MST Chapter 143 : You only need to believe me

Edited: XiaXue

Liu Chiyan has recently been somewhat enchanted by The Strongest Voice.

No way, The Strongest Voice is really important, and it would be a very high honor if you can win it.

But Liu Chiyan looks like this, Ye Guang can’t bear.

What does it all mean? Day to night, the meal is not good, the sleep is not good. If you go on like, I will have to make her decline before The Strongest Voice starts.

On this day, Ye Guang couldn’t stand Liu Chiyan’s continued have high pressure.

“I said, what are you doing every day, can you stop? I’m tired of watching you like this.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t lift her head, her eyes were still on the manuscript paper in her hand, said: “Make more preparations.”

Ye Guang: “What are you going to prepare, don’t you have me? I’ll write it for you when the time comes. You read so much now. In case the tricky questions come out at that time, you can’t use these capitals and you have to be blind.”

Liu Chiyan: “Prepared…”

“Fart is well-prepared.” Waiting for Liu Chiyan to finish, Ye Guang interrupted him, and he went to her desk with great arrogance. The “Huālāla” all collected the manuscript papers on the Liu Chiyan table where the tunes were written.

Liu Chiyan: “What are you doing?”

Ye Guang ignored her, stacked all the manuscript papers, and quickly walked to the front of the shredder.

“Don’t you!” Liu Chiyan shouted.

Shua!” Ye Guang has already stuffed the manuscript paper into the shredder. He slammed a few times and a stack of manuscript paper was cut into pieces.

Pa” Liu Chiyan patted the table angrily, “Ye Guang you bastard! What are you doing?”

Liu Chiyan is really angry, the sound was loud, and if the soundproof in office was not good, the outside staff can heard.

Ye Guang doesn’t change his face. “What do you do, I will destroy these things that are harmful to you.”

Liu Chiyan was very angry. “This is the song I have collected for more than half a month! After practicing for so long, why are you so jerk!”

Ye Guang: “Ah, anyway, it’s gone now, and you don’t have to worry about it all day.”

Liu Chiyan: “What about The Strongest Voice!”

Ye Guang doesn’t care, “Isn’t it me?”

Liu Chiyan said: “You, you, you, how can you do that! Can you write a song? Have you, what is your use! Do you know what the problem is in the contest! Do you dare to guarantee that you write it out? This is my hard work for more than half a month! Ye Guang, can you respect me!”

Liu Chiyan is obviously very angry. Ye Guang put all the songs she has received in the past into the shredder, let her heart and soul flow, and the tears of grievances are coming out.

Ye Guang is also angry, “Song, song, song, have you had anything else in the eyes other than song these days? The meal is not good, the sleep is not good. You haven’t given Yiyi a bath for two days. I’m so sad all day long, Liu Chiyan, can you not toss yourself like this?”

Ye Guang said fierce, Liu Chiyan is more wronged, sucking her nose and holding back the tears, Liu Chiyan said “You don’t have to control it!”

Ye Guang’s eyes are cold.

Walking towards Liu Chiyan, he stopped when he was less than ten centimeters away from her. Looking at Liu Chiyan, Ye Guang’s voice was very calm. “You say it again.”

Liu Chiyan subconsciously sneaked back, Ye Guang posted so close, and it was full of momentum, and some shocked Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang: “You are my wife, I am your husband! I don’t care, who can control it! I will tell you, I have decided on this matter!”

This time, Ye Guang suddenly became overbearing. Inexplicably, there is a kind of visual sense of the overbearing president. However, Liu Chiyan is the boss!

What Liu Chiyan just wanted to say something, she was suddenly embraced by Ye Guang, and then kissed her cherry mouth.

The words and tone of the two people are somewhat heavy, but there is nothing that can’t be solved. If one doesn’t work, then what’s the trick?


Ye Guang hugged Liu Chiyan, posted in her ear, softly said, “I know you value this Strongest Voice, I know you want to make more preparations, you work hard, I don’t object, but I hope you You can control yourself a little bit. You are not trying hard now. You are tossing yourself. Meals are not good. Sleeping is not good either. You don’t care anymore. Of course, I can take it with Yiyi. That’s no problem. But for you, you are so tormenting yourself, I feel bad. You are my wife, I feel so distressed. The Strongest Voice is very important, I know, but it is important? It just can bring you more honor, if you are tossing yourself like this, I’d rather not want you to participate, it is not as important as you, do you understand?”

Ye Guang paused and continued: “I said about the song, have me, believe me, I can, later, whether you want to sing, or want to make TV dramas, or want to do all the art, have me, you want to sing I will write songs for you, you want to film the TV dramas, I will write script for you, you want to do arts, I will give you planner, all of these I come! I am your man, you have to believe that I can shelter you from the wind and rain. From now on, you only need to believe in me. If you have me, it will be enough. Believe me, okay?”

Some overbearing and some sweet love words made Liu Chiyan softer. I have to say that women are emotional animals.

Liu Chiyan raised her hand and hugged Ye Guang, whispering “Hmm”.

The rain stopped and the sky cleared up.

Liu Chiyan leaned on Ye Guang’s shoulder and muttered, “You just so fierce to me…”

Ye Guang smiled embarrassedly. “I am not accidentally excited. Who told you not to control me go.”

Liu Chiyan plays a little temper. “I don’t care, you are fierce.”

Ye Guang: “Then what do you say?”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment, “I want to drink the silk stocking tea from the house across the street from People’s Square, Gaborba.”

Ye Guang said, “People’s Square, very far.”

Liu Chiyan whispered, “No matter, I will drink it.”

“Okay, okay, I will buy it for you.” Ye Guang scraped Liu Chiyan’s little nose, and the spoiled Liu Chiyan was the cutest. He almost couldn’t hold back and wanted to kiss her.

Liu Chiyan smiled and said, “Go, I will drink it now, buy it with your own money.”

Ye Guang Hehe smiled, “Yes, I will go.” Say, Ye Guang loosened Liu Chiyan and took the car key and went to buy milk tea for Liu Chiyan.

Women are very strange many times. They like to ask some strange requests. I want this tea, the soup bag of that family, in fact, everything is similar, but they are like to toss their own men.

Men are also happy to be tossed by them, usually can do the same thing, not because of the bones, not because of others, just because they care about her.

And women are so tossing men, it may not be true because of their appetite, perhaps because they like this feeling of being pampered and cared for.

Nothing more.

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