BTC Chapter 507 : Embrace the Future

Edited: XiaXue

“What does this conference have to do with the desert?” This confused everyone.

Lu Zixin continued: “Here are some video materials for everyone to look at. The front is the scenery desert area before we transform. The back is today environment of desert area after reconstruction.”

In front of the clear projection, the audience saw the yellow sand still flying around, and it was desolate. Later, green plants were everywhere, mighty and majestic buildings rose from the ground. They even saw huge modern buildings.

From their point of view. Even in the bustling international cities, it’s hard to see those buildings. But, in that area, these buildings have been built or under construction. Which is sharp contrast with the previously deserted desert!

“Is this a desert?” Everyone was amazed, this is too fast, is it disguise?

Lu Zixin continued: “It has been more than half a year since we announced the beginning of desert transformation. We can see the environment in this renovated area has undergone earth-shaking changes. Some friends may have questions…”

Lu Zixin briefly introduced the sand binder and the plan for desert reconstruction, which attracted enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Of course, although these moved the audience. They are still far from reaching their expectations. After all, until now, Lu Yan has not explained what Red Letter Group wants to release.

“I want to explain, the desert that Red Letter Group wants to rebuild is 10 million acres! Not these hundreds of thousands of acres or 1 million acres!” Lu Zixin said proudly, “Moreover, our transformation method is not to overdraw groundwater resources for irrigation, but to use scientific methods to restore the original ecological environment and utilize the water circulation system to minimize water consumption.”

“Everyone thinks about it, in the future, what will this tens millions acres of desert will become?” Lu Zixin finally said the point.

“An oasis of 10 million acres!” Many high-level executives immediately thought of it, which is equivalent to a new city!

“Ten million acres, this is a big deal. However, the oasis in the desert area is equivalent to a shelter forest, right? What economic value can it have?” The executives of Hengjiu Real Estate Group watched the live broadcast at the headquarters, still unable to understand.

“Red Letter Group does this for environmental protection? Or does it want to develop deserts?” Media workers are also asking.

“This will become our new ‘product’ at this conference!” Lu Zixin said. He walk to the center of the venue. Spreading his arms and said: “Although it’s not yet formed. We use quantum computer modeling technology to let it meet everyone in advance. At this moment, let us embrace the future together!”

As soon as Lu Zixin voice fell. All lights in the venue is extinguished, leaving only a darkness. Then, a virtual projection of a building lit up from where Lu Zixin standing.

It was a “heart”-shaped building, which rose from the ground with a hospital logo painted on it. You with good eyesight can see. In this building, you can see many projection figures, including patients, doctors, and even robots.

With the emergence of “heart”-shaped buildings, more buildings appeared one by one. The towering science and technology tower, the metal tower body, and the glass curtain wall, like a sharp sword soaring into the sky!

The science and technology research institute deep underground are connected to the ground through the maglev subway and it’s extending in all directions. The aerial agriculture building, each floor is a piece of fertile land, planted with various crops. Various vehicles are driving fast on the intelligently managed maglev road. In the office building, you can see the operation of various modern equipment, and there’s a small drones in the air for material transportation.

In the city, there’s also traditional architectural projects such as artificial lakes and parks. The most amazing is the virtual amusement park, an entertainment venue built with virtual projection technology. Through the projection screen, people can see beside traditional roller coasters and other entertainment projects, there’s also virtual world theme parks, where visitors can directly experience the virtual world-like feeling.

A school with a huge area, which contains various teaching buildings, laboratories, scientific research centers; civil service units; financial centers; shopping centers… extremely prosperous.

At the edge of the city, there are modern factories. Various automated machinery operate in unmanned factories and products are shipped in all directions through the logistics system.

Here, there is also a huge airport, which is not only the location of the city airport, but also an international air logistics transshipment center.

Outside the city, photovoltaic power stations, underground nuclear power plants at a safe distance from the city, etc…

The audience held their breath. At this moment, the virtual projection conveyed too much information. It made them dazzled and didn’t know where to look.

They only think that no matter how simple the building looks is. You can see the shadow of many magical Science and Technology in there. The overall look is even more shocking. This city scene only depicted in science fiction movies!

When the quantum brain made it, it took every detail into consideration. Even if it is magnified one hundred times and one million times, it can still be seen clearly. Even the lines on the butterfly wings in the garden are clear! So the projection of this future city brings audiences an unprecedented sense of reality, as if this city really exists!

At this time, Lu Zixin didn’t say a word, but there was a voice in the ears of the audience. For every audience who enters the venue. Their smart device will temporarily connected to quantum information network.

When they carefully observe a certain part through smart glasses or other smart devices. Artificial intelligence Hongyun sweet voice will sounded and introduce them.

“Future City Science and Technology Tower, one of the landmark buildings of the future city. On the Science and Technology Tower, each floor is a hall for the exhibition and application of a kind of science and technology. It will also be the venue for various science and technology exhibitions and expositions. …… The science and technology tower is 1,829 meters high, and will be the tallest tower in the world after completion…” An audience member looked at the science and technology tower and heard an introduction.

“Red Letter International Hospital has the world’s top medical technology and team. The most comprehensive modern medical methods, treatment equipment…”

When a certain audience looked at a certain classroom in the university, he found that he could even hear the lecture and was talking about advanced mathematics…

Not only the live audience, but the audience who watched the live broadcast through the official platform also found some options for opening explanations appeared on their smart devices. Of course, their visual effects and experience not as good as those live audience.

After all, for such big city. Even the best personal smart devices can’t be projected comprehensively. Only by expanding to the entire stadium can you get a glimpse of it.

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