BTC Chapter 517 : Intelligent Power Robot

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This video data spread on the Internet, it’s causing uproar all over the world.

In the video, Boston Dynamic Robotics mainly displays three kinds of robots. One is a robot dog, it’s mainly used for mountain transportation, rescue and daily life assistance for disabled people.

In the demonstration video, the four legs of the robot dog can walk in coordination under the instructions of the smart chip. There are no obstacles on flat roads, steep mountains, even on ice and snow. Not only that, this robot dog also can carry heavy objects, cross obstacles, open doors, jump, and other actions.

The second type is a sports robot. This robot completely simulates the form of a human being and can walk and run like humans. Not only that, it can also complete various difficult sports.

For example, in a video, this kind of sports robot can perform horizontal bar flip, pole vault, and shooting like an athlete.

The third is a mini office robot, which is no longer a bionic form, but a complete machine. But it can apply to a variety of office scenes and actions, such as making coffee, clean the floor or desk, printing, cutting and the like.

In fact, Boston Dynamic Robotics has been researching these robots for some years and has been at the forefront of the world. But this time, they not only made more subtle improvements in power, but also achieved amazing growth in intelligence.

They cooperated with Google, and Google provided intelligent services to enable these robots to “understand” human words, complete human verbal communication instructions, and have certain judgment ability. These robots no longer the previously stupid powered robots, but Intelligent power robot!

This video of robot dog carrying heavy objects climbing mountains, robots doing gymnastics and office robots working amazed netizens from all the world.

Under the YouTube video, all comments from foreign netizens are praise and pride.

“These robots are awesome! In the field of robotics, we are still at the forefront!”

“Awesome, these robots look like real people!”

“Oh my god, they are more flexible than me!”

“In the future, robots will definitely replace humans!”

“When can I make a robot as girlfriend, my girlfriend is really annoying!”


Domestic, netizens have similar reactions

“I can already foresee the first robotic world war is about to begin!”

“I have to say, these robots really advanced!”

“Is Boston Dynamic Robotics really has US military background? What if they use robots in war?”

“Why Red Letter Group not make a robot? Their intelligence is stronger! Here @Red Letter!”

“What if the robot make a mistake?”


The impact of this incident is not as simple as the heat on the Internet. Shortly after this incident came out. China National Defense Science and Technology Department found Red Letter Group.

In the secret meeting room, Lu Zixin talked with several key personnel from defense and science departments.

“Boston Dynamic has engaged in research and development of military projects since split from MIT in 1992. They have received funding from DARPA (US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and providing support to military robots and related technical consulting services for US Department of Defense, US Army, Navy and Marine Corps. The most prominent feature of their product is to simulate human behavior. They’re robots mainly used in defense mission testing and extreme environmental rescue.”

The personnel from Defense technology department showed some materials from Boston Dynamics showed some information about Boston Dynamics and said: “The company’s main orders are from the US military. According to the information we have learned, they already have mature product for military production. It seems that the US has also increased its emphasis on this project and prepared to join research and manufacturing investment.”

“The robotics field is another big technology territory for arms competition. In this respect, our Science and Technology department is also studying. At present, there is a gap with the US. What we did not expect is their robotics research and development is so rapid. Speaking of it, it has something to do with your Red Letter Group.”

Lu Zixin said quickly: “We don’t have any cooperation with them!”

“Of course we know, you misunderstood.” The person from Ministry of Defense Technology said, “We mean, related issue to technology promotion in every field.”

“Previously, there were two important factors that restricted the development of powered robots. One was the issue of power endurance. Previously, their powered robots had high energy consumption and short endurance time. So, the U.S. military never taken it seriously. Until the emergence of Red Letter Group’s new battery technology, they used a new battery with large energy storage to solve this problem.”

“The second is machine intelligence. In recent years, artificial intelligence technology companies headed by Red Letter Group have developed rapidly. We have achieved a big uplift. The cooperation between Boston Power and Google has allowed robot intelligence to span at least ten years! The combination of various factors has contributed to the development of their robot technology.”

Lu Zixin smiled bitterly and said: “This could be said just a coincidence. Well, after all, the emergence of every new technology will radiate and affect various industries.”

“Yes, this is just a joke. This time, our main purpose for coming is to cooperate.” said the person from National Defense Science and Technology department.

“In the field of robotics?” Lu Zixin has already guessed most of it.

“Yes.” People from Defense Science and Technology department continue to say, “We already have a certain research foundation for robot power. It seems Red Letter Group has technical strength in this area. The most important thing is in robot intelligent system. For this, I have to admit it, your strength is the best in the world.”

“So, we hope to cooperate with Red Letter Group to jointly develop a new generation of intelligent robots.”


There are many details in this discussion, and all of this is confidential and public can’t know it.

In the end, the two sides reached a cooperation agreement. The Defense Science and Technology department will separate a team from their robotics research departments and Red Letter Group will form a team for intelligent and mechanical power systems. The two teams will jointly establish a new company jointly controlled by military and Red Letter.

This new company mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent robots. They are focusing on many areas including civilian, industrial and military applications.

The headquarters of this new company will be located in the future city.

Externally, this company didn’t directly use Red Letter Group name. But it’s called “Future City Intelligent Robot Science and Technology Co., Ltd.”. Neither military nor Red Letter Group announced it publicly. So, there’s no news in the news. The public has no knowledge. In the future city, an intelligent robot manufacturing company was established!

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