BTC Chapter 480 : Reversal

Edited: XiaXue

I’m back, this is what I owed you all ~

“Yes, we not only didn’t lose money this time, but made a big profit!” Sheng Wenyan immediately affirmed their thoughts!

Looking at the amazed executives, he continued: “I can tell you clearly. This year’s Nigerian mine alone, will make our net profit more than the net profit of the entire group in the last two years!”

“Now, do you have any questions about developing African market?”

His question immediately silenced the noisy conference room. The high-levels looked at each other, and no one thought it would end like this!

Xin Zhe also stunned, this performance is really gorgeous! It is equivalent to only paid a small price and got a whole rich ore for nothing!

He knew, that iron mine not only contained iron ore. It also had ilmenite associated ore, which value was higher than iron ore!

With such dazzling performance, who would dare to say Sheng Wenyan is quite old? Obviously strategizing, winning a thousand miles away!

He can imagine, when company directors see this performance, they will be overjoyed. Not only they will not consider changing the position of Sheng Wenyan as president, but they will give him more power. I’m afraid, no one in senior management will oppose his decision!

And Xin Zhe ambition to become president can only be in vain, forever!

“How could this happen?” Xin Zhe asked himself inwardly. He has carefully planning for more than two years. It is about to succeed right now, but the ending is a failure!

“It’s all the ghost of that machine! This old ghost is too cunning!” Xin Zhe face turned pale, and he cursed inwardly. He had no idea, there is such advanced mining robots in the world. Which directly subverted his understanding of the group’s production capacity!

Others are even more diligent. Those who flattered and catered to Xin Zhe before were unavoidable. Sheng Wenyan assassin was too cruel and this one move defeated Xin Zhe. They ran on these people who have run Sheng Wenyan. If Sheng Wenyan keeps his grudges, how will he get involved in the company later?

Several high-level executives even spoke directly and praised Sheng Wenyan, saying: “President Sheng really has a long-term vision and created such great benefits for the group. I support President Sheng plan to expand African market!”

“Hah, I had some misunderstandings about President Sheng decision before. Now, it seems I was wrong.” A company veteran said, “With the high-tech help from Red Letter Group. We old antiques should change our minds and make some bold attempts!”

“I hope the group can forge ahead under President Sheng leadership!”

The scene in the conference room has undergone a 180-degree reversal in a short period of time. Although Sheng Wenyan is calm on the surface, he is cheering in his heart.

In the past few years. He has burdened with too much pressure and doubts. Now, he let’s these people see his decision is not wrong! Fortunately, I found Red Letter Group to cooperate. Otherwise, in today’s scene. It is estimated, I will resign and Xin Zhe took over as president.

At this moment, Sheng Wenyan mobile phone also received news from the group directors. They are also closely watching this group’s senior meeting through remote projection video.

The news is simple. The directors expressed their congratulations to Sheng Wenyan and supported his initiatives in Africa. At the end of the message, they also expressed their interest in contacting Red Letter Group to discuss capital injection.

Obviously, after seeing Red Letter Group’s high technology has created a lot of profits for the group, these directors are no longer wary of injection, but actively cater to it.

Because they know, Red Letter Group can support them and other mining groups. Presumably, with Pengyun Machinery’s advanced construction machinery and equipment, no mining group in the world does not want to reach a cooperation with Red Letter Group. They have this opportunity, so naturally they must quickly seize the opportunity and tie it on the same chariot as Red Letter Group.

In this way, they can remain invincible in the competition of mining groups!

“Tell everyone a good news!” Sheng Wenyan announced loudly.

“Just now, the board of directors has decided to support our decision to develop in Africa and continue to increase investment!”

“In the future, we will also develop closer cooperation with Red Letter Group to achieve a win-win situation. Does anyone have any objections?”

Sheng Wenyan looked at Xin Zhe and his supporters. Xin Zhe was silent. No one could tell he was very upset.

And his supporters turned around and said, “We have no objections.”

Just kidding, now the board of directors has recognized Sheng Wenyan plan. If they come to question again, fearing that their position will not be preserved.

No one can shake the position of Group president from Sheng Wenyan.

“I… support the resolution of the board of directors and President Sheng!” Xin Zhe said this sentence with difficulty, and Sheng Wenyan smiled slightly. This time there was no gunpowder war, he won a great victory!

In order to stabilize the military spirit, Sheng Wenyan said: “Don’t worry, everyone. Although we have entered the African market, the domestic market will remain unchanged for the time being, and your work will not be affected.”

This relieved high-levels management. If Sheng Wenyan took the opportunity to attack the person who sent him, the group would be in chaos.

At the end of the meeting. Others leave their positions, and remote video also closed. In the huge conference room, only Sheng Wenyan and Xin Zhe remained here.

papapa!” Xin Zhe clapped suddenly and said: “President Sheng, you won. This winning is so beautiful. You caught me off guard. Congratulations, I think the group will definitely grow stronger under your leadership in the future.”

Sheng Wenyan put away his smile and said calmly: “The growth of a group is good for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. Don’t you and I work for the development of the group?”

“But our philosophy is different!” Xin Zhe emphasized.

“This is the best!” Sheng Wenyan said, “If there is no objection to any decision I make, it is a terrible thing. I also don’t want to make mistakes. When I make mistakes, No one stood up against me. This is bad for everyone, Mr. Xin, I hope you will oppose me more in the future.”

Xin Zhe laughed and said, “You still can talk! I’m convinced.”

“But if there is no Red Letter Group this time, it will be me who won! Red Letter ah Red Letter. I remember their industry is Automobile. How come their mining equipment is better than our professional? It’s really, outrageous!”

“You are persuasive, but still not convinced.” Sheng Wenyan smiled, “This time I really thank them. We will cooperate with Red Letter Group soon. I have a lot of affairs in Africa, and I will still need you in China to do more work!”

“Relax, I’m not narrow-minded person.” Xin Zhe said, “I want to see, how strong this Red Letter Group!”

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