BTC Chapter 233 : Lined up

Edited: XiaXue

Wang Chang just experienced the function of smart glasses. What interests him most is telecom, virtual reality and information processing.

He split the phone call of his roommate via remote communication, which is more convenient than using a mobile phone.

The phone rang for a while and someone was connected. There was a half-awake sound.

“Hey?” Roommates apparently haven’t woken up yet.

“Jiang, still sleeping? Come to Red Letter Smart Experience Store!” Wang Chang hurriedly shouted.

“Come a fart! What time is it? I am going to sleep.”

“Get up! HX GLASS smart glasses, you don’t want to buy it? Now the queues are full, and will be out of stock!” Wang Chang shouted.

When he heard red letter smart glasses, the roommate was sober, and asked: “How? Is it easy to use?”

“It’s easy to use! A bunch of cows!” Wang Chang shouted. “The functions mentioned at the press conference are all true. If you don’t come, you will definitely regret it!”

“Wait, I will come soon!”

“Hang up.” Wang Chang closed the telecommunications, not bad. He asked the waiter again: “How do you experience its VR function?”

The waiter said: “The VR game has been downloaded on the product you are experiencing. You can call Xiao Jing directly, display the function area, and make a selection.”

Wang Chang shouted: “Xiao Jing, showing the function area!”

The smart glasses displayed the function in his eyes, and Wang Chang directly chose one of the “Zombie” games.

Play this game in a special area, so as not to hurt others.

Wang Chang started playing in the game area. At the beginning of the game, his vision changed completely. From Red Letter Smart Experience Store to a terrifying gloomy street, on the street, you can see the zombies wandering, very clear and true!

“It’s so cool!” Wang Chang was only not afraid, but excited. He used to play VR games, and wanted a heavy VR glasses and other equipment. Now HX GLASS smart glasses not only show better results than before, but also light, eyes will not feel uncomfortable, that is to play a day, also don’t feel dizzy.

“Ah!” There was a scream next to it. There was a sister who was also experiencing VR function of smart glasses. I didn’t know what she saw. She was scared and screamed again. If the waiter didn’t took her, he was afraid that she had already escaped.

Wang Chang experienced the function of playing this kind of smart glasses, and began to experience the most powerful information processing function.

In the experience store, some scenes are set up to let users experience this function more intuitively.

For example, on a large screen full of various similar patterns, find out the pattern that you want, and it is easy to be disturbed by various pattern information in the way of human eye observation, which is difficult to find.

Going one step further, in the thousands of jigsaw puzzle pieces, find the one you need. In an intellectual program called Super Brain, this has happened.

The geniuses from all the top universities need to spend a lot of time to solve this problem, even within the specified time.

But as long as you wear this smart glasses, the smart glasses will analyze the images and quickly match them. The speed required to complete the task is less than one second!

There are also some more convenient aspects, such as wearing this smart glasses to read a book, seeing a word or word that you don’t know, and directly interrogating Xiao Jing, Xiao Jing can explain it without having to use tools to query.

Wang Chang is a student of electromechanical majors. He often has to touch some mechanical parts or structures. If you wear this glasses, all the molds are long and wide, and the structure can be visually displayed on the glasses as long as he has seen them.

The more Wang Chang experience it, the smart glasses are really good! I usually wear myopia glasses, it is better to bring this kind of smart glasses, more functions, whether it is life, study, work, will get more convenience!

If he had money, he would like to buy this Almighty Extreme Edition directly.

“This ordinary let me try.” Wang Chang also experienced other styles, although he wants to have those advanced models, but for economic reasons, he only bought ordinary models.

Although the normal model does not have more advanced information processing functions and VR effects, it is already very good.

I bought the latest HX GLASS smart glasses, and Wang Chang immediately put it on, and the beautiful ones came out from the experience store.

When he came out, the people who lined up outside not only did not reduce, but more, and some people were on the phone.

“Hey, where have you been? Hurry up, people are so full, they won’t be able to buy it!”

“Boss, I am asking for a half-day vacation, line up at Red Letter Experience Store! Ah? Help you buy one, what do you want?”

“Damn it, how is the line so long, when is it to me! I can’t help myself!”

There is also the scalper party and the companions to discuss: “Experience store can not buy more than five smart glasses at a time, and quickly find more people to help line up to buy! I have heard, this smart glasses is very powerful, it will burst!”

Wang Chang saw this scene and was glad that he had already queued up to buy it early.

When he came out, someone came up and asked: “Hello, I am a reporter for China Science and Technology Network. Have you bought a red letter smart glasses?”


“How do you feel about it?” the reporter asked.

“Very good!” Wang Chang said with pleasure. “Red letter is a red letter. I never bought smart glasses before, nor did I buy smart watches. This time it is because of the smart products of Red Letter. I want to experience it.”

“I like it when I use it, so I bought it quickly!”

“Is it satisfactory in terms of functional defense?” the reporter continued.

“Very very satisfied!” Wang Chang added a very special, said: “You can think of such a big eyeglass, have such a multi-function? Can also be a near-sighted glasses, you can watch 3D movies without going to the cinema, play VR games, you can also make calls, voice control, record data…”

“Don’t blow it, it’s definitely the smartest glasses I’ve ever seen, and I won’t lose it!”

Reporter said with a smile: “It seems that you are a big fan of Red Letter, thank you for your interview.”

He also interviewed several of the stores that have just come out of the store, without exception, they are consistently praised!

The experience store is hot, and it has continued. When it was closed at night, there were a lot of complaints that were not bought.

The online sales situation is also very optimistic. The first batch of goods has been sold out, almost being robbed, and the two traffickers even have to pay a price of one or two thousand for sale.

On the table of various Science and Technology CEOs, there is also such a smart glasses.

HX GLASS smart glasses, they naturally have to experience, know ourselves and know each other, can only fight every battle without defeat, but after personally trying, they can only smile, fight every battle without defeat? It hasn’t started playing yet, they seem to have lost.

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