BSI Chapter 111 : Kurosaki Masaki

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After bidding farewell to Shiba Isshin, Xia Yan was more determined to return to Soul Society, so he spent more time on exercise.

His current main exercise style is Kido and magnetic field tempering.

The former can continue to increase his combat power, while the latter can make his body stronger and increase Reiatsu.

As for Shunpo and Hakuda, Xia Yan Ability is enough to deal with most battles.

Xia Yan main goal now is to superimpose the combat power and increase the Reiatsu to maximize his combat power and extend it as much as possible.

As time went on, Shiba Isshin, with the help of Kisuke Urahara, opened a small clinic called the Kurosaki clinic.

Shiba Isshin also officially became Kurosaki Isshin. After graduation of Kurosaki Masaki, the two married and have a child called Kurosaki ichigo.

Kurosaki ichigo grew up slowly, and he could see the soul, but he didn’t fear them, but accepted them.

“It’s time, I hope I will meet them this time.”

Thinking this way, Xia Yan put on a black cloak and left the warehouse.

It is already 4:30 in afternoon, it is the time when Kurosaki ichigo is out of school. Now Kurosaki ichigo is nine years old. In this year, when Kurosaki Masaki taking Kurosaki ichigo out of school, she will encounter a disguised hollow, Kurosaki Masaki just happened to meet Auswählen, and Strength disappeared, so she was killed by hollow.

Xia Yan decided to save Kurosaki Masaki, so every time she went to Kurosaki ichigo, he would catch up.

But now that Kurosaki Masaki has left the neighborhood near the clinic four or five times, he has not encountered any hollow, but he hopes that this time, the plot can be unfolded.

When Xia Yan quickly chased and found Kurosaki Masaki, she and Kurosaki ichigo were leaving the school and heading towards home.

Xia Yan followed them, with the help of the black cloak, the two did not notice the figure of Xia Yan.

But Xia Yan followed them for a while, nothing happened, and today he ran away.

Hōng lòng.

The sky suddenly had thunder, and white clouds were covered with black clouds, and the rain fell.

This is?

Xia Yan thought of Kurosaki Masaki and Kurosaki ichigo, and she met hollow in the rain.

So this is also called the memory of rain.

It is very likely today.

Xia Yan did not dare to neglect. At this moment, Kurosaki Masaki suddenly stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

“Mama, are you okay?” Kurosaki Ichigo, next to Kurosaki Masaki, quickly helped the mother’s body.

“Nothing, just a little dizzy.”

Kurosaki Masaki face is a bit confused, why she suddenly lost Strength.

She looked at her arm and felt that the strength of Quincy was gone from herself, and the body became weak.

“Let’s go back.”

Kurosaki Masaki stands straight, holding an umbrella, pulling kurosaki Ichigo toward the direction of home.

Xia Yan finally confirmed that the day of Auswählen is today, then the danger will be today.


A truck passed by, the tires pressed over the water, and a large amount of water sprayed on the Kurosaki ichigo.

“Ichigo, are you okay?” Kurosaki Masaki asked with concern.

“Oh, this truck is really annoying.”

The orange-haired teenager Kurosaki ichigo made a complaint.

Kurosaki Masaki said with a smile: “Let’s change it and let Mama stand outside.”

Kurosaki ichigo shook his head and said, “No, I am wearing a raincoat. And I want to protect Mama.”

Kurosaki Masaki said with a smile: “It’s a good boy, but it won’t work. When you can beat Tatsuki, you can stand outside.”

As she said, Kurosaki Masaki really wiped Kurosaki ichigo face.

Kurosaki ichigo said: “I have won her once.”

“Was you? Ok, wipe it clean, let’s go.”

Kurosaki Masaki took a protective hand and interrupted leaving.

But at this time, Kurosaki ichigo saw a girl standing on the shore of the street, doll head, standing there while raining.

“Not good.”

Kurosaki ichigo thought she wanted to jump, so he rushed over and wanted to save her.

“Ichigo, come back.”

Kurosaki Masaki shouted, and kept chasing after him, but when Kurosaki ichigo approached the girl, the girl suddenly changed.

The body split and turned into a huge hollow, rushing toward Kurosaki ichigo.

This hollow name is called Grand Fisher.

This hollow can be disguised as human form, attracting highly Reiatsu, then attacked them and this hollow attacked Shinigami and high spiritual power several times in 50 years.

In the future, Kurosaki ichigo will meet him again, and he will escape. He will return to Hueco Mundo, be converted into Arrancar by Aizen, and finally killed by Kurosaki Isshin.

“Not good.”

In the face of hollow Attack, Kurosaki Masaki blocked in front Kurosaki ichigo, but she did not have Strength, how to resist this hollow.

But at this time, a sword light flashed, and this hollow was directly opened from top to bottom and turned into a corpse.

A bit formidable hollow, but there is not Arrancar yet, and Strength is weak.

In the future, Kurosaki Isshin can kill him after he become Arrancar with a single slash, and he can’t beat him.

“Hey? what happened?”

Kurosaki Masaki stunned and look around, but did not see any silhouette.

“Mama, what is this?” Kurosaki ichigo looks at the body of the ground, some fear said.

Kurosaki Masaki said quickly: “It’s okay, Ichigo, let’s go back soon.”

The two left in a hurry, and after they left, Xia Yan left slowly and returned to the warehouse.

At this time, Xia Yan’s arrival in Human World has reached 20 years, and in six years, the plot will officially begin.

But Xia Yan now, there is still a step away from eight-class Reiatsu.

Xia Yan returned to the warehouse, and Yadomaru Lisa saw him and asked, “Are you going out for a stroll? How come back so soon this time?”

Xia Yan put the cloak away and said: “It’s raining outside.”

Yadomaru Lisa nodded, and Xia Yan went to the underground training field, summoned Kaminari, and continued to use the magnetic field to quench the flesh.

Xia Yan body continues to increase density, and this fourteen years has made Xia Yan steel skin completely successful.

Kido, Shunpo, Hakuda, Xia Yan have made great progress.

Hadō #90 Kurohitsugi, Xia Yan can already do without chant, but the power is still weak, only a quarter of the power.

There is still a little distance to reach the power of Aizen’s.


With Xia Yan magnetic field turning, Xia Yan Reiatsu suddenly changed, even bigger and denser.

Eight-class Reiatsu.

Xia Yan stood up and finally reached it, becoming super Captain level combat power.

Even in Gotei 13th, only a few people have reached such Reiatsu, and Xia Yan can continue to use blurring with double-wings for a longer period of time.

In the state of blurring with double thunder wing, Xia Yan is sure to compete with Aizen.

But not enough, now I can’t beat him.

Only Bankai can do this.

But still have six years, can you master Bankai?

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