BTC Chapter 344 : US Consummer

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In front of China Red Letter franchise store, there were long queues in the night. In order to prevent competition, Red Letter had to arrange security to maintain order.

In United States, there is no official website of Red Letter, so if users want to buy a red letter mobile phone, in addition to network channel, they must go to operator store to buy.

This kind of thing has not happened in United States overnight, but there are quite a few people who pay attention to red letter intelligent projection equipment.

In New York City, a Verizon Telecom store, where consumers can handle Verizon’s communications and network services, as well as branded phones that work with Verizon Telecom.

In the early years, such stores were very popular with consumers. Because big telecom operators will cooperate with mobile phone brands to produce contract machines. Consumers buy contract machines from operators, operate Chamber of Commerce to subsidize each mobile phone, and consumers can enjoy a lot of discounts, so telecom operators have mastered 80% share in US mobile phone market.

This phenomenon is changing and operators have cancelled this subsidy in recent years. First, because of the high expenditure and fierce competition, the second is the rise of online sales channels.

Another important reason is the rise of Apple. Apple’s profits to operators are lower than other mobile phones, but they have the largest market share, so US operators have to cancel subsidies and sell them at the original price.

In the morning, the store staff opened the door as usual. Usually in the morning, few customers come to the door, it should be a relatively free time of the day.

However, today it is a little different. The store door has just opened, and there are already a few fashionable young people.

“Hello, may I have anything to help you?” asked the staff at the store.

“We want to see the latest phones.” A fat man wearing a fat T-shirt said first.

Early in the morning, the business came to the door, and the staff quickly introduced them. She took them to Apple’s counter and said, “This is the latest Apple mobile phone. Young people like it. There are discounts for today’s purchase…”

“No, we have watch the latest one, that is the one that is very hot on the Internet!” Someone said.

“LG screen folding mobile phone? It’s really hot recently.”

“No, it’s HXV-1 smart projection phone, is there? I didn’t see it?” the customer asked.

“We are about to put it out!” said another staff member, who was just about to open the door and they were preparing to put the goods in the counter.

“Great! Can you let us see first?” asked a few young people.

“Of course, this is the experience machine.”

The staff handed them a HXV-1 smart projection phone for them to experience. Soon, virtual projections and screams appeared in the store.

“Scorpio, can really project, this is Hong Yun? So beautiful!”

“You can also download virtual games.”

“Virtual Movie APP, Virtual Projection Social APP…”

“It’s so cool! I must buy it!”

“Brother, are you have enough money?”

“I can stage it!”

When they determined that the phone did have a function at the conference, without the slightest hesitation, it’s to be purchased.

“Buy now, you can apply for our 6G package, covering the entire US, unlimited network traffic…”

The staff gave a few smiles to a few customers, and just opened the door today and sold a few orders, it was just too smooth!

However, this is only the beginning, and soon there are customers entering the door.

“Is there a mobile phone from China that is sold here? Is that the one that can be virtual projected?”

“Hey, you said, I bought A smart projection glasses when I got A! I have sold it now!”

“My dear, there is a virtual projection mobile phone sold today, my mobile phone is just broken… I am in the store!”

“What is the monthly interest rate for this twelve-phase payment?”


From the opening of the door, customers will be in a constant stream. In addition to the daily business, 80% customers are coming for red letter virtual projection smartphone. Even if you don’t buy it, you have to take the experience once, then you will be surprised and eager to get out of the store. It is estimated that it will not take long before they will return to buy.

Those who have no money for a short time, there are many choices for staging and loans. Americans’ consumption philosophy is different from that of China. Overdraft consumption and eating food are commonplace for many people.

In addition to Verizon Telecom, other telecom operator’s stores also greet a group of customers with the same purpose.

In the past, mobile phone updates, at most, the camera pixel is made higher, or replaced with a unlock function, a small modification of the screen and the like.

But this time HXV-1 smart projection phone adds a new virtual projection function directly to the mobile phone! Still operational type!

There is only one in the market, there is no substitute! Anyone who wants to use and experience can only buy this phone!

Not only that, some e-commerce platforms have found that the emergence of Red Letter’s smart products has actually led to a significant increase in the sales of e-commerce platform sales smartphones!

As is known to all, although United States has a large population, the place is also not small. Most of the population is concentrated in cities, and other areas are sparsely populated.

The big telecom operators in United States, although claimed to cover 90% of the United States, but in many areas, because of poor signal, users are the choice of local small operators, so that in the choice of mobile phones It will be different.

Red Letter is the perfect way to overcome this problem. Under the radiation range of the SkyStar Satellite, the 6G communication network can be used in any area, and those users have another choice!

With 6G communication network and the new smart projection phone, this option is definitely more attractive than other products, so these people buy and use through the e-commerce platform.

Every day, the data of all channels can be feedback to Red Letter Headquarters, and other companies can get the approximate sales situation through investigation.

In the first few days, Apple’s mobile phone sales remained the number one. But in the sales of the new mobile phone, the first day of red letter rushed to the first!

After a week, the situation changed again. On the Internet, on the streets, in shopping malls, people who record or use virtual projections can be seen everywhere.

Now that there is no virtual projection smart product to take to the streets, they feel more backward than others. American consumers began to pursue this Chinese brand that entered US market for the first time!

“Grandma, can you see me?” In an ordinary American family, an old woman wearing reading glasses is communicating with his granddaughter in real time, and both images are recorded and sent to the other party.

“Can see!” The old woman excitedly said, “It’s really clear. Baby, just like you are in front of me.” She also kissed the virtual projection.

“Grandma, are you satisfied with this gift that I sent you? We can all chat through this in the future!” asked the granddaughter.

“Too satisfied! I haven’t read the news for a long time, I don’t think the Science and Technology are so developed now!” The old woman was very emotional.

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