MST Chapter 174 : The Strongest Voice Final!

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The audience is looking forward to it! Leaning their ears.

Zong Zhengguang finally spoke: “I chose to support Liu Chiyan.”

The audience cheered.

Ren Keling: “Old Zong, can you tell me your reasons?”

Zong Zhengguang pondered for a while, “Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou song are very good, also very appropriate to proposition, The reason for choosing Liu Chiyan is because, the idea in her song is to be together bravely, while Han Yurou song idea is opposite, her song mean, since you can’t be together, then you must give up bravely. In fact, it’s not bad to give up and it is really need courage, but compared the two, I prefer Liu Chiyan song, because Love has a lot of elements of obstruction, just need more courage to be together. One is to break up and the other is to be courageous together. These two intentions, I agree more with being together. If the ultimate goal of love is not to be together, then what is the meaning of love?”

Zong Zhengguang remarks made many viewers at the scene and in front of the TV ponder.

After the judges voted, Liu Chiyan took the lead with a 30% approval rate.

The face of Han Yurou, who sits in the election of the chief, is not very good, the jury vote should be her best to pull the score, although she has a perverse personality, but Han Yurou not silly, tonight she and Liu Chiyan play are very good, two songs are very pleasant, this makes a lot of audience difficult to vote in a single song, Since the songs are good, the audience will naturally subconsciously toward their idols, and Liu Chiyan’s popularity and fans are far from Han Yurou can be compared.

Sure enough, the results of the voting in the field came out, Han Yurou % support rate, Liu Chiyan 4% support rate. [X-N: in raw this is blank so it is]

On-court voting and jury voting Liu Chiyan has already led Han Yurou 3%.

The outcome is a foregone conclusion.

The off-court voting behind is no longer important. When the results of the on-court voting were announced, everyone already knew the final result of the game.

There is almost no possibility that Han Yurou wants a comeback. Unless her off-site vote rate is over 9%, she won’t be able to recover. However, Liu Chiyan’s song is fine. With her fans, Han Yurou wants to open up a large proportion, is it possible? Moreover, it is not certain whether the off-site voting support rate is high or low.

In the end, the results were revealed. Off-court voting Liu Chiyan also led by 5%. Han Yurou only had a 0% support rate and the total score was even larger.

This time, Han Yurou was defeated.

Yi Shan: “Our voting results have been made, Yurou, unfortunately, if you lose this game, you will lose your champion qualifications.”

Han Yurou expressionlessly nodded, “It doesn’t matter, I will win the next one!”

She is still so confident.

Ren Keling faced Liu Chiyan, “Chiyan, this time you won, the next round is the deciding game, Is there anything you want to say?”

Liu Chiyan chuckled, changed the original gentle style, and said with confidence, “This win, the champion of The Strongest Voice is already mine.”

The audience present was a little bit confused, wondering why Liu Chiyan suddenly became so confident.

Yi Shan: “Chiyan is very confident today.”

Liu Chiyan said with a smile, “I am very confident about the song I sang next.”

Ren Keling laughed, “The two goddesses are very confident. I believe that everyone is also looking forward to the good songs brought by the two final winners. Who can be the best? Who will become the current The Strongest Voice? Let us wait and see.”

Yi Shan: “The basic rules, the next round of appearance will be decided by drawing lots, request the pleasure of seeing etiquette Miss.”

The ceremonial Miss dragged a tray, and there were two small pieces of paper stacked in the tray.

Ren Keling: “Two, these two small notes are written with the words ‘first’ and ‘second’, and you will draw lots to determine the order of appearance.”

Han Yurou looked at Liu Chiyan, “I’ll choose first.” As she said, she grabbed a note.

There were only two pieces of paper. Han Yurou took one. The remaining one was naturally Liu Chiyan’s. Liu Chiyan smiled and picked up another piece of paper.

Yi Shan: “Please ask the two to open the note and announce the order of appearance.”

Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou each opened the note in their hand.

As a result, Han Yurou played first and Liu Chiyan played second.

The second round of tiebreaker began.

Han Yurou went backstage to make some preparations, and then went on stage to sing.

The final proposition is the most sincere feeling. I believe that it is not difficult to find a suitable song for this proposition, but this proposition is not as simple as it seems on the surface, the key is in a ‘most’ word! What kind of feelings are the most sincere feelings?

Undoubtedly, if Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou sing very well today, then the final voting winds will be in the song’s intentions. The songs are good and sing well, so who distinguishes who is skillful, can only see who is more in line with the proposition.

Han Yurou appeared.

Still full of aura.

Music plays.

“You left the world, leaving me alone in place.”


“If you say yes and never leave, how can you bear to make me lonely?”


“Without you, love is meaningless.”

“There will be no more. Go on, my heart has been completely occupied by you.”

“Unswerving until death.”

“Even if you are gone, I can’t forget you.”

“You are lonely in heaven, I weep in the world.”

“Agreed to meet in the next life.”

“Unswervingly until death, never give up.”


Han Yurou song is full of deep sorrow, many audiences at the scene are infected. Han Yurou’s singing skills are not said, otherwise there will be no title of Song Queen. It is about the death of beloved partner, but the woman’s affection for him remains unswerving.

A very touching song it is also very close to the proposition. It will not change until death. It is indeed a very sincere love.

Han Yurou finished singing, and the audience burst into applause.

Several judges also made some comments.

Huang Bin: “To tell the truth, I have been touched. This song is very nice.”

Sui Si: “I am afraid, Chiyan is under pressure. This song is really good. I just completely immersed myself in all kinds of sentimental, very infectious songs.”

Zong Zhengguang: “The proposition is also very appropriate. Love that lasts until death is indeed the most sincere feeling.”

Han Yurou’s song received consistent praise.

Many Liu Chiyan fans secretly worried about Liu Chiyan in front of the TV.

“Doesn’t know if Goddess Liu’s song can compare her, really worried about Goddess Liu.”

“It’s all here, it’s a pity if you lose!”

“I hope that Ye Guang can give force to Goddess Liu to make a song that can overwhelm Han Yurou. If she loses, I will go to his Weibo to kill him!”

“Not good, not good, this song is really nice, even I have the urge to vote for Han Yurou.”

“I hope Goddess Liu will not let us down.”

“This song is so good, it fits the proposition so well, Goddess Liu.”

Han Yurou song really surprised many people, as did the catkins, and they worried about Liu Chiyan who came out later.

The final result depends on whether Liu Chiyan can overwhelm Han Yurou in this last singing of The Strongest Voice.

Countless viewers are looking forward to.

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