BTC Chapter 341 : Drama in Times Square

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“Next is Red Letter’s last smart product. I think some fans of Red Letters have already guessed what it is!” Su Zhirong said, on the major live broadcast platforms, there are fans who brushed the screen: “HX GLASS!”

On the live audience, there were fans like Zhao Deyi who shouted: “Smart glasses!”

“Yes, it’s smart glasses!” Su Zhirong said with a slight smile. When she spoke, a new smart glasses appeared on Hong Yun next to her.

Full of Science and Technology design, but this time, the smart glasses have two small bumps on the frame, which is the installation of projection device, in addition to micro positioning sensor.

“Like the previous two smart products, the latest HX GLASS smart glasses also have virtual projection capabilities. But today I want to introduce not only this glasses, but a Virtual Game jointly developed by Red Letter Entertainment and Red Letter Game are hidden in this smart glasses!”

“The next conference is not here at home, but in New York Times Square, where we can watch the broadcast.”

The audience is confused, what is this situation? Is there a Branch field for the launch of Red Letter?

At the moment, New York Times Square. This world famous square has become an iconic place name in United States.

Every day, visitors from all over the world walk around the square. Everyone knows that there is a publicity screen on New York Times Square, where the advertising fee is higher than the average monthly salary of an average American.

Today, this promotional screen will become a past tense, because the new era of virtual projection will come!

In the square, a group of people are waiting, Lu Zixin is also here. He stood in the crowd, dressed in a black suit, next to him are some young people.

“Have you started? My fans can’t wait!” Aside, a girl’s voice came.

Next to him, there is also a girl in a black suit, Su Xiaomeng!

She has always been a lively and lovely dress style, and after changing into a suit, she still has some different temperament. The thin eyebrows are pulled, the little face is cold, like a cool female killer.

Su Xiaomeng was very interested in some novel activities. She encountered such a thing as the global news conference of Red Letter. Of course, she couldn’t help but heat up the hard bubble in Su Zhirong’s ear and came to New York.

“Wait for the signal! You can wear the glasses.” Lu Zixin said, taking a pair of new red letter smart projection glasses from his pocket.

In an instant, Lu Zixin’s eyes turned into pure black, like tailor-made sunglasses.

Suits, shoes and sunglasses, coupled with a strong body, Lu Zixin’s force seems to increase ten times in a flash!

“Wow, brother-in-law, you are so cool!” Su Xiaomeng reveals a small star in her eyes, admiring saying.

“As soon as you are like this, the style has changed!” Lu Zixin whispered.

“Oh, look at me, but I went to learn the performance class!” Su Xiaomeng said, wearing sunglasses, and the expression became cold, and instantly changed from a girl to a cold girl.

Although the two dresses are very good, but passers-by just missed a little more than two eyes, here people come and go, few people stop to stay.

On the other side of Times Square, the marchers protesting against the Red Letter are still marching, but their numbers have not increased.

Some people have begun to waver. Although they are resisting red letter, they are also paying attention to the launch of red letter.

“Cool! I didn’t expect their things to be so bullish, what are we resisting?” Someone took out the phone, saw the latest report, and then silently withdrew from the parade.

“Everyone continues, we must insist on boycotting…” Isaac is still encouraging morale to his companions. At this moment, he suddenly saw a colorful cloud in the sky!

Not only him, many people have noticed it! Because this cloud is too abnormal! It is not a normal cloud, but a projection of light and shadow. It comes from the direction of Times Square and has a huge area that everyone can see.

“What is that?” Many people are curious to look at the colorful clouds.

At the venue of Red Letter conference, the virtual projection is also broadcasting the scene of New York Times Square. When you see this cloud, the audience has already understood that this is also the virtual projection of Red Letter, but the projected area is a bit large, and the high-rise buildings are not blocked. live.

They don’t know, for this reason, Red Letter has arranged projection equipment throughout the New York Times Square, plus the advertising costs of venue activities, the cost is not small!

“Hahaha!” New York Times Square, suddenly burst into laughter, which was released with amplifying equipment, the entire square can be heard clearly.

“The old man is coming!” This sentence appeared in people’s ears. Some Chinese people immediately lifted up with surprise and asked: “Sun Wukong?”

I saw that the colorful clouds in the sky turned over and fell to a low altitude of less than ten meters from the ground. One was driving a colorful cloud, wearing a dragon-winged golden crown, wearing a gold-plated lock, a silky step, and a red cloak. Sun Wukong appears in front of everyone!

“Scorpio! Grandpa!” Several Chinese people immediately stunned, and they saw Sun Wukong in Times Square. They couldn’t believe their eyes!

“No, this is not true! This is projection!” Someone saw it. In the sun, the projection is still relatively easy to distinguish. After all, the light and shadow can not represent the real thing.

“Too realistic! Sun Wukong!” Someone exclaimed, “This projection is like a blast!”

Some people have picked up their mobile phones and they are shooting, even those Americans are no exception. Although many people don’t know who Sun Wukong is, they still feel amazing!

This is just the beginning, another character has appeared, is the Iron Man known to the Americans. The red bloody armor flew from the sky and said: “We have a Chinese friend here.”

“Iron Man!” This is what many Americans know, and they look at the sky with surprise.

The third person appeared, a red big truck suddenly opened to the square, ignoring the obstacles and rushing over! This is also a virtual projection, people have stopped and looked at it with surprise.

I saw that the big truck stopped in front of Sun Wukong and Iron Man, and transformed into Optimus Prime!

The third virtual projection character appears!

“The earth will eventually perish!” Another projection appeared, a huge alien. Red skin, rock-like muscles, some people recognized, “It is Thanos, the big villain in Marvel movie!”

On the hands of Thanos, there are infinite gloves that symbolize the incomparably powerful power in the universe. With one hand, there are scenes in which tall buildings are smashed, the wind and clouds are discolored.

These are all virtual projections! The entire Times Square seems to have stopped at this moment! All the pedestrians, the waiters in the store, are looking with their heads and watching the spectacle of this virtual projection! It’s too magnificent, in reality, it’s a hundred times more exciting than a movie theater!

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  1. This book hits different with the recent 6G satalite test launch China did a couple weeks ago.

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