MST Chapter 114 : Little Daughter-in-law Comes to the Door

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Liu Chiyan has been changing clothes all the time. She really couldn’t make up her mind. She subconsciously turned to Ye Guang for help, but forgot that she had just taken off her clothes, and now she only wears underwear.

Although cohabitation time has continued, and Ye Guang sleeps with Liu Chiyan on a bed every day, Ye Guang has touched the place where should be touched and should not be touched, but this the first time Liu Chiyan was exposed on such a large scale in front of him. She usually wearing pajamas, or shrinking in the quilt.

Flash of white flowers, Ye Guang feels felt almost blind.

Liu Chiyan also found something wrong and looked down.

“Ah! Go out quickly! Hoodlum!”

Ye Guang touched his nose awkwardly and muttered while exiting. “Isn’t you let me in…”

For a long time, Liu Chiyan came out of the bedroom.

Ye Guang turned his head and looked at her, and changed a plain white T-shirt. The pants were also snowflake jeans, and the hair was tied up. It was the image of a young girl next door.

“How about I dress like this?” Liu Chiyan asked Ye Guang.

Ye Guang nodded. “Well, good.”

Liu Chiyan smiled awkwardly. “I also feel okay. I am older than you. I am afraid that uncle and aunt doesn’t like it, so I wear a younger one.”

Ye Guang: “Oh, the sample is quite ambitious.”

Liu Chiyan groaned, “Look, see if I am different from the morning?” Liu Chiyan leaned over her face.

Ye Guang took a closer look, “No, what is different?”

Liu Chiyan looked at him unpleasantly.

Ye Guang quickly changed his mouth. “Oh, I know, it is more beautiful than in the morning!”

Liu Chiyan snorted. “No, you are taking a good look.”

Ye Guang looked at it for a long time. “I know, your make up, light makeup.”

Liu Chiyan: “The morning has changed.”

Ye Guang couldn’t see anything, and waved his hand and said, “I can’t see it, it’s the same as in the morning, oh, no, it’s more beautiful than the morning.”

Liu Chiyan has a squint. “How is it the same? It’s not the same. The lip gloss is not the same. In the morning, I used bare pink. Now I use pink color. The difference is so big, you didn’t even see it!”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded. What is the difference? Not all pink?

Also, nude powder, and tender powder, what is this powder?

Don’t talk to men about the color of lip gloss.

Yiyi also came over curiously, “It’s really different, this is more beautiful, Ye Guang is blind, I can see it at a glance.”

Ye Guang is helpless. Well, distinguishing lip gloss color is a woman’s own talent.

In the evening, Ye Guang drove Liu Chiyan and Yiyi to his parent’s home.

Ye Guang drove, and Liu Chiyan sat in the back seat with Yiyi.

Yiyi: “Aunt, you pinch me, it hurts a bit.” Yiyi shook Liu Chiyan and took her hand.

Seeing it, Liu Chiyan was a little nervous.

Young married woman, the tension is inevitable.

Ye Guang always carried house key, when he arrived at his own community. Ye Guang led Yiyi and Liu Chiyan to go home. Liu Chiyan was behind Ye Guang, and the hand holding the gift kept stirring.

Open the door

My parents are all there. It seems that today they are waiting for them early.

“Parents, I am back.”

“Uncle, Aunt.”

“Grandpa and grandma are good.”

Father sat on the sofa and saw Ye Guang snoring, didn’t get up, and seemed to be angry.

Mother smiles and greets us, “Come on, come in, come in quickly.”

Liu Chiyan: “Aunt, this is a gift for you and uncle.” Liu Chiyan handed the gift.

Mother: “Come on, come home, what else to buy.”

Liu Chiyan: “I don’t know what uncle and aunt likes, all are selected by Ye Guang, the health cup bought for uncle, the pedicure instrument bought for aunt, not expensive, uncle and aunt don’t dislike.”

Mother has been laughing, “Okay, OK, as long as you buy it, I like it.”

Mother took the gift from Liu Chiyan and put it aside. “Come, come, sit, Yiyi, is it Yiyi? Sit quickly, Grandma will wash fruit for you. ”

Yiyi: “Thank you, Grandma.”

Several people are seated, mother goes to wash the fruit.

Liu Chiyan and father say hello, “Uncle is good.”

Father still nodded with a smile of harmony, “Well, come, don’t be restrained in your own home.”

Ye Guang also greeted Father. “Dad, drink tea, Liu’er bought you a health cup, I will give it to you?”

The boss instantly changed his face, “Hey!”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly.

After a while, mother came with fruit, as a foodie, Yiyi didn’t recognize anything at all, grabbed a big pear and smashed it.

Mother sat down next to Liu Chiyan and took her and started her parents short.

Liu Chiyan is still somewhat restrained. She can’t let go. She is talking alongside Mother. I am afraid that the wrong words will make father and mother unhappy.

Father also occasionally interjected.

Ye Guang occasionally interjected, but whenever he spoke up with father, Father immediately slammed his face.

Made Ye Guang so embarrassing.

However, mother and Liu Chiyan began to talk slowly, and Liu Chiyan was not constrained as the beginning, there were more words, and she told my mom about about the various celebrity anecdotes in entertainment industry.

After chatting for a while, my mother took Liu Chiyan’s hand and looked at Liu Chiyan with the bracelet she gave that day and smiled. “Chiyan, wearing our Ye family wife bracelet, will be our Ye family wife.”

Liu Chiyan’s face was reddish and she nodded lightly. “Aunt, I know.”

Mother : “Also called aunt , I told you last time to change your mouth.”

Liu Chiyan’s face is flushed, I don’t know how to be good, and I look to Ye Guang for help.

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan’s embarrassment with interest.

Yiyi looked after her food and can’t help her.

Liu Chiyan swayed for a while and finally got the courage. The mosquito whispered, “Mom…”

Mother has a flower on her face, and she should be busy, “Ah!”

The feeling that little daughter-in-law called her mother for the first time is really hard to say. Moreover, this daughter-in-law is still Goddess Liu Chiyan, hehe.

Father looked at Liu Chiyan without looking at it. The meaning is self-evident.

Liu Chiyan screamed again, “Dad.”

“Hm.” Father is also happy, how angry he is with his son, his son married wife, he is still happy.

It was getting late, Mother started to cook in the kitchen for dinner, Liu Chiyan also went to help, mother was not polite after a refusal, and she was happy when she was busy with her house, just to see how the daughter-in-law craftsmanship.

Ye Guang and Father had nothing to say when they were sitting down. There weren’t many words between the two, and Father was still angry with him, and there was nothing to talk about.

Fortunately, there is Yiyi, father seems to like Yiyi very much, and he kept amused with Yiyi, Yiyi does not recognize life, and her silver bell-like laughter comes from time to time in the living room.

Liu Chiyan’s craftsmanship is still can’t stand the test. Five dishes and one soup, three of which are made by Liu Chiyan.

When the food was served on the table, a few people ate and chatted around the table, and the atmosphere was harmonious. Of course, except between Father and Ye Guang.

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