BTC Chapter 429 : What if it hits?

Edited: XiaXue

Before the live broadcast on TV stations and Internet, the audience waited curiously, and those car companies, Science and Technology companies were waiting silently.

Pengyun Automobile’s trial of unmanned driving has very important and significance. If it goes wrong, it will have a great negative impact. If it succeeds, it means a revolution in driving style!

On the lens, Jiang Xunmei, the president of Pengyun Automobile, has already taken the car, and she is also with the director of Pengcheng Traffic Management Bureau, Wu Changfeng, a driving supervisor security officer and TV host.

“Is this car safe? If something goes wrong…” The audience watched the live video and discussed it in the message area or live broadcast barrage.

“The directors of Traffic Management Bureau are all sitting up. Shouldn’t something happen?”

“They are on XX road. There are so many cars on this road! I don’t dare to drive fast when I drive!”

“The front row eats melon.”

“This is Pengyun’s driverless car. I heard that the Intelligent System is provided by Red Letter? If it is good, I want to buy it too!”

In the car, Jiang Xunmei is answering the question of the moderator.

“Our car is completely different from worrying about safety. It can be said that the unmanned system is 90% safer than real person!”

“If the future cars use driverless system, I think there will be fewer traffic accidents and traffic jams!”

“It seems that General Jiang is very confident about Pengyun driverless car. So what is the real situation? Now we can see it!” The host said, the camera was switched to the drone lens.

I saw that on the spacious road, the first Pengyun driverless car started. Hit the left turn signal, start, enter the straight road… A series of operations are all done automatically by artificial intelligence, very smooth.

When the car merges into the traffic flow, it is the place to truly test the driverless system.

Inside the car, all the environmental conditions around the car can be seen through the miniature camera and virtual projection. Wu Changfeng watched closely, and he was a little worried in his heart.

This time, he made a decision to issue a L5 level driverless test license to Pengyun Automobile. The pressure he bears is not small, for fear that this unmanned System has a problem!

However, the car is extremely stable, speed, brakes, lane change, and overtaking are similar to those of the old driver for more than ten years.

“Wow, it’s really similar to a real driver.” The audience expressed their amazement. In the picture, the driverless car can perfectly respond to various situations, and the reaction speed is quite fast!

“We can see that Pengyun driverless car responded very quickly in response to various traffic conditions, and responded in almost a microsecond. When we ride, we almost never feel the body shaking, it is as comfortable as sitting on the sofa of your own home!” said the host.

It took more than two hours for the driverless car to travel a full circle around the prescribed route. On the Internet, many viewers are bored.

“Nothing, it’s too stable!”

“I thought what would happen! Nothing happened.”

“It’s okay, it means that the driverless technology is mature. It is estimated that the day when you can drive on the road without a driver’s license!”

“It’s hard to say, what if there is an emergency, no driver will not do?”


No matter what they think, on the first day, Pengyun driverless car drove safely on the road in Pengcheng for a whole day without any accidents.

The media also reported on this incident and predicted the future of driverless cars.

This car and several other L5 driverless test license cars have to go on the road in Pengcheng for a month without a day and night to prove that this driverless technology is desirable.

Half a month passed quickly, Pengyun driverless car has been safely driving for half a month, and there have been continuous reports from the media. Discussions about whether a driverless car can be on the road are becoming more and more fierce, and there are not a few approvers and opponents.

At two in the morning, a Pengyun driverless car ran smoothly on the road, and the test data was continuously feedback to quantum brain. Behind the car, a 50-year-old car driver is chewing betel nuts and talking to the co-driver’s friends.

“You said that this is not strange.The car in front can be driven by itself without a driver! If it is popular in the future, we still can’t be unemployed?” The driver said with dissatisfaction, “Now Science and Technology companies are inventing something useless gadget! It’s enough to drive our car, and it’s still unmanned! After we lost our job, they paid for it?”

“Yes, I really want to smash that car!”  His co-pilot is also a driver, but he is a black car driver and does not work in a formal transportation company.

“Don’t you lose money if you smash it??” the driver of the car shouted. “I heard that this stuff is quite expensive, and it has a camera on it. I can’t afford it!”

“Hey, you said, if they hit the car, who should pay?” The co-pilot suddenly asked.

“They have people in this car for the first few days. Now there is no one. If this is a collision, who are you looking for?”

In the second phase of the driverless car test, there was no safe driver on the car, which was approved by Transportation Authority.

The car driver thought for a while and said: “I estimate, look at the traffic rules. Whoever violates the regulations will lose money.”

“That’s not good!” said the co-pilot. “There are many situations in which traffic rules must be violated.”

Both of them are old drivers for many years. I know that sometimes I have to violate the traffic rules a little while driving. But the driverless car is not good. It is not a person. In general, the traffic rules are observed.

But if it is for safety reasons, it violates traffic rules and there is a security incident, then the problems faced are complicated.

“If there is such a situation, I guess we should find the manufacturer to lose money!” the car driver said casually. “And they should buy insurance, and insurance companies pay, the news seems to have been written.”

“I searched and searched!” The co-pilot took out the phone search and found the relevant report. The above said: “Pengyun driverless cars have invested a high amount of insurance for every driverless car. In the event of a safety accident, Pengyun Automobile Co., Ltd. promises not to shirk its responsibility and protect the interests of the injured party…”

“Huh?” Seeing this report, the co-pilot suddenly gave birth to a thought.

He immediately said: “Old Huang, you said, if this driverless car hit us, is it going to give us money?”

“Of course, they have to pay for it!” said the driver of the car. “But this driverless car is very stable. I can’t see a crash.”

“It’s generally impossible, but what if it’s a special case?” The co-pilot, with a trace of weirdness and joy in his voice.

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