BSI Chapter 112 : Dilemma

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“No, it can’t be realized.”

Xia Yan sat cross-legged on ground, and Zanpakuto was on his knees, and his look was a little distressed.

I am too late to let Zanpakuto become visible, so I can’t yield it and master Bankai.

Zanpakuto Shikai and Bankai are different. Shikai needs communication and coherence. Communicate with Zanpakuto with soul, and  get the name of Zanpakuto can do Shikai.

However, Bankai is a materialize and subjugate their Zanpakuto. It is necessary to make Zanpakuto visible and let it surrender.

Of course, there are many ways to give in, not necessarily to win, but you can also use your own Strength to get approval, but in any case, you need materialize your Zanpakuto.

Xia Yan has tried many times and can’t do it.

“Are you sure not to use Tenshintai?”

Next to Xia Yan, Yoruichi stood there, holding a humanoid sign in her hand and said: “With Tenshintai, you can quickly master Bankai.”

Xia Yan smiled bitterly: “But I am likely to be killed.”

What is Tenshintai, he is very clear, is one of the most important special tools of the Onmitsukidō Troops, it can force Zanpakuto body to materialize.

Kurosaki ichigo used this method to materialize Zangetsu, and then defeated Zangetsu to master Bankai.

Of course, the appearance of Zangetsu, not Zangetsu, but old man of Quincy, Yhwach, why can turn out, this is not clear.

The Tenshintai Strength is very strong, if he can not let the opposite side yield, he will be killed.

Unlike Kurosaki ichigo, Kurosaki ichigo has long been known, so it has the meaning of approval.

Even if it is Abarai Renji, the first mastery of Bankai is incomplete, but it is also mastered Zanpakuto is in place.

If you can’t do it, you can prove your own strength, and until Zanpakuto approve.

If  i’m forced to turn out Zanpakuto with Tenshintai. I can’t be an opponent.

“Don’t worry.”

Yooichi took a picture of Xia Yan’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go and make a hot spring.”

Xia Yan stood up and asked, “Is it ready to use?”

A few days ago they spar, because they broke the ground and found underground spring, so they built a hot spring, I did not expect it already available.

Yoruichi nodded and said: “Well, and the use time of hot spring is delimited. You can use it today.”

“Can i?”

Xia Yan excitedly ran back to the room, took a towel, and came to hot spring in the underground training field. It was surrounded by walls. Xia Yan rushed in through the side door, and the inside was foggy. Xia Yan took off his clothes, jumped in, yelled, and floated.

“So hot.”

Xia Yan soaked in hot spring, feeling the surrounding heat, the temperature of hot spring here is about forty-three degrees, it is already high temperature.

Xia Yan was in the hot spring. After a while, the door opened and a voice came into the door and said, “I also take a bath.”

“Yoruichi senior, you, you have to take a bath?”

Xia Yan looks at Yoruichi, asked with amazement.

Yoruichi nodded and said, “Of course, I have been training with you for so long, of course, I have to take a bath.”

Said, Yoruichi took off her clothes and saw her move, Xia Yan quickly turned his head.

Let me know.

Yoruichi jumped into hot spring and smiled and said: “What happened little devil, soak in hot spring.”

Xia Yan said with just his neck: “Yes, but you are a woman.”

Yoruichi laughed and said, “What’s the matter, don’t forget that you haven’t grown up yet.”

Today, Xia Yan is still only 58 years old, two years from the beginning of original story.

In the Soul Society, at least 100 years old, it is considered an adult.

Xia Yan face red, didn’t dare to look at Yoruichi, but at this time, a few voices sounded outside the house. “It was finally built. Is it a bath today?”

“Of course we, how can those men be ahead of us.”

As the voice sounded, two figures appeared at the door, which was Yadomaru Lisa and Kuna Mashiro.

Seeing them, Xia Yan shouted: “Don’t take off.”

“Xia Yan, how are you here?” asked Yadomaru Lisa after heard Xia Yan voice.

“Yeah, today is the time for girls, how come you?” Kuna Mashiro scraped her head and stared at Xia Yan.

“What time is the girl’s use? Yoruichi seniors said that I can use it today.” Xia Yan looked at Yoruichi and his face was a bit puzzled.

Yoruichi said with a smile: “I think Xia Yan is a child, so tell him to use it today, don’t you care?”

Yadomaru Lisa nodded and said: “Xia Yan does not have adulthood yet, let him wash with us.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Kuna Mashiro has taken off her clothes and jumped into hot spring pool. She smashed and the water spray burst. She directly plunged into the pool and could see the body of white flower bathed in the pool.

Yadomaru Lisa also began to undress, and Xia Yan looked down at her head and looked red.


Yadomaru Lisa jumped into water and sat down on the right side of Xia Yan.

“You can raise your head and if don’t you can’t see it.” Yoruichi voice came.

Xia Yan heard this, slowly raising the head, Yoruichi, Yadomaru Lisa and Kuna Mashiro white bubble in the water, the position below the chest is underwater.

However, the spring is very clear, although the bottom is cobblestone, standing down from the hot spring, the spring is colorful.

But as long as someone is inside, the body is at a glance.

Black full chest, white petite chest, slender boss legs, white body.


Xia Yan nostrils are hot and blood flows out from it.

“Hahaha, it’s a nosebleed, it’s a child.” Yoruichi laughed.

Xia Yan quickly used Kaidō, stopped the blood, blushing and bowing his head, no longer dare to speak.

Yadomaru Lisa said with a smile: “Yoruichi, you don’t want to tease Xia Yan.”

“Okay, okay, don’t tease him.”

Yoruichi converges smile, stretches out, and leans against the stone wall, making a cozy voice like a cat.

Kuna Mashiro swims around in the pool, is like a mermaid.

Yadomaru Lisa sat in the side of Xia Yan, and the look at the quiet Xia Yan, asked: “Xia Yan, you look very anxious recently, I feel you are very painful.”

Xia Yan violently raised the head and looked at Yadomaru Lisa, asking with a smile: “I look so obvious?”

Yoruichi nodded and said: “You want to master Bankai, it is too urgent, and almost every day focus on Bankai.”

Kuna Mashiro stopped swimming, revealing his head and said: “Mashiro also found it.”

“No Bankai, can’t beat Aizen.”

Xia Yan said softly that he can now fight Aizen, but he can only compete, and it is impossible to defeat him.

Yoruichi said with a smile: “But it’s useless to worry, you still have a lot of time, don’t worry.”

“Makes sense.”

Xia Yan nodded, but his heart was full of sense crisis, not a lot of time, but only two years.

In only two years, the plot will officially begin, and in any case, he must return to Soul Society.

If you don’t have Bankai at that time, i will have to use Tenshintai.

Whether it is dangerous or not, it must be used.

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