MST Chapter 166 : I’m willing to be deceived by you

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Ye Guang has new knowledge. It turns out that you only need to kiss a girl to comfort a girl, everyone remembers, there are girls who need to be comforted. Don’t hesitate to go up and kiss them. If you are not beaten to death, you will earn money. If you get it right, remember to thank me.

Ye Guang smiled, hugged Liu Chiyan, and kissed her bright red lips.

Jiang Xin covered her eyes helplessly.

This pair of… men and women, do not consider the feeling of single dog.

Back to hotel.

Before going to bed, Ye Guang played Liu Chiyan’s hair. “Tomorrow’s proposition is simple, The style of ‘waiting’ is not limited, and it is not as dead as a teacher.”

Liu Chiyan sighed: “Do you write tomorrow’s song?”

Ye Guang: “Write, of course, write.”

Liu Chiyan: “Oh, I wanted to sing a song casually, anyway, it doesn’t matter what you sing, it’s a bit tired to practice songs these days, tomorrow I want to take a break.”

Ye Guang: “Well, it’s been really hard these few days, so let’s just sing it.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment: “Forget it, you can write it, you can make your face more exposed.”

Ye Guang: “Don’t let it go, you have had a hard time practicing singing these days, and it happens that tomorrow you can relax.”

Liu Chiyan: “Still write it, and sing songs that match the proposition will help in the resurrection. Anyway, these days, wait until the game is over and rest.”

Ye Guang: “That line, listen to you.”


This evening, a story of Lilac and Teacher Ding Xiang’s spread quickly among the masses.

The next day, Ye Guang wrote the song of today’s ‘waiting’ proposition early in the morning. The proposition of Waiting is very extensive and easy to write. Ye Guang thought about the memory of the dream world a little bit, and found many songs at once. Finally, I chose one that he liked, and it was also suitable for Liu Chiyan to sing.

Liu Chiyan saw the song written by Ye Guang and gently pecked on his face. “I am also very lucky that I finally waited for you and didn’t miss you.”

That night, the show started.

This time, the scope of the proposition this time is relatively wide, and the players are no longer frustrated because they have no choice of songs. In fact, it can be said that the real contest to show the true strength of the singer is just starting tonight. The first two games suppressed the style and strength of several contestants due to the limitations of the proposition.

Today, He Xing is still the first one to come on stage. He Xing didn’t choose salted fish today. He can sing songs that match the proposition. He still chooses songs that match the proposition. The first two games are really impossible for him. There is no suitable song.

Today, He Xing can show that his style and strength are vividly displayed. One waits for love to sing the whole audience. However, this has no soft use. He has no qualifications for the competition and he is only playing hot. Only.

Of course, today’s Liu Chiyan is the same situation as him. She just came to the game and didn’t qualify for the competition.

Liu Chiyan comes on stage.

“One is finally waiting for you to give it to everyone.”

“At a certain age, you will know that a person’s day is really difficult.”


“I finally waited until you were okay, I didn’t give up, happiness is not easy, it will make people cherish more.”


One is finally waiting for you to let the audience listen to the intoxicating.

Many viewers are emotional.

“Unfortunately, unfortunately, this song is really nice. It is very likely to win the championship tonight. Unfortunately, Goddess Liu is not qualified for the competition today.”

“What a pity, yesterday was a pity, that Lilac, I am still relishing it. Yesterday was the real loss.”

After He Xing and Liu Chiyan sang, the game officially began.

First appeared in Heavenly King Liu, the lowest ranked yesterday. The song of Heavenly King Liu was called waiting. Ye Guang felt that it was not bad. Of course, it may be because he was Heavenly King Liu powder.

Then Feng Qiu Huang, Feng Qiu Huang did not know why, today seems to play very well, the song is okay, but the audience seems to be less enthusiastic about the song they sang today.

The finale was Han Yurou, who led by absolute advantage yesterday. Han Yurou sang a song called a person, and the style was somewhat soothing.

The game is not over yet, but Ye Guang knows the results of today. If nothing happens, Heavenly King Liu will lead today, Han Yurou will be followed, and Feng Qiu Huang will be eliminated. Feng Qiu Huang is not very good today, so it is very likely to be eliminated. Han Yurou’s song is more soothing. This song is suitable for a person to listen slowly when they are quiet. It is very tasteful. In this kind of competition, audience at the scene is passionate, soothing songs are less points than songs with strong rhythm.

Sure enough, today the two judges voted for Heavenly King Liu, two cast Han Yurou, and one may have taken care of Feng Qiu Huang and cast Feng Qiu Huang. But with a 10% gap, Feng Qiu Huang is hard to turn over.

Subsequently, the off-court voting and off-site voting results came out.

Sure enough, Heavenly King Liu led by 42%, Han Yurou 39%, and Feng Qiu Huang 19%.

Today’s game is over.

At the end of the show, the judges announced the proposition of the fifth game: Sea.

Tomorrow’s game is left with Han Yu and Heavenly King Liu. The winner of tomorrow will become the master of the ring. It can be said that he has won half of The Strongest Voice, because the resurrected player needs to win two consecutive games to win the championship. It is enough to win one game in two games. This is a huge advantage.

Having been in Hangzhou for several days, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan have never had time to go for a walk. After today’s show ended, the two left Jiang Xin alone in the hotel, and Ye Guang took the heavily armed Liu Chiyan out for a ride.

The scenery of Hangzhou is pleasant, and the reputation of “the heavens above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below” can be seen in ancient times.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan dressed up in disguise. Ye Guang drove Liu Chiyan in a car provided by the program group and took Liu Chiyan to the West Lake for a round trip. Unfortunately, there was no time to come during the day, and it was dark at night, making it difficult to see the whole picture.

The West Lake at night is full of lights and shadows, mottled, and it does not have a sense of beauty. There is some wind at night, but it is not cold, and it is very comfortable to blow on people. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan hold hands, and they didn’t say much. Quietly like a pair of ordinary young lovers, they walked through the broken bridge and walked over the white embankment.

Speaking of them, except for the few days when they first got married, they would take a walk around the neighborhood after a meal. It has been a long time since the two of them took a leisurely stroll around peacefully holding hands.

Ye Guang: “I really want to hold you all the time and not let go this whole life.”

Liu Chiyan wore a mask and couldn’t see the expression on his mouth, but his eyes had already turned into crescent moons. “Why suddenly so nauseating.”

Ye Guang: “Where there is a nausea, I am telling the truth, my heart is coming.”

At this moment, Ye Guang’s emotional intelligence and IQ are on the line.

Liu Chiyan leaned against Ye Guang’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. She said softly for a long time, “I believe.”

“Hey~” Ye Guang, “You thought I was lying on you.”

Liu Chiyan smiled: “No, I just want to hear your heart and say it again.”

Ye Guang: “Is that clear?”

Liu Chiyan: “Um, listen clearly.”

Ye Guang smiled.

Liu Chiyan: “You really deceive me.”

Ye Guang has a black line.

“But.. I’m willing to be deceived by you.”

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