MST Chapter 77 : Little princess is registered in my house

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The employees were stunned by Ye Guang.

Liu Chiyan secretly poked at Ye Guang’s waist. Ye Guang stunned and reacted. Suddenly he laughed. “Look at you one by one, the face is like a bitter gourd, what’s wrong. You really thought I was not gonna invited you, just now teasing you to play with you, haha, make a joke, haha, I’ll treat you at night, don’t leave at work! Hurry up and discuss it where you want to go!”

God! This is what kind of trouble, do you want to take people to open up? But see Ye Guang said that it was just a joke, and everyone’s face was also good.

“I said, Advisor Ye is not that stingy.”

“Yes, yes, Advisor Ye, this joke is open, I am serious, I almost wrote it.”

“Advisor Ye acting skills is good.”

Ye Guang promised to treat the guests at night, and the general staff laughed around them, and then they all dispersed.

Back in the office, Yiyi said with a milky voice, “Ye Guang, you really have no interest.”

Ye Guang: “How come I have no interest, I just joked, not a treat.”

Yiyi stunned him. “Cut, don’t think I didn’t see it. It was the aunt who poked you and changed your mouth.”

Ye Guang is frying. “You thought I wanted to be so shameful! It’s not because my money is being controlled by your aunt, I’m going to have a few hundred dollars on my body, and I took you out yesterday! Must I sell blood to treat guests!”

Yiyi said faintly: “So I said that you have no interest, where a big man can still let a woman manage.”

“……” Ye Guang jumped, “Liu Yitong, come over, I promise not to kill you!”

Liu Chiyan looked at them chasing and playing around with a smile on their face.


After dinner, Ye Guang stayed in the office for a while, “Liu’er, I took Yiyi out for a ride.”

Liu Chiyan looked at him. “Well, you go.”

Ye Guang: “I drove the car away. You have to call me and I will be back soon.”

Liu Chiyan: “Well, drive carefully and look after Yiyi.”

“Know.” Ye Guang nodded, “Yiyi, let’s go.”

Yiyi didn’t move on the Sofa. “I didn’t say I was going, I was full, I don’t want to move now.”

Ye Guang ignored her, hugged her away like princess, Yiyi shouted, “Ye Guang, you Big bad wolf, let me down!”

On the road, I drove for a while, Yiyi muttered. “Long, Ye Guang, where are you going to take me, why haven’t we arrived yet.”

“Almost, it’s coming soon.”

After a while, the destination arrived, Ye Guang parked the car and took Yiyi down. Yiyi curiously looked at the surrounding environment. “Where is this?”

Ye Guang: “My home.”

Yiyi: “What do you bring me to your home?”

Ye Guang didn’t tell her, took her upstairs.

Door open

Pull a slit.

Look a few eyes.

Very good, no one! Father and mother should be in the store.

Ye Guang took Yiyi into the house, Yiyi went into the house and looked around and saw a photo of Ye Guang family hanging on the wall. “Ye Guang, this is really your home.”

Ye Guang: “Of course, otherwise where do I get the key”

Yiyi: “How do I feel like you are a thief?”

Ye Guang is ashamed, “Don’t say it! You should stay first, don’t run around, don’t touch things, I will get something, and I will come out immediately.”

In the father and mother’s room, Ye Guang found a small key in the crack of the bed, opened a drawer, and took out a dark red book in the drawer, the household register book! “Get it.” Ye Guang smiled, locked the drawer, and then put the key back into the crack of the bed. It was not the first time to do this thing.

After the household register book was obtained, Ye Guang fled the crime scene with Yiyi, Yiyi was very strange and doubtful, “Ye Guang, are you doing something bad?”

Ye Guang coughed, “No, nothing!”

Yiyi apparently did not believe it, but Ye Guang did not tell her.

Ye Guang took Yiyi out of the house, went downstairs, got on the car, and left, until Ye Guang, who had opened several streets, took a deep breath and stopped at a parking spot on the side of the road.

Pulling out cellphone, Ye Guang rummaged through the half-day address book and then called. “Hey, old classmate, how are you doing? By the way, you are working at the local police station of our street. If you can mix it, you can eat public meals. Go to work today, become, go to work, no, I mean, let me see you. I haven’t seen it for a while, what? Off Work? No, no, I will come to see you now, you are waiting, I will come soon!”

Yiyi heard Ye Guang’s call in the back seat. Yiyi was very smart. She listened to it. She almost understood what Ye Guang had made. She looked at Ye Guang with a flash in her eyes. “Ye Guang, you are going to take me to register?”

Ye Guang looked back at her, hesitated, then nodded, “Well.”

Yiyi decisively shook her head. “No, I won’t go!”

Ye Guang: “Why don’t you go.”

Yiyi: “I won’t go! I am not your family!”

Ye Guang: “Why not, your aunt is Liu Chiyan, she is my wife, I am your uncle, you are our family.”

Yiyi shook her head: “Can’t count! Anyway, I won’t go.”

Ye Guang: “But you can’t have no account for a long time, there are many things you can’t do without an account, you can’t go to many fun places, you can’t buy many things, you can’t go to school, you can’t do phone cards, you can’t get bank cards, a lot of things can’t be done, without household register you are like a non-existent transparent person.”

Yiyi is very lost and her expression is wronged.

Ye Guang touched her head. “Would you like this?”

Yiyi bowed her head and whispered. “I don’t want to, but I want to go to Grandpa’s household register. I am a grandfather’s family. My name is Liu, I don’t want someone else’s household register.”

Ye Guang pulled up one of her little hands, “I know, grandparents, and your aunt, they all want you on their household register, but your grandfather’s household register is special, so has not been able to help you, Yiyi is good, you most sensible, on whose household register is not important, because on whose household register also can not change who you are, is on my household register, you are still your grandparent;s granddaughter, your aunt’s niece, this is forever can’t change, you are always Yiyi little princess, on the household register is just a form, just to let you have a complete identity, so that you can better embrace life, so that you are not in the constraints of some of the rules of identity, You can be more free to become a happy princess.”

Fortunately, Yiyi is sensible and smart. Otherwise, it is not always possible to understand Ye Guang words.

Yiyi lowered her head and did not speak, and Ye Guang did not urge her, patiently waiting for her to make a decision.

For a long while, Yiyi whispered, “Are you telling the truth?”

Ye Guang chuckles, “Of course it is true, how can I lie to the smart and intelligent Yiyi little princess.”

Yiyi was snickered by his mouth and then she didn’t talk. Ye Guang saw it, and didn’t break it. Yiyi didn’t talk as the default. He restarted the car and took her toward the local police station.

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