BTC Chapter 506 : is Lu Yan!

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The press conference here attracted attention from all over the world. In the holographic live broadcast platform of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment, the official commentary broadcasted the grand event here. At the same time, CCTV Science and Technology channel has received live broadcast rights and will broadcast live at the same time.

After a few performances, the time for official launch of the conference finally arrived. In the center of the venue, a large pendulum clock with a virtual projection appeared, and with ticking sound, the second pointed to the position of 24 point.

In an instant, the venue darkened, before people had time to scream, they saw the sky full of dazzling fireworks. These are the light and shadow effects of virtual projections. Without the slightest pollution, it was purely a visual enjoyment.

“There is only Red Letter, which can make the conference more exciting than the concert!” Someone said with emotion, no wonder it’s hard to find a ticket for the conference. Many audience thinks that way.

After the fireworks curtain call, people discovered that a person appeared in the middle of the venue. Most people is not familiar with his appearance, but the big guys in the scene recognized him, Lu Yan!

“Unexpectedly, Lu Yan will be playing in person today. I am really looking forward to it more and more.” said Zhang Xiaoyao, the new CEO of Kerri Group.

“Yeah, this Lu Yan usually sees the dragon head without seeing the end tail. He is willing to show up today, presumably something extraordinary has come out!” A vice president next to him was deeply convinced.

Unlike them, other audiences express their doubts.

“Who is this? Is the supporter at today’s press conference not General Su?” a viewer whispered.

“What about General Su? I’m General Su fans!”

“Hong Yun is fine too, Miss Hong Yun is interesting!”

“I haven’t seen it!”

“Hey, this little brother is a bit handsome, good temperament, is it a star?” Someone asked.

Near the Bird’s Nest Stadium, in a room in a high-end hotel. Belle, a popular sister of Mengtu Entertainment, is cuddling with a middle-aged man watching the live broadcast of the press conference. This middle-aged man is the boss of Mengtu Entertainment.

“Belle, you can rest assured. I know a friend in Red Letter Group, and in charge of personnel affairs. After the press conference, I will help you find out the security captain, and let him apologize to you!” Fang Dahai hand walks around Belle body.

If this scene seen by fans who still fighting for Belle and cursing Lu Zixin. I’m afraid their worldview will collapse!

“Uh-huh!” Belle nodded. She saw the virtual live video of the press conference. She was suddenly surprised and pointed to the man in the scene: “Godfather, this is the person. This is the person who bullied me just now!”

“Ah? He?” Fang Dahai didn’t know who is Lu Zixin, but he had a vague intuition. This person could be the first to appear at the press conference. His status is estimated not low.

In the venue, Lu Zixin wore a decent suit and faced tens of thousands of spectators, confident and elegant.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the most mysterious and largest conference since Red Letter Group establishment!”

“I’m the president of Red Letter Group, Lu Yan. This conference will be hosted by me. I hope to bring you some new and beautiful changes to the world!”

After Lu Zixin finished speaking, the scene suddenly boiled with warm applause.

His tone is calm and his words are simple, but the sensation caused is not small!

“My God, this is the real big president of Red Letter Group, Lu Yan? The first time I saw him, the richest man in the world! God, why is he so young and so handsome!” Someone can’t help screaming.

“Big news, I actually saw the real Lu Yan, do you dare to believe it?” Someone excitedly sent a message to a friend on his mobile phone.

“Lu Yan! It’s the real Lu Yan! It’s totally different from the photos on the Internet!”

“The legendary richest man in the world! A technology tycoon! He actually appeared! So excited!”

Not only the audience, but the media are crazy. With the equipment they brought, 360° shooting without blind spots. Since Lu Yan showed up at the press conference, it means his portrait rights already available on the Internet!

Presumably everyone is interested in this legendary character!

On the Internet. The audience who couldn’t come to the scene and watching the live broadcast was shocked.

“It’s Lu Yan! Lu Yan appeared, the most mysterious man in the world!”

“Ah, why is Lu Yan so young? The money he earned in one second is enough for my life! It makes me unrecognizable!”

“So handsome, I just wanted to ask, does Red Letter Group still lack a proprietress? Sweeper will do!”

“Does President Lu still lack a girlfriend? Do you mind if you have one more?”

“My idol actually appeared, still so young, I really can’t think of it! It’s amazing!”

“Screenshot, screenshot!”

“Hahaha, even the presidents of Red Letter have appeared. What will be released in this conference?”


pa!” In the hotel room, Fang Dahai slapped Belle on the face, directly slapped her into daze.

“Godfather? Why did you hit me?” Belle said aggrieved.

“Why? Are you swollen with shit fans? Did you hear that? Who is that person? The president of Red Letter Group, one of the most influential people in the world!” Fang Dahai is very angry, “You actually offend him and you want to trouble him. Are you tired of living?”

Having said this. He slapped Belle on the face again and cursing: “Smelly bitch, you were picked up by me. Just make money for me, and you actually went out and caused me trouble!”

“You have offended him, our company can’t keep going. I’m really mad at you!”

Fang Dahai stood up, sweating profusely, “Hurry up and ask your shit fans to stop, and make a public apology. You’re not allowed to broadcast live again before Red Letter Group made a statement!”

Belle’s face is pale, no matter how simple her mind was. She knew, this time, is really dead!

Of course, Lu Zixin didn’t have time to manage these things. The press conference was still boiling. Lu Zixin could only wait for a few more seconds before the applause gradually decreased.

“Looks like everyone welcomes me!” Lu Zixin said with a slight smile. “But, please keep calm. Because the products we will release next, or the news, will make you even more shocked!”

People finally calmed down and looked at the court expectantly.

Lu Zixin went on to say, “Before the press conference, everyone had a lot of speculation about our conference. Guess what we will release, a mobile phone? A new quantum computer? A game? Or mechanical equipment?”

“Neither!” Lu Zixin directly denied. “The things we are going to release this time have actually been available to everyone half a year ago. I don’t know if you still remember Red Letter Group’s environmental transformation plan in Taklamakan Desert?”

Mention this, some people think of it. There’s indeed such thing. However, everyone pays little attention to environmental protection and has no knowledge of this project.

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