BTC Chapter 103 : Polite Face

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Lu Zixin turned to his parents for help, Lu Yue said: “He is working very well now, and  now the civil servants have not like before, or they have to work hard on their own.”

Big uncle nodded: “This is a rational. It is also good to do business now. Do you see Lu Jun, better than most college students and graduate students?”

“Lu Zixin, you just come back and work for your brother. There is a relative who takes care of it and is worthy of being outside for ten years!” Big uncle looked at Lu Jun and said, “Are you missing people?”

“Lack!” Lu Jun said. “We are doing engineering projects. When we start the spring, it is time to miss people! I just said to Zixin, what class he is? Come back to me, I will definitely not treat him badly.”

Lu Zixin had to thank: “Thank you, Brother Jun, I see the situation.”

Big aunt showed her appearance and her face was quite proud. Before, Lu Jun’s school was still told by her family, now his son is in the first place, and it is Lu Zixin turn.

She asked: “Lu Zixin, what university did you read before?”

Lu Zixin answered truthfully, he said: “I want to say that it is not a famous university. It is better to read these work as soon as possible.”

“Now, the car, the house, it’s a problem, you have to, no, the blind woman can’t see it…”

She screamed a lot, and Lu Jun couldn’t listen, and said, “Mom, eat!”

Lu Zixin didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, Shen Man emphasized on several occasions that Lu Zixin was not mixed, but because she didn’t say anything in detail, several people didn’t care, and thought she was forced to support her son.

After the satiated meal, the purchase order should be withdrawn.

In previous years, the family banquets were all distributed equally, but this year they were somewhat different.

“How much did it cost?” Three aunt asked the waiter.

“Hello, you have spent a total of 12,000 yuan on this table,” the waiter politely replied.

“12,000, how is it so much?” Three aunt surprised. “Show me the list.”

The waiter showed her the bill, and Three aunt frowned. “This dish is several times more expensive than the outside, and there are thousands for drinks! How can it be thousands!”

She is a bit distressed, and the cost of this table is too great, and she has to share four thousand.

Three uncle coughed and said: “Normal, here is He County Hotel, and it is the New Year’s Day. This is normal.”

“Which is the checkout? Please come to the front desk with me!” the waitress politely asked.

When she said this, the scene was a bit embarrassing. Three uncles and three aunt silently, and the two thought, if they were in previous years, everyone would share.

But this year, spending so much, Lu Jun made money again, is it that he should be out?

Lu Jun was not so careful, he was about to stand up and check out. Next to his girlfriend, she secretly pulled him and gave him a look of no more.

Over there, big aunt also smiled and asked: “This year is the same as before, three flats?”

Big uncle did not speak, pretending not to hear, and did not speak, holding a message on his mobile phone.

Three aunt was not happy, but her face said with a smile: “This year Lu Jun mixed so well, let our relatives get rid of it! We have a big head, we also have a little.”

Big aunt did not avoid it, saying: “Xiao Jun is about to get married soon. The expenses are not small. There are still some engineering items left outside. After two years of loosening, please ask directly. This year is still the same as before.”

Lu Zixin saw this scene and understood why his dad had to warn him in advance. When you made an empty check, everyone said it was good. Once the real interests are involved, it is a scene.

It can’t be said that the relatives are all forgiving. It is really troublesome, and everyone will lend a helping hand. But under normal circumstances, everyone wants to lose less and take up more.

Shen Man couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Like this, Zixin, you go to end first, and then go back.”

When three aunt saw someone unable to hold back, she was very happy and said: “Then be the first thing, let’s go back!”

Lu Zixin quickly settled. When he came out, Lu Jun took him and said: “My wife is stingy, this meal should be requested by me. What is your account, I will transfer the money to you.”

Lu Zixin waved: “No need to worry, I rarely come back, just when I ask.”

“No, how can this be true?” Lu Jun said. “You don’t have much money. I don’t think my mom will go back to mention this, or I will pay.”

“Lu Jun!” Big aunt was calling him and said, “What are you doing? Go driving!”

“Come on!” Lu Jun replied, and whispered to Lu Zixin: “Remember to send the account to me!”

They walked to hotel door, and Lu Jun stopped and walked outside.

Big uncle was surprised and asked, “What happened?”

“I saw a big boss, I have to go up and greet.” Lu Jun said.

Big uncle was a little impatient and said: “The Chinese New Year is good for New Year. We are still waiting for you to drive us back. Can you greet them after new year?”

“No!” Lu Jun said. “This big boss is not easy.”

He pointed to the other side and said: “Chairman Jia is the chairman of Baijia Real Estate! Baijia Plaza in our county is built by him. Everyone invests in hundreds of millions. If you can catch up with him, we The engineering team will not be in business in the future!”

When he finished, big uncle thought, nodded and said: “It turns out that it is, you have to say hello, go, we wait.”

Lu Jun hasn’t left yet, and three uncles said, “Huh? I know a few of them next to him! Isn’t that Chen County Governors. Next to him is Mayor Tang! Last month our unit met and studied The speech of Mayor Tang!”

Three aunt surprisedly, said: “Can make Chen County Governors and Mayor Tang to eat together, the big boss is really powerful! Lu Jun actually knows such a person, it is really different!”

“You wait for me for a while, I will greet them.” Lu Jun said, sorting out the clothes and went over.

At this time, Jia Hai is with Chen County Governors and Mayor Tang is talking and laughing. BaiJia Real Estate has a large investment project in He County this year. They are also taking part in the annual festival to discuss.

Lu Zixin saw Jia Hai and felt some accidents. In the morning, Jia Hai called to talk about He County, and now I met here. It’s only natural to think about it. He County is such a big place. Jia Hai wants to settle down. The best thing is He County Hotel.

Lu Jun went face to face, put on a smile, his head lowered, and said: “Mayor Tang, Chen Governors, Chairman Jia, happy new year!”

The three men saw him and responded with a reply: “Happy New Year.”

Jia Hai said with a smile : “I am easy to forget when I am older. Is this?” He did not remember Lu Jun.

As for Mayor Tang and Chen Governors, they don’t even know Lu Jun.

Lu Jun is a bit embarrassed, but still with a smile: “I am Xiao Lu, Lu Jun, that is the one in He County. The engineering team of our BaiJia Plaza last year also included a project.”

“Oh, it’s you!” Jia Hai said so, but still has no impression. I have done more engineering work. Lu Jun is also a small person in a county engineering team. How can he remember?

Chen Governors of He County counted a slight frown and looked at Lu Jun, meaning that he would quickly go away.

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