BTC Chapter 102 : Relatives

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Lu Zixin, who first went to big uncle family, also arrived in He County. Lu Zixin was surprised to find that the second floor of big uncle family had turned into a five-story small building with two cars parked at the door.

“Is big uncle house refurbished?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah, your cousin has been mixed for a few years, and this house is covered by money this year,” Shen Man explained.

Lu Zixin cousin Lu Jun couldn’t read a book when he was a child. He ran outside to work when he was in junior high school. Therefore, Lu Zixin, who is a university student, is often compared with Lu Jun by his family. Especially the aunt, she like to teach him the most.

Lu Zixin came to the family and someone noticed it at the door. It is his cousin Lu Jun, who is smoking at the door.

“Second uncle, second aunt, happy new year!” Lu Jun smiled and greeted him. He wore a famous brand and wore a famous watch. His hair was shiny and shiny. It was estimated that he had made a lot of wax.

“Happy New Year.” Lu Yue and Shen Man greeted him and asked, “What about your father?”

“All in the house, three uncle and three aunt have arrived.” Lu Jun finished, saw Lu Yue car, said curiously: “Second uncle, this car is bought this year, how much?”

“About 60,000, I don’t understand this.” Lu Yue said.

“This is a loss!” Lu Jun immediately shook his head. “This brand, performance is not very good. It is better to add tens of thousands, buy a mid-range.”

“Second uncle, if you buy again, you can tell me, I know friends in this area. You see, my car is to ask my friend, more than 30,000 cheaper than the 4S store!”

He said, pointing to BMW SUV next to him, his face was quite proud.

Shen Man asked: “This car is what you bought? It’s a good mix!”

“Generally, only 300,000.” Although Lu Jun said in general, there is dissatisfaction in sound.

Shen Man smiled, but did not say much, and with Lu Yue entered the house together.

“Cousin, you brat is back!” Lu Jun stepped forward to stop Lu Zixin’s shoulder, warmly, the relationship between the two is still good.

When they was junior high school in county, the two men secretly surfed the Internet to play games, and they also played with others. Only after Lu Zixin got to high school, the relationship was alienated.

“Brother Jun, I heard that you mixed very well!” Lu Zixin said.

“Oh, okay, there is a personal look.” Lu Jun said with a smile, “How big is your brat?”

“I have graduated for a year!”

“Graduate? Work yet? Where?” Lu Jun asked.

“Jiangcheng, working in a company, still okay,” Lu Zixin replied.

“Going to work?” Lu Jun said. “It’s hard to get used to work this year, and the salary is small. It’s better to do engineering, a project, and say hundreds of thousands. Later, you might as well follow me. Definitely higher than your salary at work!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile: “Fortunately, I will find you when I can’t get along.”

Lu Jun handed him a cigarette and said: “Yes, brother recently worked on a project in He County. It is very profitable. You have to do it with me. Brother must take you with you. The construction team under me has many college students. Still reading civil engineering, right, what professional do you study?”


“Computer? I know a computer, I also open an Internet cafe in He County, I borrowed 20,000. Can you earn any money? Or do a lot of engineering!” Lu Jun said.

The two said that they entered the house, Lú Family, everyone is there. Big uncle and big aunt, three uncles and three aunt, and Lu Jun’s girlfriend, Lu Zixin sister-in-law, the other are three uncles, son and daughter is also.

New Year’s greetings, blessings, and then a feast.

Big uncle looked happy and said: “Last year, our Lú Family was very busy. Let’s celebrate it this year. I have booked a feast at He County Hotel, and I will go there now!”

Lu Zixin big uncle is the oldest and most talkative. He used to do a business.

“He County Grand Hotel?” three uncle was surprised. “Can you still order a banquet on New Year’s Day?”

Lu Zixin three uncles, a small unit of civil servants, are not paid very well, barely enough, have no high positions, and have no extra income.

He County Hotel is the largest hotel in the county and the most ranked hotel. On New Year’s Day, they want to book a banquet there. In addition to money, they have to have a relationship.

Lu Jun proudly said: “I know the lobby manager there, he helped me book, we have a 10,000 base!”

“Ten thousand!” Threee uncle is a bit stunned, and their family spends less than 10,000 a month. he said with emotion: “It seems that Lu Jun has been mixed up in the past two years! There is a good future!”

Big aunt proudly said: “Alright. Although my family Lu Jun did not go to college, but this brain is no more stupid!”

Lu Zixin felt that she was inexplicably lying, because the only one who was in college was he who finished the university. The son of three uncle family, who was a high school this year, and his cousin, is now in junior high school!

A group of people set off for He County Grand Hotel and arrived at the place. The parking lot at the entrance was full of luxury cars, and their cars could only be parked outside in open space.

The decoration of He County Grand Hotel is splendid, with festive red lanterns and other decorations everywhere. It is very luxurious. In recent years, He County has become rich, and there are many rich people who will naturally pursue higher consumption.

“Good guy, really good!” three aunt said with emotion.

Three uncle nodded and said: “Last year, our unit met, came here to eat a meal, the food made by the chef is delicious!”

Big aunt said with a smile : “Everyone eats this year!”

“General Lu, happy new year!” A shout sounded behind everyone, Lu Zixin wondered, and some people here know themselves.

Looking back, he discovered that the other person was yelling to Lu Jun.

“Bao manager, happy new year!” Lu Jun greeted him. This person is the lobby manager of He County Hotel. After he said hello, he arranged the people in the private room.

The family feast officially began, first of all the junior congratulations to the elders.

Lu Zixin toasted the elders for the New Year, and Big uncle took out a Red envelope from his pocket. He was about to give Lu Zixin and Lu Zixin: “Don, I don’t want Red envelope, I have graduated.”

“Is it graduated?” Big uncle surprisedly said, “I thought you were still studying? What work is it doing now?”

He asked, everyone put their eyes on Lu Zixin. Lu Zixin has some helplessness. He has long known that these problems are unavoidable. The legendary relatives three question for consecutive years – graduated yet? Do you have a job? How much pay?

Shen Man quickly said: “Working in an Internet company, the conditions are not bad!”

“Internet company?” Three uncle frowned, said: “Isn’t it financial? I’m a colleague’s child, I went to a financial company. As a result, the company is defrauding. It’s going to be caught by the police when New Year is over. If you are not comfortable, don’t do this!”

“Where can he do this? He is a regular company!” Shen Man stressed, she really wants to say her son’s company, but still hold back.

Three uncle said: “Now Internet is also difficult to do! It is not as stable as civil servants, Lu Zixin, I think you still go to test civil servant, how stable. Now looking for objects, civil servants have an advantage.”

Lu Zixin reluctantly said: “I work very well and I don’t want to test civil servants for the time being.”

The three uncles were civil servants and immediately reprimanded: “You don’t think this idea is right. Where is the civil servant bad? Work is stable, wages are stable, and if you do well, you can be an official and have more face?”

“What kind of Internet company you are, the most unstable. If you go bankrupt, you will be bankrupt. You won’t get the salary at that time. I want to say, you have to go to a civil servant. When you are in our county, you have a relationship with me, I can help find a good job for you!”

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