BTC Chapter 315 : I am Qin Shihuang!

Edited: XiaXue

The novel is still serialized, Lu Zixin still doesn’t know the ending, but he thinks that the author’s brain hole and plot design is very good. If it can be adapted into a movie script, it must be very interesting.

And there is another point. These settings have similarities with the game content of Red Letter game. Since you want to make a movie, you can also promote the virtual projection game of Red Letter.

Lu Zixin is not sure whether this author will write a screenplay. If not, then I will also ask a professional screenwriter to adapt.

“Fire hole?” Lu Zixin looked at the author’s name, did not know how to contact, he left a message in the book review area of ​​the work: “Hello, author, I want to find you for business cooperation, see please contact.”


Somewhere, in a simple and clean hut, a young man is typing fast in front of the computer. He is the author of “The King of Game Dimension”, the pen name is Fire Hole.

Of course, at this time, he is not typing hard words, but “educating” teammates in online games.

Fire hole : “brother, what kind of heart do you operate without counting? Forget it, blame me, I know that you are so good when you are so pitted, I can fly with you.”

The teammates are madly saying “I am XXXXX!”

Fire hole : “Hey, are you a slap? It’s too pitiful, so let’s play with the help, I will take you to fly, help you to get back. Don’t ask me why, father loves you.”

Teammate : “XXXX!”

Fire Hole : “You won’t be able to teach me, can a person be so shackled by your little black friends? Are they calling you orphans? Nothing, I will be your father from now on. Who bullies you father? Help you find a place. Wait for us to open black, I will take you to win.”

The teammates were already angry and then showed their exit from the game.

Behind Fire Hole, a rented author looked stunned and said: “I haven’t seen people sprayed in the game.”

Fire Hole proudly said: “nonsense, this kind of swearing is the lowest level. You see that I chat with him in a sympathetic tone, the condescending attitude, invisibly put him under his feet, this is a contempt from the bottom of my heart, Plus my typing speed, this spray wants to spray me? Is it true that the speed of code is white?”

“666! has said so much, is today’s novel updated?” asked the rented author.

“Yes, isn’t this inspiration?” Fire tunnel groaned. “Wait for inspiration and write again.”

“Hehe!” The companion cast a contemptuous look and said: “Excuses are excuses! Your book review area is sure that a bunch of readers are jealous.”

“There is no one.” Fire Hole opened its own work and opened the comment area. The result was the same as that the companion said.

“The brain-destroyed author, what garbage stuff is written!”

“Garbage white text!”

“Why would anyone read this book?”


“Don’t look at it, believe it or not, I will blow his head across the province?” shouted Fire Hole.

“Do not believe.”

“Believe or not.”

“Hey, look at this comment, people are looking for you to do business cooperation!” The companion pointed to Lu Zixin’s message.

Fire Hole disdained said: “Do you believe this? It must be what Taobao do, brush, ignore.”

“Makes sense.”

After a day, Lu Zixin still didn’t get a reply, just find the author’s readership, add it and then contact the author.

Mr. L : “Hello, are you Fire Hole?”

Fire Hole : “If it is a fake.”

Mr. L : “This is the case. I am the chairman of Red Letter Film. I want to find a script from you to give us a movie. Can you talk?”

Fire Hole : “Brother, I am very busy, nothing to do not tease me?”

Mr. L : “I didn’t tease you, I said it is true.”

Fire Hole : “Please, deceptive people should also be professional. Red Letter film industry? Red letter group did not make a movie at all?”

Mr. L : “I am really the chairman of Red Letter Film. You don’t believe, you can come to our company and talk.”

Fire Hole : “Oh, I am still Qin Shihuang! Actually, I am not dead. I have 100 tons of gold in Xi’an. I need 10,000 yuan to thaw my gold in Xi’an. You can transfer via Alipay to me. The account number is my mobile number! After turning around, I will bring the troops back to life directly tomorrow, let you lead the three army!”

Mr. L : “…”

Lu Zixin just wanted to say it again and found that Fire Hole had already blacked him.

“This author is really a lot of drama!” Lu Zixin wanted to change people. Later, after thinking about it, he casually found someone on the Internet and said that he is the chairman of Red Letter Film. No one would believe it, or contact through the company channel.

“Look, this liar is also fooling me. He said that he is the chairman of Red Letter Film! He also said that he want to change my novel into a movie script.” Fire Hole recorded the chat to his companions. “It’s funny, when I don’t know what does letter group do, isn’t a game?”

“It’s also selling mobile phones!” said the companion. “I haven’t heard of movies.”

“Decisive black! This liar is too unprofessional, do not know to change the head of a small elder sister, first tell a tragic and inspirational story, and then sell tea, maybe I really believe it.” Fire Hole spit.

He also ridiculed this matter in the author group, and immediately attracted everyone’s crazy spit.

Jingcha Teacher : “@Fire Hole, are you single-ended for a long time, endocrine disorders, so chaos? After that, Liancheng has the opportunity to take you to the big health care.”

Jia Sanye : “Red Letter Film, I have never heard of it! It is definitely a liar.”

The most handsome cigarette in this group : “I have also encountered such a liar, saying that the film and television copyright, the result is a pirate, mad at me!”

Ugly to the depths of the soul : “When you make money, which of the following beautiful women do you choose? (Fifty-year-old aunt photos a bunch)”

Chen machine : “The ugly god tastes unique!”

At this time, an author sent a data group about the information of Red Letter Film.

“Red Letter Film, a subsidiary of Red Letter Group’s newly established Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Game Co., Ltd., was established…”

“There is really a red letter film!” Fire Hole was amazed. “Is that person talking about it?”

Mingyue : “@Fire Hole, don’t think about it! How can someone buy your copyright, you are not a big god. Besides, science fiction copyright is difficult to sell, they prefer love stories, and investment is small.”

Table lamp : “It’s a liar, because buying a movie copyright is definitely going to contact the website, it won’t find you directly.”

Some make Fire Holes were not reconciled and said : “In case it is true? Maybe people really want to cooperate? No, I have to talk to him again.”

Jingcha Teacher : “Well, Fire Hole has already rushed to the streets.”

Erbao Angel : “The melons are passing by.”

Left broken hand : “I bet a million – happy beans, the cliff is fake.”

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