone knows that this HX1 has a famous one billion gambling game. I personally think that this is a joke of Red Letter and Rice, that is, hype.” Bao Liren explained the live broadcast and unpacked.

“With a sales volume of 300,000 units a month, it’s really nothing for big brands. Last year, Hua’s domestic sales of mobile phones exceeded 100 million units, and Apple’s and Rice’s mobile phones exceeded 50 million units. On average, there are 400,000 sales per month. More than 100,000 units.”

“But for new-brand phones, this sales volume is still very challenging. Now let’s take a look at whether it has this weight!”

He unpacked the HX1 and played with a smile: “Every time you open a new machine, it feels like a brand new girlfriend.”

In the live room, the netizen said with a smile: “Bun, do you change a girlfriend in a week?”

“This girlfriend can still charge, beautiful.”

“Your USB jack may not be a little small!”


“Well, there is not much nonsense, let’s start with the appearance.” Bao Liren introduced the appearance, configuration, etc., and then commented: “To be honest, I have not yet felt the obvious advantages of this phone. And then enter the actual experience.”

“Running points have also been seen, the performance of red core chip is indeed very strong, reaching the first-class level we said before.”

“For example, let’s try Tencent’s “King of Glory” and record the running time.”

He downloaded the mobile game with HX1, then opened it, the screen just flashed and quickly entered the game interface.

“This is a little faster!” Bao Liren surprised. “Look at the time and compare it with other phones.”

After comparing it, he found that HX1 runs faster than Rice’s latest model and can almost rank among the top three in Android phones! Compared to the running speed of IOS System, it is not too much!

Netizens were surprised: “This phone is running a bit fast!”

“Do you have a buckwheat fee?”

“Is it because it is a new machine, so it is so fast?”

Bao Liren immediately explained: “I have compared these few mobile phones, but it doesn’t take long. It can be understood as a new machine. One comparison can’t explain anything. We will open a few more mobile phone software for comparison.”

After some operation, they found that HX1 can still switch freely and smoothly.

Bao Liren emoticon is also full of surprises, said: “You see no, I now open the program chat voice, mobile game “King of Glory”, and two small programs are not closed, now free to switch, no obvious The feeling of Caton is still running smoothly, which is already explained in the Android phone with a performance explosion.”

“Then is a fever problem that many netizens care about. As far as I feel, the fuselage does not have obvious heat. We can use it for a while.”


An hour later, Bao Liren and netizens really realized the powerful performance of HX1’s so-called red core generation processor with the super Android System.

HX1 is the most fluent in the almost configured phone. No matter how good the phone is, there are some problems when playing high-profile mobile games.

But on HX1, almost no obvious problems can be found. Of course, if you have to forcefully say that you can still get stuck in a bunch of software at the same time, then there is no way. After all, this is just a smartphone, not a highly configured computer.

“Now I can make a preliminary conclusion, HX1 is definitely a smart phone with high cost performance. Selling this price is definitely not a loss! You think about it, why do people like Samsung and Apple at this price point because their mobile phones run smoother and System is safer.”

“Now Red Letter Android system of Red Letter can achieve almost the same effect. For me, HX1 is more cost-effective and operability. In terms of playing mobile games, it is simply a performance monster in domestic mobile phones!”

“I suggest that HX1 is definitely the first choice for everyone who wants to buy mobile phone at this price! Also, HX1 is the first choice for playing mobile games! Emphasize that my buns are absolutely forfeited!” Bao Liren said vowed.

His fans are still very trustworthy. If he is good, he will praise. If he is bad, he will criticize. He said this, and soon someone said: “Buns, watching your video for a few years, I believe in you. Recently I am preparing to change my mobile phone, I will buy HX1!”

“I just bought an X, but Apple’s mobile game doesn’t have much as Android market, and it’s not good to play. I will buy another HX1.”

“Now the mobile phone, other functions are similar. Female users look at the camera function, male users will watch the game experience. So, HX1 is good.”

“Mahjong, I am heartbroken. I am going to buy one, and I will find you when I am!”

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