MST Chapter 283 : People are bad, but people’s hearts are good

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The subsequent recording of the program went smoothly.

Yuan Hong and the running team merged quickly, so the shooting went smoothly. One after the other, everyone took a break from time to time when they were tired, so nothing goes wrong.

The shooting went smoothly, the efficiency and speed were naturally fast. Originally, the original plan was to complete the recording at 6 o’clock. As soon as the efficiency and speed increased, the entire program was recorded at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Amid the applause, Ye Guang ordered the work to stop. After the show crew packed up the equipment, Ye Guang took the big guy to left.

Before that, Ye Guang also specially visited the aunt who was beaten by Kim Tae-seo in the morning. The aunt is fine, but Ye Guang still asked Jiang Feng to give a thousand yuan to apologize and compensate the aunt.

Although Kim Tae-seo is the one who beat her. But, before that, Kim Tae-seo is invited by the program group, so Ye Guang had to apologize to the aunt.

The aunt refused to accept the money/ She said, Ye Guang already vented her anger for her, if she received Ye Guang’s money, then she had no face.

Ye Guang still didn’t send the money out and he could only sigh with the aunt’s simplicity. If this matter is placed on someone with an unhealthy mind, it would be nice not to take the initiative to rely on your show crew, not to mention the money they sent.

After all, there are still many ordinary kind people in the world.

Some people may think, now the world is going down, people’s hearts are not ancient, all kinds of things that touch porcelain and corrupt people are endless. They think bad people in society are getting more and more. However, I want to ask you to know that this is because bad people have made things and disgusting things to attract the attention of the public, which gives people this wrong feeling. When you feel this way, please go to a street casually to see the cars and people, look at the surge of people, look at these people, you might not see what they do good and righteous, but they are good people.

People have bad nature, but their hearts are good.


Back to the city, it’s already 7 p.m. I’ve been busy all day and ate early for lunch. Everyone’s a little hungry. Fortunately, when they were on the way, Ye Guang already contacted the hotel in advance and let them prepare the meal first. Yes, everyone can feast immediately after they arrive.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan went back to the room to take a shower after eating. They rolled in the mud twice today. Although they had washed in the village, the mud was not washed very cleanly. There’s still some fine sand and mud in these areas that are not easy to clean.

After taking a shower, Liu Chiyan came to Ye Guang’s room to stay for a while, standing with Ye Guang at the window, chatting and enjoying the relaxed world of two.

“Hey, Liu’er, do you think the person below is Xu Chen?” Ye Guang pointed to a chair under a street lamp in the hotel’s small ‘flower’ garden downstairs.

Liu Chiyan looked down from the window in the direction pointed by Ye Guang. It was far away and it’s also night, so it’s not very clear. Two people are sitting on the bench under the ‘flower’ garden lamp. It’s clear that a man and a woman are chatting, but they can’t hear what they say.

“It seems to be, the ‘woman’ next to him seems to be Wan Hua.” Liu Chiyan said while watching the two of them.

Ye Guang looked at it again and said with a smile, “It should be, don’t say, every time I talk about Wanhua, Xu Chen seems to be ‘very energetic’. Do you think he has that kind of meaning?”

Liu Chiyan knew the meaning of Ye Guang’s words, she chuckled lightly, “This is someone’s business, why do you care so much?”

Ye Guang smiled, “I just care about the emotional problems of good friends. Don’t you say that Xu Chen and Wan Hua looked like they matched ‘very’ well? In the last episode, the two of them acted like lovers. Maybe they won’t just act as lovers in the future.”

Liu Chiyan smiled, “You a big man is still so gossip, but also care about other people’s emotional problems, you still care about your own emotional problems.”

Ye Guang turned to look at Liu Chiyan, “What else can I care about my emotional problems.” Then, Ye Guang gently hugged Liu Chiyan’s slender waist, “I have found the one I love most and put her in my arms.”

The sweet love words almost melted Liu Chiyan, and my heart is full of happiness.


The next day, Ye Guang, Shang Shan, and Xia Hai directed the editing work of the show. However, Ye Guang didn’t personally participate in the editing work. His comments and suggestions also not many. Most of them were directed by Shang Shan and Xia Hai.

Ye Guang is a bit lazy. He may be reluctant to do things himself if someone can help him. What’s more, Shang Shan and Xia Hai’s abilities are there, no worse than the effect he personally directed.

It’s been a whole day since Ye Guang hit Kim Tae-seo from the daytime yesterday, but it seems that there is no news about Ye Guang hitting Kim Tae-seo. Ye Guang has some surprises. Although there have been speculations, he didn’t expect Kim Tae-seo to swallow silently.

Kim Tae-seo didn’t swallow this breath either. No matter who it is, he was beaten and humiliated like this, it’s impossible to not angry, but Kim Tae-seo’s brain is not really hopeless. He knew better why he is beaten. He is also not willing for this matter to be known.

This is indeed shameful enough. He, a dignified popular idol has been ‘slapped’ so many slaps, it makes him ashamed of his grandma’s house. Besides, if it’s as simple as Ye Guang hit him, Kim Tae-seo will definitely not be dull, but the cause of this incident is that he first beat the aunt. If this matter is exposed, I don’t know what Ye Guang will become, maybe he will be called an act of righteous courage or good samaritan, but he is definitely not going to be better. He’s always shown a sunny, kind, and polite side in front of the public, but he actually hit a Chinese rural aunt, if this is exposed, it will directly collapse his human design.

For his own popularity, for his own image, and his career prospects. Kim Tae-seo will never say this thing by himself. Not only that, he has to try his best not to let other people say it.

Ye Guang would never stab this out again. Although he could barely be regarded as brave enough to help the aunt. After all, beating is beating. As a public figure, after the violent incident of beating is known to the masses, it will certainly be magnified, all kinds of “messy” statements may appear at that time. It turns out that Ye Guang hit the security in the mall and there’s a lot of noise. Although later because of the relationship between the “Sky curtain” video. Most people chose to forget this matter, but a small number of people still criticize him about this matter.

Two parties not willing to talk about this matter out, so Jiang Fengxian also ‘confessed’ to all staff members of the program group and asked everyone not to spread it out. The staff members understood and cooperated ‘very well’, this is the rules in the circle, the member of the crew has been following all kinds of stars for a long time.

Everyone can see what the stars look like in private, good and bad, but they will not go out and talk about this, and they can’t talk about messy things. This is the unspoken rule of the industry. Otherwise, after the celebrities’ behaviors in private are exposed by the staff. How can their star aura be worn? When which star hasn’t been embarrassed in ‘private’? It’s like the guests surrounded and beaten Ye Guang in full view yesterday. Moreover, it is also detrimental to the staff, at least in the future, no crew will use him and dare to use him.

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