MST Chapter 173 : Courage

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Today, Liu Chiyan’s task is very heavy, because he has to practice two songs all day long, except for food and convenience, Liu Chiyan has basically never been out karaoke room.

The hard work pays off. At least for these two songs, Liu Chiyan can already sing perfectly, and there is no need to worry about any major problems in tonight game.

With great expectations, The Strongest Voice’s finals began.

Today is Friday. both work and school are on holiday and the weekend is off. Therefore, the ratings of the program on Friday night are exceptionally high. In addition, it is the finals, which attracts countless audiences.

Ren Keling and Yi Shan entered the topic after a large series of advertisements and introductions.

In today’s competition, several other players did not sing on stage before the game, they were directly invited to waiting place to watch the game in advance. Because there may be two games today. If they take the stage, there is not enough time, but if Liu Chiyan loses in the first game, after the show, several singers will still perform the final singing.

Yi Shan: “Yesterday, our players competed fiercely. Finally, our Heavenly Queen Liu, Liu Chiyan was successfully qualified for resurrection. Today, the resurrection player Liu Chiyan and our lord Han Yurou, there will be the final competition, who will become The Strongest Voice this year! let us wait and see!”

Ren Keling: “Next, request the pleasure of seeing our two contestants today.”

Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou walked side by side from the large screen that was opened.

The scene cheered.

I have to say that both of them are very beautiful and elegant, together, they have become a beautiful scenery.

Ren Keling: “The two goddesses walked out together, really dazzling my eyes.”

The audience laughed.

Ren Keling: “Yurou, Chiyan, today is the last game, the two will be finalizing the finals. Before that, do you have anything to say?”

Han Yurou spoke first. “I have nothing to say, only one sentence. Today’s game, I won.” Han Yurou is domineering.

Ren Keling laughed: “Yurou is very confident.” Turned around and said to Liu Chiyan, “What does Goddess Liu want to say?”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “I’m not as confident as Han Yurou, but Tonight, I will sing well for this last show. I believe I will not let you down.”

Liu Chiyan said that there is no such confidence and arrogance as Han Yurou, but the momentum between the words is also very good, will not let you down, then who is disappointed?

There were audiences on the scene who seemed to have smelled gunpowder.

Yi Shan: “According to the rules, Yurou you are the lord, have the right to choose whether to play first or later.”

Han Yurou smiled confidently. “Then I will play first, there will be some advantages when I play later. When I win, I don’t want people say that it is because of the order of appearance. so let Heavenly Queen Liu take advantage of this price. People are Heavenly Queen. We should be courteous.”

The smell of gunpowder is stronger.

Liu Chiyan smiled and didn’t argue with her.

However, a lot of catkins watching the show in front of TV can’t help but say a few words.

“This Han Yurou is too arrogant.”

“How can Goddess Liu not marry her?”

“Also, Goddess Liu has a share, too lazy to care about this woman!”

Deciding the order of appearance, Ren Keling and Yi Shan gave up the stage, and Liu Chiyan returned to selection chief.

Heavenly King Liu made a gesture of cheering at Liu Chiyan.

He Xing whispered, “Come on! Let that Han Yurou see how great our Ye big gifted song is!”

Liu Chiyan said with a chuckle, “Thank you.”

On the stage, the lights dimmed and the melodious song prelude began. Remembering that Han Yurou began to sing today..

“A “Brave Give Up” is brought to everyone, I hope everyone likes it.”

Said, Han Yurou began to sing.

“I still lose you, Thousands ways are unwilling.”

“I still choose to give up bravely.”

“The hardest thing is to give up love and be brave to be yourself.”

Han Yurou sang this song very well, very nice, very provocative, love and give up, sometimes giving up love often requires courage more than love.

The audience was fascinated by it, even when the camera sweeps

Ye Guang was silent in the lounge, and his inexplicable heart actually admired Han Yurou. This is already the song that Han Yurou sang on several occasions. Even he who have seen countless good songs at Dream World are surprised.

Fortunately, Ye Guang wrote a courage to Liu Chiyan. This song is also very relevant to the proposition of love and courage. Ye Guang still has confidence in Liu Chiyan.

Han Yurou finished singing, and arrived at Liu Chiyan turn.

Liu Chiyan appeared.

“One “Courage” is for everyone.”

“Finally made this decision”


“Love really needs courage to face gossip.”


“We all need courage. To believe that it will be together.”


“Although I am too anxious, I am more afraid of missing you.”


“Crowds crowded I can feel you, put it in my hand, your heart.” [X-N: here is original with translate, I just edited to my taste]

After the song was sung, the scene was filled with warm applause.

Ren Keling and Yi Shan took the stage.

Ren Keling: “The two contestants have finished singing. I have to say that the two goddesses sang very well. I’m very entangled now, I don’t know who should I vote for.”

Yi Shan: “Yes. They both sing so well. I really want to vote for both of them. However, the game is a game, you still have to decide a winner, Keling, you don’t have to entangle, vote is without you, You should give the choice to our audience and judges, let them have a headache.”

Ren Keling laughed: “Yi Shan, what you said makes sense, let the audience and judges have headache. Below, I announced that the voting officially started!”

Off-site voting and on-court voting began one after another.

During voting time, the judges voting also began.

Sui Si: “The two songs are very nice. Keling is right. It is really a headache to vote for whom. But there is no way, I have to vote for one. I support Han Yurou, her song makes me very touched. Regarding love, sometimes it takes more courage to give up love.”

Huang Bin: “I support Liu Chiyan. It is not easy to fall in love. There will be a lot of external factors obstructing, facing various gossip, or coming from others, or even parents’ obstruction, to be able to unswervingly stick to love, really requires courage. This song by Liu Chiyan is very close to the proposition, love really needs courage.”

Yu Fengnan: “I support Liu Chiyan.”

Chun Yumin: “I prefer Han Yurou’s song.”

The judges on the court voted at the same time.

In the end, final judges voted again on teacher Zong Zhengguang. “You guys, it really gave me a problem, I have been a few times to be this wicked person.” Zong Zhengguang shook his head with a smile. “If you can abstain, I really don’t want to vote.”

Everyone laughed.

Huang Bin: “Old Zong, you have high morals.”

Yu Fengnan also answered, “Old Zong, you qualification is the oldest, you say the most authoritative, this work of course you have to do.”

Zong Zhengguang smiled bitterly, “I can’t do it anymore. This wicked man seems to be me, then vote, I support…”

Old Zong paused and sold a pass.

The eyes of the audience focused on him, with anxious expressions.

Who do you support? Say it quickly!

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