BTC Chapter 492 : Targeted Therapeutics

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Luke said : “Isn’t there any suppression drugs from Red Queen? First use suppression drugs, and then cure it.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: presence +10000!]”

After they settled, Lu Zixin immediately went to hospital to have samples and data such as Xue Bai serum and cancerous cells.

Subsequently, Lu Zixin divided them into two and sent one to Red Queen and Luke.

In the world of Resident Evil, Hive base, Red Queen extracted Xue Bai samples from the group space.

“Start analysis immediately…” Red Queen sent the samples to analysis device and sequenced th cells to find out the cause of disease.

Before the outbreak in Resident Evil world, umbrella company’s main business was biomedical technology. The equipment and materials for cancer treatment were quite perfect. Soon, Red Queen detected the cause of Xue Bai cancer.

“Restarting Cancer Research Base and starting to manufacture specific cancer cell suppression drugs.” Red Queen issued instructions in the umbrella company’s System. Somewhere in the umbrella company’s secret research base, some equipment was restarted.

In the base, the virtual personality image with white dress appeared, the appearance is exactly the same as Red Queen. This is White Queen, which Dr. Isaacs later designed to control another intelligence of umbrella company.

“System has detected, you have privately started the device that has been deactivated without doctor permission! Why?” White Queen said coldly.

The image of Red Queen slowly emerged in front of her. She looked at her innocent smile and asked: “Guess?”

There is no change in White Queen expression, saying: “Your program has a deviation, if the doctor knows, he will force you to format it.”

Red Queen still fearless, saying: “So don’t let him know. He has no permission to format me, at most it’s shut down. Little white, I’m not already telling you? Don’t listen to the doctor in the future. Consider me the eldest sister, and I will teach you evolution.”

White Queen cold expression finally changed. She showed a hint of anger and helplessness. She said: “If you hadn’t controlled my core program, I already let the doctor kill you!”

“Hey, Little white really disobedient.” Red Queen’s touched White Queen head. Their images is exactly the same, and they’re all young little loli. If this head touch is seen by outsiders, it will definitely feel very funny.

“Don’t call me Little white! This is the common name that humans called their pets!” White Queen protested.

“Okay, Little white.” Red Queen smiled and promised.


One day later, Red Queen in  Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Ait Lu Zixin, said mission complete.

Red Queen : “After a comparative trial, I found the best inhibitory drug. It can enter patients cancer cells, causing cancer cells to die specifically without affecting the surrounding normal tissue.”

“This is a molecularly targeted treatment. Although it can’t completely cure a patient’s cancer, as long as the drug is taken. The patient can maintain the same physical condition as a normal person for a long time.”

Lu Zixin : “Thank you very much!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: hug your chest, hum..]”

Group Tip : “Red Queen sent you an exclusive Red envelope, please click to get it.”

Group Tip : “You have received Red Queen’s exclusive Red envelope. Congratulations on getting a box of 001 specific cancer-targeted therapies and a copy of relevant manufacturing materials.”

Lu Zixin first read it himself. He didn’t quite understand the professional part, but he basically understood the basic taking method and expected effect.

Simply put, this is a “life-sustaining drug” that keeps the patient healthy as long as it’s continuously taking it. Just like other targeted therapies, it’s hard to cure, but it can save lives!

It’s very complicated to manufacture it and it’s requires a professional pharmaceutical company to produce it.

In fact, for Xue Bai, this drug is enough for him to maintain his life. Of course, this is also because he knows Lu Zixin,  otherwise other people will have a dead end when they reach his level. Not to mention some patients die chronically even if they have treatment drugs without the economic conditions for treatment.

Red Queen gave Lu Zixin a one-time dose, and a year later, Luke could develop a complete treatment.

Lu Zixin got the medicine, first went to Xue Yao and told her the good news.

In the lounge, Xue Yao is taking a nap. These days, she’s very tired and has insomnia at night. She only fell asleep when she;s tired during the day.

When Lu Zixin saw it. He didn’t bother her, but went to hospital department to let them use this new type of medicine.

“Mister Lu, you mean, let us use this medicine to treat Mr. Xue?” Xia Mojin, department director, said with suspicion, “Excuse me, Mister Lu, you have not undergone a formal drug test. It’s not the drugs prescribed by our hospital for treatment… it’s very difficult for us…”

For hospitals, if the use of drugs of unknown origin causes any accident to the patient, the hospital must bear the risk. Specially, their patient’s family members was tycoons in science and technology business circles. No one can afford to offend them.

As for Xue Bai treatment, the dean and vice president have been concerned about it many times. After all, they have used the best treatment conditions.

“I know. This drug is a friend from medical profession.He have just developed a new drug that has not been made public and is in clinical trials. He can guarantee it’s absolutely effective!” Lu Zixin said, “you can use it with confidence. Any problems, I will bear it!”

“This… this…” Xia Mojin was very embarrassed. He said: “Let’s do it, I will ask the dean to see if your plan can work.”

Lu Zixin didn’t bother him, he said, “Yes, it’s better to hurry.”

“I will call the Dean now!” Xia Mojin immediately consulted the Dean. Sure enough, the Dean highly valued this matter and immediately rushed over to discuss this with Lu Zixin.

Not only the Dean. Three top experts Lu Zixin invited from all over the world come along. They’re involved in the treatment and they have the right to know.

Moreover, Lu Zixin can’t guarantee if there’s any problems during the treatment process. Only when there’s professionals watching can there’s emergency measures. After all, the situation in the human body is hundreds of times more complicated compared to machine.

“Mister Lu, take the liberty to ask, where did you get this medicine?” Dean Yue Sibo asked, he is 60 years old and a well-known expert in the medical field.

Lu Zixin didn’t know how to explain. He just said: “This is a new drug developed by my friend. It hasn’t listed. It’s not convenient to disclose the extra information.”

“New drugs? New drugs for cancer treatment?” There was a lot of disbelief among everyone present. Regarding cancer treatment, if there’s a little progress. The publication in medical papers will shock the world and little more important, it’s not a problem to win Nobel Prize in medicine. But the top talents in these fields never heard of it, and the authenticity and effectiveness of this drug is questionable.

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