BTC Chapter 383 : The only supporter

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“D-Wave standard is more suitable. They have commercialized quantum computers since ’03.”

“No, I think Yale University Superconducting Quantum Computer Lab has a better route. They are among the best in the world of quantum computer research!”

“IBM is working with Physics Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and their systems for quantum computers are relatively complete.”

In terms of quantum computers, each research room has a different direction, so everyone’s views are different.

But in general, they still support the top of the list, from the technical standards of the top quantum research centers in the Americas and Europe.

Suddenly, some people said: “The standard theory from Red Letter Group is also very informative. Their content in the journal science has been studied for a month and it is considered to be more advanced than the ideas of other quantum research institutions!”

“Red Letter?” He was the first person to recommend Red Letter Group. Everyone looked at him and was slightly surprised.

This man has a silver hair, and even his beard is white, and he is eighty years old. He was wearing a light-colored shirt and was sitting next to the chair with a cup of bitter coffee on the table.

“Academician Rand, do you think Red Letter Quantum Institute’s views in the journal science are the most correct?” Tolan Bell asked in amazement.

Other people’s opinions, he can not pay attention. But the opinion of Academician Rand, can’t be ignored.

Because he is the world’s top physicist, and now is a researcher at National Institute of Standards and Technology. The National Academy of Sciences has won many achievements. The most remarkable one is the experimental method he used to study individual quantum system and received the Nobel Prize in Physics!

“Don’t dare to say correct, but I do think this is a feasible way. If Red Letter Group can turn their theory into reality.” Academician Rand took a sip of coffee, not anxious to say.

“But their actual products, and our cutting-edge technology, are still a far behind!” Tolan Bell did not agree with academician Rand.

“IBM, INTEL, Yale, University of California, Santa Barbara, D-Wave, as well as France, Britain, Sweden, Japan… these research results on quantum computers in these places are currently more than 20 qubit-conducting superconducting quantum computers are much higher described by Red Letter Group.”

“So I think that although Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center has proposed a research direction, there is no need for reference.”

“Yeah.” Others mostly held the same view as Tolan Bell and said: “Maybe after ten years, Red Letter will come up with some achievements, but for now, they are still relatively backward.”

Academician Rand shrugged and said, “Let’s let time prove it, hope I can see that day.”

He also has no precise grasp and determines which party is more advanced. This is an area still being explored. The theory is only to provide direction, and the result is the iron-based basis.

The crowd discussed it for a while, and Tolan Bell said: “Before there is no formal vote, we can come to a rehearsal vote. During the conference, we can focus on the results of the discussion and voting.”

He asked the assistant to take out the pen and paper and let the members present to write down the results of their vote.

“Well, everyone took the voting results. Explain in advance that this is just a small game and does not represent the opinions of our IEEE Association and American Computer Association.” Tolan Bell said, began counting votes.

Although there are only about 20 people present, they are from research institutions around the world and important members of the IEEE and American Computer Society. Their opinions are enough to represent the majority.

“At the moment, the first ticket is IBM (International Business Machines Corporation), and nine friends have approved their commercial quantum computer standards.”

“The second ticket is INTEL (Intel Integrated Electronics), and seven friends have approved their commercial quantum computer standards.”

“The third vote is Microsoft, and three friends have approved it.”

“The two votes are for D-Wave of Canada and AMD of United States. A friend recognized the quantum computer standard of China Red Letter Group.”

Tolan Bell announced the results of the mini-game, which is similar to what he thought, mainly because IBM and INTEL have the highest support rate, and the others are much worse.

The official voting results should be between the two companies at the time – this will not be known until the end of the global supercomputer conference.


A few days later, in New Orleans, USA, in order to participate in the global supercomputer conference, Lu Zixin came here with Su Zhirong and Dai Liang.

“President Lu, Vice-president Su, Professor Dai, I wish you all the best.” On the private plane, Fanny send them off the plane.

“You have worked hard.” The people returned with a smile.

“President Lu, I just heard a gossip, a friend from the United States told me.” Dai Liang just put away the phone and said.

“What news?”

“I heard that just a few nights ago, some members of IEEE and American Computer Society conducted a small-scale trial vote to select the standards of quantum computers.” Dai Liang said.

“Old Dai, what is the result?” Su Zhirong asked curiously, and this standard is also one of the important purposes of their participation.

“IBM and INTEL voted against each other, and everything else is similar. But it is very interesting. The former Nobel physicist winner Rand, who has made great achievements in the quantum field, actually supports the quantum computer standard proposed by our company.” Dai Liang said with smile, “Academician Rand is truly well-deserved, and can actually see our technological potential.”

“Haha, it seems that the international scientific community is not have enough knowledge about us!” Lu Zixin said confidently. “This time, we should let them take a look at each other!”

Su Zhirong nodded. “We have brought the prototype, and we will be exhibiting at the conference.”

“Is the media work ready?” Lu Zixin asked. “When we show, we want the media to publicize and officially launch the concept of commercial quantum computer products.”

“Ready, this global super-computing conference, the mainstream media around the world have concerns.”

Before the start of the conference, Lu Zixin still had a lot of work to do. There were many companies and organizations participating in the conference, so negotiations could not be avoided.

A few days later, the global supercomputer conference officially began for a week. Companies, universities, and institutions that come to the conference can present their research results at the New Orleans Convention Center and communicate with their peers.

In addition, several important academic conferences will be held to explore related issues in the supercomputer field.

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