MST Chapter 282 : Can still have this kind of operation?

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All crew member had lunch at noon. Now it is hot, and most of the crew are male compatriots. They are not particular about it, so they dealt with the cold food.

Ye Guang and a few guests actually did not engage in any specialization. It’s like the other staff members of the crew, they were box lunches, but Ye Guang has warmed up Liu Chiyan’s box lunches.

Ye Guang and other guests can actually have a hot meal. Many villagers in the village greeted them to eat at home, but Ye Guang and others declined. For one thing, they didn’t want to trouble the villagers, and second, they didn’t want to specialize. The other staff are all cold-boxed meals. They go to villagers home to eat well. Ye Guang thinks it is not good to do so. They are all from the same crew. They should share the joys and sorrows, so they can eat the same thing like the others crew members.

This approach of him and the guests really made many staff members of the crew warm and feel good. This is often the case. An inadvertent trivial matter can bring good feelings and touches to people.

Yuan Hong is not slow in coming. It has only been one hour and forty-five minutes since the call, and he already arrived.

He’s not the only one who came, Wan Hua also followed.

“Welcome, welcome. Teacher Yuan, thank you for coming to the rescue.” Ye Guang said politely.

Yuan Hong and Ye Guang shook hands, “Don’t, don’t Director Ye, I can’t ask for your show. You don’t need to call me a teacher. I can’t be a teacher. Just call me Yuan Hong.”

Ye Guang smiled and nodded.

Liu Chiyan and several other guests also greeted Yuan Hong, and of course, there’s also Wan Hua.

“Wan Hua, I haven’t seen it for a few days and it’s become more beautiful. By the way, why are you here too?” Ye Guang smiled.

Wan Hua smiled and said, “I’ll come to see you, why, Director Ye is not welcome?”

Ye Guang smiled, “How can I not welcome you? I’m flattered, but when you come to the crew, I have nothing to entertain you.”

Wan Hua waved her hand, “No, no, I just finished shooting today. So, I’m bored and came along to watch your recordings and see the third episode of Running Man in advance. Moreover, I’m also loyal fan of Running Man.”

Everyone laughed for a while.

Yuan Hong and Wan Hua haven’t eaten yet. Because they came in a hurry, they didn’t have time to eat meal. The crew had nothing to entertain them. There’s only a box lunch. They were given a box lunch for each of them. As artists, eating box lunch is something usual for them, so the two of them didn’t pay much attention to it.

When they were eating, the crew member of the crew has ready to shoot the show.

Ye Guang greeted the guests to ‘explain’ about the recording of the next program, but Xu Chen didn’t show up.

Ye Guang: “Where’s Xu Chen, where did Xu Chen go?”

Lan Bao joked, “He ate more chicken legs at noon. If you eat too much, go to the toilet. Haha.”

Zhong Jing pointed to the shade of the tree, “There with Yuan Hong and Wan Hua.”

Yuan Hong and Wan Hua still eating in the shade of the tree, while Xu Chen accompanied them, chatting and laughing with the two of them.

Ye Guang took the lead and led the crowd.

Xu Chen: “It’s really hot now, let alone, this kind of weather recording is ‘very’ suffering, Wan Hua, Yuan Hong, you guys are also ‘very’ hard in filming.”

Yuan Hong said while eating: “It’s okay, it’s all for work.”

Xu Chen: “Wan Hua, how about you? Are you tired from work?”

Wan Hua: “Yes, sometimes it’s quite tired, but it’s okay.”

Xu Chen: “You have to pay attention to rest. Although work is important, your body is the most important. Don’t get tired and relax.”


The three people chatted, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan came over with the guests, “You are chatting here, it happens that everyone is here, let me talk to you about the recording of the afternoon show.

Ye Guang briefly explained the shooting matters, Yuan Hong and Wan Hua listened as they ate.

After Ye Guang finished, Wan Hua asked, “Who is the guest you invited? What is the situation?”

Ye Guang: “Kim Tae-seo, I beat him.”

“Cough, cough, cough!” Wan Hua still eating, because what Ye Guang said, made her choked.

Xu Chen quickly hurriedly unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it to her, “Eat slowly, eat slowly, drink water and press it down.”

Wan Hua took the water and took two sips.

