BTC Chapter 101 : New Year’s Eve

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The next day, Xue Yao found a contact person for Lu Zixin with high efficiency. It was not the other person. It was actually chairman Jia Hai of their BaiJia Real Estate.

Jia Hai personally called Lu Zixin, said with a smile: “General Lu, if Xiao Xue don’t told me, I still don’t know that you are from He County. We have a good investment in He County, and there are some relationships. You want what kind of house, just say, I will help you find it!”

“Chairman Jia, you are too polite, how funny this is. I just bought a house for my family.” Lu Zixin said.

“Hey, what is this? Our two are also old friends, the house you want, my old man will definitely find it for you. If not, I will build a building for you!” Jia Hai words are very lavish.

The deal with Red Letter made them a lot of money. And Jia Hai learned that Red Letter has developed very well recently, and there may be opportunities for cooperation in the future, so it is so polite.

As for building a house, this is their own business. Besides, he is still afraid that Lu Zixin can’t afford it? He even hopes that Lu Zixin will directly ask for a super luxury home and add a big list to the company.

Lu Zixin and Jia Hai put a few words, they directly asked for it.

Jia Hai said: “Well, I am going to go to He County on New Year’s Day, and give a few friends a New Year’s greeting. If General Lu is fine, can you see it?”

Lu Zixin thought that buying a house was also a major event for the family, and he said, “That’s good, then we will contact again.”


In the next few days, Lu Zixin followed the family’s busy New Year’s affairs and remotely handled some of company’s affairs.

As for the classmates and friends who have been going to meet in previous years, he did not participate. This is not that he is inflated, he looks down on his former friends, but he is too busy. And those friends are still gathering after New Year, it is estimated that there is no time to participate.

On the 29th of Lunar New Year, Lu Zixin is also helping to deal with “Super Android System” on the Internet. This System has been initially completed and is being tested repeatedly.

On the side of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, Tang Gang is still in contact with the foundry for hardware production. During Chinese New Year, the labor costs have risen, but Red Letter has not placed an order. Time is money, and red letter mobile phone will be profitable one day earlier.

In New Year’s Eve, the streets and alleys are brightly lit and festive.

Like most families, Lu Zixin family prepares hearty meals and celebrates New Year at home.

“Happy New Year!” A family of three toast to celebrate the New Year.

This year, their home is completely new, so the family is very happy.

“What are you eating so fast? No one is robbing you?” Shen Man said as she stuffed a large pig’s hoof into Lu Zixin’s bowl.

“How do you brat eat this now?” Lu Yue surprisedly said, “I was not so exaggerated when I was young!”

“Maybe because I have been exercising for a long time.” Lu Zixin certainly can’t say it because of genetic evolution.

“This year we will reunite at home for a day,” Shen Man said. “On the first day of tomorrow, your uncle will have a family dinner and go to New Year’s offering.”

Lu Zixin grandfather and grandmother passed away a few years ago. His father Lu Yue had a total of three brothers, uncle, Lu Yue, and three uncles.

According to the custom of previous years, they will gather together on New Year’s Day to hold a family feast.

“Mom, if they say me again this year, you have to help me in the town!” Lu Zixin, the only son of Lu Yue, is “specially concerned” by relatives and friends every year.

What kind of education, work, car, room, Lu Zixin was most afraid of New Year in the past few years, always to be taught by relatives.

“Nothing, Mom gives you a top, is your son or my son is excellent?” Shen Man proudly said, “I really want to say it and scare them!”

“Don’t say it’s big! Just fine.” Lu Yue warned repeatedly.

“I know.”

After eating a reunion dinner, the family waited in front of TV. Their family still kept the habit of watching Spring Festival Evening, although most of time they took their mobile phones and put them on TV.

Lu Zixin program group is also ringing. In particular, several working groups are asking each other for Red envelope.

Among them is a core team of Red Letters. Lu Zixin only went in and saw that Liang Song had just issued a Red envelope. He habitually clicked and got dozens of dollars.

As soon as Lu Zixin received the Red envelope, someone immediately said: “General is stealing Red envelope!”

Zhu An: “General, Happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi, Red envelope!”

Liu Tong: “General, Happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi, Red envelope!”

Tang Gang: “General, Happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi, Red envelope!”

Su Zhirong: “General, Happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi, Red envelope!”


Others copied the chat and Lu Zixin quickly sent a few Red envelopes.

Then the program prompts him: “Red envelope has reached the limit today.”

Lu Zixin sent a message: “Everyone, Red envelope is limited! Can’t send it again!”

Zhu An: “It’s too garbage to use this software, we should develop our own software, not limited to Red envelope quota! This can also be more General Red envelope money!”

Liang Song: “Well, it makes sense. I will open this project next time!”

Su Zhirong: “[emoticon: cover your mouth.] And other General is coming back in New Year, you can also go to New Year to red envelope!”

Lu Zixin: “@Su Zhirong, which side are you on!”

Zhu An: “Is Su Assistant not going home with General?”

Su Zhirong: “…”

Liu Tong: “@Lu Zixin, General, this year’s Alipay, QQ or something, there are many companies are sending Red envelope to users, do we want to make up a wave?”

Lu Zixin: “Don’t you vote for 10 million each?”

Years ago, Tencent and I found them, and the company paid for it, giving the user a New Year Red envelope, which is equivalent to advertising promotion. Both subsidiaries of Red Letter have invested 10 million Red envelope fees.

Liu Tong: “I don’t feel enough. Tencent game is a force. I want to spend more time in this year’s event than to get more out of us. Also, isn’t Red Letter going out of the phone? Just another wave of promotion.”

Lu Zixin: “You are looking for Tang Gang to discuss, the advertising budget is within 10 million.”

Tang Gang: “This is a good thing! I think so, you can send pre-sale tickets for red letter mobile phones and pre-sale vouchers. @Liu Tong, call to discuss!”

Now that red letter mobile phone is not on sale, the main body of the promotion is definitely red letter game, so he has to negotiate with Liu Tong.

In addition to various groups, Lu Zixin also received a lot of calls for New Year’s congratulations, almost never stopped.

The company’s employees, business partners, former classmates, and so on, stopped after the morning.

Early the next morning, the phone began to ring again and again. Among them is Jia Hai phone, saying that he visited friends in He County this year and saw him at some time.

“Go, go.” Shen Man rushed at the door of his house. “Your grandparents are calling and urging.”

“Would you drive?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Open my car.” Lu Yue also bought a tens of thousands of car in the second half of the year. “Your car is too conspicuous. If you drive, I don’t expect our family to be safe this year.”

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