MST Chapter 272 : This is to recognize my son-in-law?

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Dinner is done with the joint efforts of Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang.

Six dishes and one soup, Yiyi’s most wanted elbow was in front of her.

Liu Chiyan eagerly offered to Father Liu at the dinner table. From time to time, she took a dish for Father Liu.

“Dad, you eat this, this lotus root slice is crispy. I made it. You can taste it.”

“Dad, I am going to clip you the elbow, the elbow is made by Ye Guang, it is delicious.”


What is Liu Chiyan’s idea? In addition to Yiyi, everyone knows that it is nothing more than wanting Father Liu to lift their forbidden orders.

Father Liu didn’t express his position. Liu Chiyan offered him food and dinner. He was always willing and refused her. Father Liu knew what she was thinking, but he just didn’t express his position.

Humph, now thinking about being courteous? Can you send us a meal with a dish? Impossible! Even if I let you go out, let’s not say now, just to make you anxious!

In other words, Father Liu heart is still very cute.

Father Liu is indeed a little deliberate, and Liu Chiyan is indeed anxious. Let’s not talk about other things, the Running Man program will be recorded the day after tomorrow, but Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang have not been able to go out from home for a long time. With two resident guests missing, this show can’t be done.

One night, Liu Chiyan  changed his method to offer to Father Liu’s hospitality. She made tea and rubbed his shoulders, making Father Liu comfortable, but Father Liu just didn’t let go. She also didn’t have the courage to directly ask Father Liu when the ban will be lifted.

Father Liu didn’t refuse the courtesy of Liu Chiyan at all. She just tossed with her. Speaking of which, Dad Liu enjoyed it. In the past, he used to dote on his baby daughter. How could Liu Chiyan not serve him so diligently? Today can be regarded as enjoyable.

In the evening, Father Liu and Mother Liu still went to rest as early as ever. Liu Chiyan didn’t succeed in impressing Father Liu, and was a little bit angry and unhappy.

In Father Liu bedroom.

Mother Liu said with a smile, “You can really stretch yourself, look at Yan’er anxious.”

Father Liu also smiled, “Just to make her anxious, my anger hasn’t gone down yet.” Father Liu said so, but when he said this with a smile, I really don’t know if there is any anger in his heart.

“You are almost done, the children still have jobs.” Mother Liu persuaded with a smile.

Father Liu didn’t pick up the stubble.

Mother Liu thought for a while and said, “Actually, Little Ye, I think this kid is not bad.” Mother Liu paused, “It’s quite right with Yan’er. He is a little younger, but he is sensible and capable. The family is a bit ordinary, but as long as Yan’er is good, Yan’er likes it, these are not important.”

When it comes to Ye Guang, Father Liu snorted again. No matter how Mother Liu’s said now, Father Liu will hardly like Ye Guang for a while. This guy is the man who snatched his precious daughter away from him!

The father-in-law sees his son-in-law, unless the son-in-law is particularly good, he will feel a little bit like this. Originally, as a father, he was the daughter’s only support, but after the daughter got married, this dependence became another man. I felt a sense of loss no matter how he thought about it. Human nature is inevitable.

Mother Liu is different. As the saying goes, the mother-in-law sees her son-in-law, the more she looks, the more she likes it.


The next day.

Father Liu and Mother Liu get up.

When they went downstairs, they saw Liu Chiyan working in the kitchen, while Aunt Lian gave her a hand.

“Parents, get up, I have breakfast.” Liu Chiyan smiled and looks good.

Father Liu and Mother Liu glanced at each other and didn’t say much. After washing, they began to eat the breakfast Liu Chiyan had prepared by getting up early.

Ye Guang also woke up and learned that Liu Chiyan got up early to make breakfast. Ye Guang isn’t as surprised as Father Liu and Mother Liu did. This was common in Nanchang. What he cared more about was Liu Chiyan finger sticking with band-aid on it.

“What happened to your hand?” With no scruples that Father Liu and Mother Liu were present. Ye Guang pulled up Liu Chiyan’s hand that was attached band-aid and asked while looking at it.

When Liu Chiyan facing Ye Guang, she is no different from ordinary girls. She act like a baby and said pitifully, “I accidentally scratched during cooking breakfast.”

Ye Guang: “Why is it so careless? Does it hurt?”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “It hurts.” As if realizing that Father Liu and Mother Liu were still there, Liu Chiyan pulled her hand back, “I’ve applied band-aid, it doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s okay, you also have breakfast.”

Ye Guang nodded and greeted Father Liu, Mother Liu and Aunt Lian, and then had breakfast together.

Liu Chiyan also sat down and ate together. Liu Chiyan injured the index finger of her right hand. So, when she held the spoon, her index finger slightly tilted up and it sandwiched between her thumb and middle finger, looking a bit awkward.

While eating breakfast, Father Liu looked at Liu Chiyan from time to time, his eyes mostly focused on Liu Chiyan’s injured index finger, his expression a little complicated.

After having breakfast, it didn’t take long before Father Liu’s driver came to pick him up. Father Liu packed up and Mother Liu was ready to go to work.

Before leaving the house, Father Liu said to Liu Chiyan, “If you have work, do it. Remember to come back on weekends and go to your grandpa.”

Liu Chiyan stunned when she heard Father Liu’s words.

Father Liu turned to Ye Guang again, with a bad tone, “and you.”

After speaking, he snorted, and he didn’t know how to go out to work.

Ye Guang is still unknown, so what do you mean?

Liu Chiyan shouted “Yeah!” excitedly, she threw herself on Ye Guang, hanging on him like a koala.

Ye Guang smiled and patted her on the back, “So happy to go out.”

Liu Chiyan got down from Ye Guang and shook her head, “No, I’m not happy about this. I’m happy Dad asked us to see Grandpa, hehe.”

Ye Guang: “What do you mean?”

Liu Chiyan explained: “This shows that Dad is no longer angry with us, and doesn’t reject you. Otherwise he won’t let you see Grandpa.”

Ye Guang also happy, “Then… is this to recognize my son-in-law?”

Liu Chiyan nodded happily, “Hmm.”

Ye Guang laughed happily. He picked up Liu Chiyan and turned around for a few times. He’s recognized by Father Liu, no, it should be said that Father Liu recognized it. This is indeed a happy thing. Father Liu has no problems. It means that from now on, the marriage of Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan will not be hindered.

Is it really?

The prohibition order was lifted and Ye Guang is recognized by Father Liu. Regardless of whether Father Liu liked him or not, but fortunately, he finally recognized the son-in-law.

Liu Chiyan couldn’t wait to pack his things, put on a light makeup and ready to go out.

In fact, it is still early, even if it is in peacetime, unless work requires it, Liu Chiyan will not go out so early, but people’s mentality is sometimes so strange.

When no one is in charge, of course, it’s what you want, but when someone is in charge, you’re not allowed to do this or that. Then, you will have a little rebellious mentality in your heart. Once you’re allowed, you want to try it eagerly.

Liu Chiyan is in this state of mind. She was anxious when Father Liu didn’t allow her to go out. Now, she is allowed, she naturally want to go out, otherwise she would be doing the same thing at home.

Having said that, in fact, it seems that there is nothing wrong with going out. The show won’t start recording until tomorrow. Ye Guang still makes sense if he wants to go out. He is the chief director of the show. Although it’s not bad without him, it’s good to be able to stare as soon as possible. Yes, but Liu Chiyan…

It seems that there is nothing wrong with going out.

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