MST Chapter 113 : Little Daughter-in-Law Is Going Home

Edited: XiaXue

Under a wave of propaganda, Ye Guang’s storytelling program has finally improved.

Of course, the biggest credit of this is Liu Chiyan. Her fan base is too big, and Weibo has a lot of fans to support it.

Ye Guang looked a little hot, and then began to provoke Liu Chiyan to send the article he wrote to Weibo, but Liu Chiyan refused to agree, and said eloquently, “I am goddess, I want to maintain my own image!”

Of course, Ye Guang can only give up on this. Instead, he will send his own article to Weibo if he doesn’t agree.

His Weibo fans are not particularly large, but there are still some, this Weibo is out, and his Weibo is hot.

Xiao Chunqing : “I am ashamed, how can you send this kind of thing, and I will not look at it! But I can’t control myself.”

Awkward big man : “Fuck, so heavy? It’s heavier than the skin that I buckled.”

The Emperor : “Visual inspection is a scam.”

One two three four : “Do you have this kind of thing? Although it feels like a scam, I just can’t help but point it.”

Flying and dancing : “I have seen it, inside is Journey to the West. Yes, it is a scam.”

A baby : “Rely on, rely on liar.”


In the afternoon, Ye Guang received a call from mother.

“Son, are you busy?”

“Mom, not busy, what is it? You said.”

“Son, are you free this evening? If you have time, bring Liu… Chiyan goes home to eat, oh, and the little lady.”


“Why? Not happy?”

“No, no, of course it’s good, just… my dad, he?”

“Your father is almost gone. I have the final say. You have smashed the girls. We can’t slow down the people. Listen to mother. Take them to dinner this evening. That’s it! The guests came to the store, don’t say it, hang up!”

Ye Guang hangs up and smiles at Liu Chiyan. Liu Chiyan is also watching him, “Aunt’s phone?”

Ye Guang nodded. “My mom said let me take you home to dinner this evening.”

Liu Chiyan was obviously shocked, and the pen she held in her hand fell on the table. “This…I… That…” Liu Chiyan said that she could not speak.

Ye Guang: “If you are embarrassed, then it will be a while.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head quickly. “I don’t mean this. I’m going, of course I’m going, why should I go some time later.”

Officially going to father-in-law’s house? Liu Chiyan is a little excited.

Ye Guang smiled: “Yes! Take Yiyi with you after work.”

Liu Chiyan said, “Go walk, let’s go buy clothes! Also buy some gifts.”

When Yiyi heard that she was going to buy something, she immediately got up and quickly put away her toys.

Ye Guang: “No need, what gift to buy? This time you don’t have to buy clothes for your own home, you can wear this body.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head decisively. “No, I have to buy, I am going for the first time… No, I officially went to your home for the first time. Of course, I have to be official, and the gift must be bought! Have to make a good impression on uncle and aunt, clothes have to buy!”

Ye Guang smiled and leaned on her. Liu Chiyan was very happy, but she didn’t care that it was in the company. She took Ye Guang and Yiyi and went out.

The staff looked at Liu Chiyan with amazement, led Ye Guang and pulling Yiyi and stepping out of studio.

“Just now… shouldn’t I just look at it?”

“What is the situation?”

“Just pull your hand, it should be nothing…”

“Relatives, relatives, they are only relatives.”

When I got to the parking lot, Ye Guang said weakly, “Just now, it seems… they are all quite surprised.”

Liu Chiyan now has no heart to think about this, and urges, “No matter what you want to think about, we go shopping, drive fast.”

Downtown mall.

Ye Guang once again saw Liu Chiyan madness.

“This jade is given to uncle like this? The color is very good.”

“One million, if you want to scare my dad, buy it.”

“Oh, then I bought it.”

“Buy a fart! Put it down!”


“This coat must be worn aunt very well.”

“It’s not bad, hey, summer is coming, it must be very cool.”

Liu Chiyan blushed with a big mask and put the clothes down.

“That, buy this!”

“It’s too expensive.”

“How about this?”

“It’s too fancy.”

“This, this, this is also very good.”

“Do not touch more than 10,000 things!”

“Then buy what?”

Ye Guang said it doesn’t work or it doesn’t work either. Liu Chiyan has been in the air for a long time, and some are anxious.

Ye Guang: “Buy some fruit, I really think it would be nice to buy some supplements.”

Liu Chiyan shook her head: “No, it’s too insincere, can’t be so casual, you think about it.”

Ye Guang was helpless, and finally gave father a health cup of more than 2,000 yuan, and bought a pedicure instrument for more than 3,000 yuan.

Father likes to drink tea, buy a health cup of tea is just right, for mother, Ye Guang does not know what to buy for her, stroll around and see the pedicure instrument feels good to buy it, work tired all day, it’s good to have a pedicure and press one foot

After the payment, Liu Chiyan still asked Ye Guang a little sorrowfully. “It’s too cheap, will it look very sincere, should we to pick other things?”

Ye Guang: “It’s cheap, ah, add up to six thousand. My half-year’s living expenses. Don’t think about it. Our parents who buy expensive ones can’t ask for it, but they can’t tell them the price yet. Otherwise, you will not be charged.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk, Ye Guang said that our parents made her face a little red.

Originally, Liu Chiyan wanted to buy clothes, but after a round trip, she found that the clothes in the mall were not as good as those in her house. Under Ye Guang insistence, she had to dispel the idea of ​​buying clothes.

Not returning to Studio, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan with Yiyi went home directly.

Although she didn’t buy clothes, Liu Chiyan refused to wear her body clothes to see Ye Guang’s parents, saying that she should be solemn.

Ye Guang: “Seriously, don’t scare my parents as soon as you are serious, just wear a piece and eat a meal.”

Liu Chiyan ignored him, turned and went into the bedroom, opened the big closet, and tried clothes one by one.

“This is not good, it is too fancy, it should be simple.”

“The dress is not good, too solemn, not good.”

“This one … is kind of plain. ”

“Not this one.”

“This? No, no. ”

Liu Chiyan tried the clothes in the closet almost one by one, but she felt that she couldn’t choose the right one.

“It’s hard…” Liu Chiyan is very entangled, “Ye Guang, come and help me choose one. I don’t know which one to wear.”

Ye Guang responded in the living room, then got up and went to the bedroom.

Pushing open the door, Ye Guang’s nose was hot, and he almost couldn’t hold back. He reached out and touched it. Fortunately, there was no bleeding.

The scene in the room is too fragrant.

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