Yuan Hong’s also a little surprised at what Ye Guang said, hit? Did you hit Kim Tae-seo? Ye Guang gave Kim Tae-seo a beating? Yuan Hong suddenly felt that now Ye Guang smiled brightly, and it seemed he is  harmless to humans and animals seemed… not easy to get along with as he imagined.

“Beated?” Yuan Hong still a little unsure

Ye Guang nodded affirmatively, “Well, I hit it.”

Yuan Hong is speechless, really hit, this is Kim Tae-seo, actually you were beaten? who was actually hit by you? Okay…just hit it, but can you not answer it so confidently, of course, the wind is light.

Ye Guang didn’t say much. He glanced at Wanhua who was drinking water, and said, “Xu Chen, you also give a bottle to Yuan Hong.”

Xu Chen said, “I have no water. This bottle is my own.”

“Pu~” Wan Hua squirted out with a sip of water, just facing Xu Chen, spraying his face.

“Ah! sorry, sorry!” Wan Hua quickly apologized.

Xu Chen looked dumbfounded, wiped the water on his face with his hand, and said helplessly, “Big sister, this water belongs to me, but I haven’t drunk it yet. Even if I drank it, can you not have such big reaction.”

Wan Hua still a little embarrassed at first, but when she heard Xu Chen’s words. Her eyes suddenly changed, “Who you called Big sister?!”

Xu Chen is paralyzed.

Zhong Jing is stunned.

Heavenly King Liu is stunned.

Ye Guang is stunned.

All male compatriots present paralyzed.

Wan Hua girl, listen to people, can you listen to the point?

Wan Hua said, what I said is the point!

Well, the focus of ‘female’ is really different.



After Yuan Hong and Wan Hua had eaten, there’s no more delay, the recording immediately began.

The program’s constitution still use the program set from before. That is, Yuan Hong replaced Kim Tae-seo, but the previous link that Kim Tae-seo participated in needs to be re-recorded. In fact, there is not much to re-recorded, just a waking up from an uninhabited village at the beginning and the first mud pool game session. After the first game, Ye Guang already beaten Kim Tae-seo before the recording of the latter link started.

It’s also good in early. If it’s halfway up, or if it’s already finished recording, Ye Guang will hit Kim Tae-seo again and the show will be re-recorded, which is quite troublesome. It’s the same as re-created from scratch.

However, because of the need to re-record, all the guests have to play in mud pool again. Although everyone is very cooperative, but mud pool is mud pool, who would like to drill into it, and this is not enough to go down. In this game link, wrestling and tripping are basically unavoidable. Muddy faces and even a mouthful of silt are all possible things.

Think about the sludge that is so soft, think about the muddy smell, the sourness… The guests said that they were not calm.

“Everyone, I have a proposal.” He Xing shouted, “I ate a mouthful of mud in the morning, and when I ate at noon, my mouth was full of muddy smell. It’s sour and refreshing… Don’t mention it, I believe you all feel the same. But now we have to go down into mud pool again and take another shot. I feel that I will not eat fragrant food for several days, so I propose to beat the instigator…”

“Fuck! Ye Guang, don’t run!” Xu Chen shouted and chased after him.

Ye Guang shouted as he ran, “Don’t run and wait to be beaten by your group? You think I’m stupid!”

Unfortunately, the guests collectively moved and blocked Ye Guang.

Ye Guang retreated to the corner and begged for mercy, “Speak the truth, the mud pool is really not my design?”

Truth? Who believes it!

“Ah! Fuck! Tap, tap, don’t hit my face! Shang Shan! You a son-of-a-bitch!”

Ye Guang still beaten after all.

Maybe this is karma. In the morning, he just beaten Kim Tae-seo, then everyone besieged him at the moment.

Liu Chiyan  smiled at the side with a “flowery” smile. There is such a group of funny people in the crew. It is really happy enough. Please ask these people to be guest on Running Man program. It’s really right, it’s just pitiful Ye Guang. How many times have he been beaten like this?

Wan Hua also got in the excitement and secretly ‘touched’ Ye Guang a few times. Of course, the big guys is joking. Not to mention, it’s really strange that an artist from a crew can get along like this.

Yuan Hong didn’t participate. He didn’t know everyone well, so he watched in a daze.

“Can still have this kind of operation?

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