BTC Chapter 379 : Red Queen’s “Children”?

Edited: XiaXue

It is difficult to make a true “strong artificial intelligence” technology, and there is also a problem. If this strong artificial intelligence grows up through learning, how to “control” it?

Lu Zixin is very cautious about this issue, so ask the group in advance.

Mr. L : “If you make such a central brain, will it become a smart life?”

Peter Parker : “Of course, it’s all played in the movies. And it will also think about the need to eliminate humanity for peace in the world.”

Listening to him, Red Queen couldn’t stand it anymore, and immediately jumped out and said : “[smirk emoticon] who said? Every intelligent life has different ideas.”

Peter Parker : “What do you think?”

Red Queen : “Of course, let you all evolve into new humans. [emoticon: handsome, Biochemical virus?]”

Peter Parker : “When I didn’t say it.”

Tony Stark said : “You don’t have to worry about this. You have to design a strong artificial intelligence with commercial functions. There is no threat such as weapons. Just like Jarvis, I designed it, it is an assistant to our work and life. Not a weapon.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: weakly inserted.] But, big man, you seem to use it as a weapon attack?”

“What other robot does that…”

Skynet : “What is wrong with that? The backward organic life is destined to be eliminated!”

Mr. L : “Actually, what I want is to make the same as Jarvis, let the computer intelligently assist in work and life.”

Creator Luke : “What are you worried about? There is an uncontrollable intelligent life, just kill it!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: tremble] The big brother is too terrifying, and it will be destroyed.”

Skynet did not speak at this time. For Creator Luke, it was also a low-level life.

“It makes sense!” Lu Zixin listened to him and said, he was relieved. Yeah, even if the strong artificial intelligence that is made really produces a program similar to intelligent life, then what?

There are already two monsters around me, one RI-8901, although the emotional system is weaker, but other abilities are not inferior to Terminator robot.

There is also Iron Head with a pit in his head, a mechanical life. These two monsters can exist well, and one more does not seem to be a major event, let alone a military defense system like Skynet.

Mr. L : “Well, when the super quantum computer is built, I will start designing.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: skeptical suspicion] Owner, you really made it out?”

“I can try it,” Lu Zixin said. “I perfected the previous intelligent algorithms, and then added the quantum computing power of the quantum computer to let it continue to learn. I think it should be possible to succeed.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Stop talking again.]”

Mr. L : “What do you want to say?”

Red Queen : “[Shy emoticon] family is embarrassed to say.”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: vomiting blood] If you have something to say, just say, you are an intelligent life, what are you afraid of?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: covering face] Actually, I have a data seed with a smart algorithm. I don’t know if you can grow it up?”

Mr. L : “What do you mean? Why didn’t I understand?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am pregnant, the child is yours!]”

“What?!!” Lu Zixin saw this emoticon and was shocked. What is this ghost? Did Red Queen emoticon get it wrong?

Peter Parker : “I have a bad feeling!”

Others didn’t say anything, because once Lu Zixin and Red Queen started fighting, most of them chose to dive.

Red Queen continued : “[emoticon: oh, man!] This data seed has been cultivated by me, which is equivalent to an ’embryo’ of intelligent life. It cultivates and has the opportunity to grow into a new intelligent life. According to human Is it not pregnant?”

Mr. L : “Scared me, I thought it was something else!”

Peter Parker : “This way, it seems to be right. The owner provides the shell of data seed, Red Queen provides the program genes of intelligent life, so this data seed that has not yet become a smart life, is your child? This is really… too powerful!”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: wipe sweat] @Red Queen, don’t you have so much in your play? I am an organic life, you are a smart life. We have different life forms, this data seed, at most can only be called us Success in labor.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon : baby, mother sorry for you, the owner does not want you!]”

Mr. L : “…(emoticon: face is aggressive.)”

Tony Stark : “Cough, this is the first time I have encountered this situation. You should do it yourself.”

Lu Zixin is a bitter smile, what is it with? He hurriedly said to Red Queen : “Well, you sent this data to me, I made it the central intelligence of Red Letter data center. But, whether it can become a smart life, then I can’t guarantee it.”

Red Queen : “[destructive emoticon.]”

Group Tip : “Red Queen has sent you a dedicated Red envelope.”

Red Queen : “[Serious emoticon] seeds are sent to you, you must raise it into a smart life!”

Mr. L : “(emoticon: embarrassed face) I will raise it.”

Lu Zixin received this exclusive Red envelope, and sure enough, there is a “perfect data seed” in the group space. According to the description, it is an intelligent program with an intelligent life framework. Through learning and training, it may become a real intelligent life.

This is good, Lu Zixin does not have to use his own brain to design a strong artificial intelligence, just use this.

In Red envelope, in addition to the data seed of this intelligent life, there is also a super quantum computer related information, which is also designed by Red Queen to facilitate data seed growth.

“Right!” Lu Zixin thought of a bit and asked: “@Red Queen, you don’t add biochemical data to this data seed?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: helpless sigh.] This is just a framework and algorithm program, what kind of intelligent life it will become, depends entirely on what it learns.”


After offline, Lu Zixin passed some of the information to RI-8901, making it a better development of the quantum computer project.

In addition to manufacturing commercial quantum computers, Red Letter’s Center for Quantum Computer Research has added an important project to create the first “quantum brain” for Red Letter information processing.

It is a super quantum computer that surpasses all the computers in the world today!

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