MST Chapter 177 : The champion must be my wife!

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Ye Guang explained it, and Ren Keling on the side also helped explain it.

“I would like to explain to everyone, the narration in Liu Chiyan’s song originally handed over to band teacher, but the program group consider Ye Guang is the original poet of this poem. He happened to be on TV station, out of respect for the original poet, so the program group chose to invite Ye Guang come to stage. The chorus and narration are part of the song, it doesn’t matter who read the narration, and it won’t affect the game fairness.”

Ye Guang gratefully glanced at Ren Keling. If he doesn’t help to explain, maybe some audience will be brought up by Chun Yumin. Even if explained now, maybe there still audiences who already considered it unfair in their hearts. This kind of thing, if you don’t say anything, there will definitely be different opinions.

Relative to the official explanation, Ren Keling can only play a role in eliminating this influence, but he wants to completely convince the audience that it is impossible, but his verbal explanation is undoubtedly better than Ye Guang explanation. The representative of program group explained the follow-up, the audience was still think Liu Chiyan’s game was unfair, then there was no way, the impact is still there.

Chun Yumin: “It turned out like this. It seems that I misunderstood, sorry.”

Chun Yumin understood it, but the rhythmic influence he brings would not disappear just because he understood.

Everyone is an independent individual, the opinions of others are just opinions. The audience will still define it in their hearts. If they don’t say it, everyone will not notice, because it is a normal thing, but this seems to make sense. That said, even if the explanation is clear at the end, but the controversy has already occurred, there will definitely be audiences still think it’s unfair, especially Han Yurou fans.

This episode is over. Ye Guang has some helplessness, but there is no way. You can’t blame Chun Yumin. People just say their opinions, and finally apologize. Ye Guang can only secretly pray that the audience to have clear judgment.

At this point, the most critical time has come, it is also the time audience most looking forward to.


Who is the champion of The Strongest Voice, just look at this vote.

Soon, Ren Keling announced the start of voting, the audience inside and outside voted one after another.

During voting period, the judges also voted one by one. But in this final, the program group created a little suspense for program effect, for judges to voted secretly.

That is to say, the judges will vote in advance, hand written the supporting selections on prepared cards, then hand them over to notary. The voting results will be announced after audience vote.

As a result, there was a ten-minute gap in voting program. During the gap, the program group invited Heavenly King Liu, He Xing and Feng Qiu Huang to sing a song for everyone.

After several players sang separately, the audience’s voting results have come out. They have been confirmed by comrades from Notary Bureau.

The highly anticipated moment has arrived.

Ye Guang was invited to the stage, Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou separated several positions and stood side by side on the stage.

Ren Keling: “Our show is coming to an end here. Next, we will announce the support rate of the two players and decide who is The Strongest Voice this year! I believe this is what everyone most looking forward to.”

Yi Shan: “Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou final showdown, which is more sincere to the audience, let us wait and see!”

Ren Keling: “The voting results are already there. First, let’s take a look at the audience’s support rate!”

On the big screen, the columns of the representative support rate above Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou avatars began to rise.

All eyes are on the rising column indicating the voting rate.

Two columns go hand in hand, Ye Guang heart is tugging war. It feels too short. Looking at the momentum, the ratio of two people is almost the same. It is a bit difficult for Liu Chiyan to open the ratio in audience vote. Liu Chiyan’s fans and popularity is a huge advantage for her. If the ratio cannot be adjusted in the audience, the final result will depend on the judges.

The result is there.

Liu Chiyan’s support rate is slightly higher, but only a little bit.

Liu Chiyan has an on-site support rate of 13% and Han Yurou has an on-site support rate of 12%.

Han Yurou song is indeed very good, half of the audience chose to stay the same.

Ye Guang is helpless. If it continues like this, it is really unknown who will die. He also vaguely suspects that this voting ratio has the influence of the rhythm that Chun Yumin had previously brought, but he is not in a hurry. Outside audience, Ye Guang does not believe Liu Chiyan popularity would be incompatible with Han Yurou.

Ren Keling: “Liu Chiyan is leading for the time being, but Han Yurou’s support rate is also very good, the current ratio between the two is only 1%.”

Yi Shan: “The results of off-site voting are now publicly announced.”

The cylinder changed color and continued to climb.

Everyone’s eyes were once again concentrated on the big screen.

This time, it is obvious that the column representing Liu Chiyan’s support rate rose much faster than Han Yurou, and soon exceeded Han Yurou ratio by a large amount.

Ye Guang’s hanging heart lay down a bit.

Liu Chiyan looks calm.

Han Yurou frowned slightly.

Eventually, Han Yurou and Liu Chiyan column representing the ratio stood still.

Liu Chiyan off-site audience support rate is far ahead, and the schematic diagram is already higher than Han Yurou.

Liu Chiyan’s off-site support rate was 17%, surpassing Han Yurou’s 8% support rate with absolute advantage, Liu Chiyan leading with 9%.

At present, Liu Chiyan’s total audience support rate is 30%, and Han Yurou total support rate is 20%. It happens that Liu Chiyan leads Han Yurou support rate by 10%, which is equivalent to the support rate of a judge.

The corners of Ye Guang mouth raised slightly, 10%, this is a great advantage, and the rest depends on the judges votes. Liu Chiyan sang very well this time, and the song is intended to grow old together.  Appropriate to proposition, he also had some speculations about judges votes. Sui Si and Chun Yumin was not good, but Huang Bin and Yu Fengnan is white to sent songs, Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou song is little pressure over one, in the sentiment of the two should also cast Liu Chiyan, and Zong Zhengguang, this one has always been vaguely between Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou two rooms some toward Liu Chiyan, in first game, did he move back the venue for Liu Chiyan, he should also throw Liu Chiyan, right?

If these three as Ye Guang expected to vote for Liu Chiyan, then the overall situation has been set.

Well, the idea is quite good, but the end result is still unknown.

At this moment, Ye Guang’s mind also flashed a thought. What if there are three judges supporting Han Yurou, and the support rate of each person is equal to 50%, then who is the champion?

Of course, the idea of ​​Ye Guang just passed by and disappeared from his mind immediately.

How can Liu Chiyan’s judges’ support rate be less than Han Yurou?

The champion must be my wife!

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