BTC Chapter 378 : Strong Artificial Intelligence

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“I think you want to add a virtual projection game to your computer?” Lu Zixin said.

Zhu An said with conviction: “That is, of course, as a civilian computer, games must be one of the essential functions! Most users use computers, and entertainment time occupies the vast majority!”

“I think the price of the product is also very important. The cost of superconducting quantum computers is much higher than that of ordinary computers, which is not conducive to market promotion.” Su Zhirong said. “Some parts used in superconducting quantum computers are currently not available on the market. Provided by the business, we need to invest and build our own factory.”

Everyone has seen each other, and each of their mature ideas means that the follow-up company has to do a lot of work to complete.

“I think the most critical point of our computer is to change the way life uses tools and change the way people live!” Lu Zixin concludes. “This is also the manufacturing philosophy of all our smart products.”

“Quantum computers are boosting computing speed, using quantum chips. We can make personal computers reach the performance of supercomputers. Every personal computer has its own ‘intelligence’ and ’emotional intelligence’, with primary AI intelligence.”

“A computer with primary intelligence will bring about changes in our lives. This is what we should think about and solve.”

Everyone fell into meditation, and similar questions, they have thought about it many times. How to do the red letter of smart phone, how to do smart glasses, game consoles, home appliances and so on.

Every new product is bound to bring about new changes.

In the field of computers, the core technology was originally restricted. Now, the market for superconducting quantum computers is just around the corner, and technology is no longer a problem. Now their problem is how to make this new technology, new products and better service users, bring people to change.

Su Zhirong took out the information and analyzed: “After three years of accumulation, in terms of hardware, we have full strength. The quality, volume, and design are not a problem. The most important thing is software and intelligence.”

She looked at Liang Song and Liang Song immediately said: “These I have already discussed in the company. The most important thing is operating system.”

“Red Letter’s current mobile phone operation system, it will not work on the computer. The only elements that can be joined are Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant.”

“Independent computer operation system, for many years, many countries, many companies have tried, but no one can replace Microsoft WINDOWS operating system. Especially WINDOWS 7 operating system, even Microsoft’s own WINDOWS 10 system can not replace it.”

“If we can’t make a better use of it, it’s easier to get started with system. The result is likely to become a niche computer system like IOS system.”

Although he only said a few words, the difficulty is comparable to the independent development of computer chips. From the emergence of WINDOWS operating system to now, how many years, no company can launch a more popular computer operation system!

At that time, the Chinese computer industry had such a history. In order to support the domestic computer system, at that time, the official government required that each province in the country use the computer system developed by the country, but the plan failed after one month!

The reason is simple. The computer system you do is not as useful as Microsoft’s System. Any product that relies on feelings is not far away. It is convenient and quick to use computer graphics instead of making things more complicated.

“Operating System must be done.” Lu Zixin emphasizes, “Microsoft’s WINDOWS System is not suitable for us for our smart quantum computers. We have to make a more intelligent operation of System.”

“I sum up, the most important thing about our computer is three.”

“The first point is to make the work more efficient! This is to use the supercomputing power of our quantum computer and the auxiliary functions of the intelligent computer to do all the work that the machine can do on its own.”

“The second point is to make life more exciting! This is to develop our virtual entertainment, create more virtual entertainment projects, and use it on computers to enrich the user’s spiritual entertainment.”

“The third point is to make information safer! We want to use artificial intelligence technology to serve users. It is inevitable to collect some data from users. And this is a taboo for Internet companies! If you are not careful, it will trigger information security crisis.”

“Our quantum computers have to develop specialized quantum information networks. Quantum information networks will be many times more efficient than traditional computer networks and information security systems, ensuring information security.”

“Others, such as hardware, product design, etc., are important, but the core is determined to be these three points.”

After Lu Zixin finished, everyone applauded and wrote down these three points as the core elements of the development of red letter quantum computer.


The computer department of Red Letter will be based on Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., with Red Letter Electronics as the hardware supplier and Red Letter Virtual Entertainment as the content provider.

The problems of large and small, Lu Zixin have already been explained, and these tasks should be completed by each subsidiary.

But he still has one of the most important questions. If the quantum computer of Red Letter is successfully sold and has achieved certain market effects, then Red Letter needs a new information processing center. In short, it needs a new one “Smart brain”.

The original Cloud host, which had been able to cope with the previous computer acceleration service, has made its performance full. Therefore, Lu Zixin needs a super-conducting quantum computer with extremely powerful performance, and can analyze massive data all over the world. It has information processing functions such as image and language, and can become “central brain”!

In fact, Lu Zixin has been preparing for this work. The algorithm framework he designed before was made into Red Cloud Information Processing System, and then it has been perfected and learned.

Through a large number of Red Letter user’s data feedback for self-improvement, there is no problem in terms of data and materials.

But now, Red Letter Information Processing System is just a weak artificial intelligence. That is, information analysis and simple data processing can only be performed by manually assigned functions.

Corresponding to this is the so-called strong artificial intelligence. Not only is information processing more powerful, but it will also have “machine thinking” capabilities! Be able to think, think logically, and think of ways to solve new problems that never appear in the database.

Strong artificial intelligence may even have its own “emotional system.”

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