MST Chapter 253 : Will you let me put this ring on you?

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In the end, Zhong Jing and Luo Yu group won this issue Name Tag Elimination.

Xin Lan performance in Name Tag Elimination is quite ‘fine’, but nonetheless, ‘female’ child is ‘female’ child, how can she compare with Zhong Jing strength. Finally is Zhong Jing to tear her off, but it’s worth mentioning here that Xin Lan is a black belt in Taekwondo. Taekwondo’s fighting skills are quite ‘exquisite’, but after all, she is not really fighting in name tag elimination. Maybe she can beat Zhong Jing, but on strength and name tag elimination’s skills, she is still much worse than Zhong Jing.

Several rounds of the game are over. Zhong Jing and Luo Yu won the competition and also won the last chance to exchange their True Emotions Water.

After some discussions, Zhong Jing decided to exchange the yellow ‘color’ in his hand for Ye Guang’s red ‘color’.

In the previous rounds of clues,  it seems that the goal is to point directly to the red ‘color’, and the red ‘color’ is also the most exchanged among the other groups of guests in each round. Therefore, Zhong Jing and Luo Yu also chose red ‘color’.

Shang Shan said, “Now, through the game, everyone has finally confirmed their bottle of true emotions water. Please pour true emotions water into glass container in front of you in turn. The container already has the ‘female’ witch half refining of Love for Lifetime Medicine potion, as long as you add the real true emotions water, then this gray-brown ‘colored’ ‘medicine’ water will become a translucent clean magic ‘medicine’ water. If you add ordinary water, then the “color” of the water in the glass container will not change.”

Lan Bao: “So amazing? Zhong Jing go and try.”

Zhong Jing and Luo Yu smiled, then they opened the bottle of True Emotions Water with the red ‘color’ lid. The two slowly poured True Emotions Water into a glass container.

Everyone quietly observed the change.

After more than ten seconds, there was no change in the grayish brown ‘color’ in the glass container.

Shang Shan said, “Unfortunately, the ‘True Emotions Water’ you get is just ordinary water.”

Everyone has doubts and confusion.

Heavenly King Liu: “The prompt I got was…”

Ye Guang: “My tip is…”

Xu Chen: “Our is…”

Zhong Jing: “Yes, these messages point to red ‘color’, director, will you put the wrong bottle?”

Wan Hua: “It shouldn’t be. Although the red ‘color’ is included in these clues, everyone has ignored it. In fact, the yellow ‘color’ also in these clues, but we always thought it was red ‘color’. So, it’s always red ‘color’ when we change from side to side and the yellow ‘color’ is ignored subconsciously.”

Everyone thought about it. It seems that this is really the case. I used to use the nature to think that everyone is vying for red ‘color’, so the subconscious mind regards the red ‘color’ as the real True Emotions Water,  and the clues obtained can be matched with the red ‘color’, and it’s even more natural to assume that the red ‘color’ is correct.

The guests looked at Ye Guang and the yellow ‘color’ bottle in his hand.

Ye Guang: “…So, I picked up a bargain?”

“That’s not it.” Heavenly King Liu, “Your youngster luck is really good. Zhong Jing was right in the beginning, so he just exchanged the real one for your fake one.”

Zhong Jing looked helpless.

Ye Guang said, “Ah, the audience won’t think this is director good move, right? I’ll say it first, this is really no shady, accident, really accident.” Ye Guang said so, but his expression is full of joy.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan both cling to the bottle together, pour True Emotions Water on the yellow ‘color’ cap into the glass container.

In a few seconds, the gray-brown ‘color’ water in the glass container began to fade slowly, and Ye Guang reached out and stirred a few laps. The two chemical ‘medicine’ waters reacted quickly, and the water in the glass container suddenly became more and more clear and transparent.

Everyone applauded.

Shang Shan: “Congratulations to Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan for helping the ‘female’ witch to create a magical ‘medicine’ water that can love each other for a lifetime. Today, everyone’s performance is in harmony. The ‘Witch’ is very grateful for your help. Therefore, the “witch” decided to give each couple a magical “medicine” love for a lifetime.”

Everyone applauded.

There’s a etiquette lady holding a tray, holding more than a dozen small glass bottle crafts. The glass bottles contain some liquid. I don’t know what ingredients are. The little glass bottles crafts look pretty good. The glass bottle crafts are distributed to every guest, which is a memorial for the guests of this issue.

Shang Shan: “Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan have extra gifts. The gifts are in the glass container.”

Ye Guang looked inside and there was a small box at the bottom of the glass container. Ye Guang reached out and opened it to the camera.

It is a pair of rings.



Everyone roared.

Heavenly King Liu: “Ye Guang, you should know what to do  without me teaching you, right?”

Ye Guang also slightly startled. He really didn’t designed this. There is this segment in Dream World, but Ye Guang deleted this segment when designing. I didn’t expect after to go through the game group design team changes, this link is added.

Again, history is always surprisingly similar.

Ye Guang took out the ‘female’ ring from the box, turned to Liu Chiyan, and smiled gently at her.

Liu Chiyan chuckled at Ye Guang’s eyes, but she felt a little panicked in her heart.

I saw Ye Guang facing Liu Chiyan and kneeling in front of the camera against Liu Chiyan.


The guests roared together.

Ye Guang took the ring and looked up at Liu Chiyan with affection. It seemed like act, but he said in a very soft voice, “MyLove,

All the guests held their breath and stared at Liu Chiyan to see her reaction.

Liu Chiyan smiled silently. As if a little embarrassed, stretched out her hand and half-covered her mouth and smiled, gently poking out her left hand, shaking slightly.

Ye Guang smiled at her, gently holding Liu Chiyan’s soft hand, and then put the ring on Liu Chiyan’s middle finger. However, the size of this ring seemed to be one size smaller, and Liu Chiyan middle finger did not seem to fit inside. The ring stuck in the joint, and Ye Guang didn’t dare to push it in, fearing it would hurt Liu Chiyan.

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn’t help but laugh.

Lan Bao: “Haha, there is no atmosphere like before, and the ring is one size smaller.”

Ye Guang had no choice but to withdraw the ring again and put it on Liu Chiyan’s ring finger. This time, it was very suitable! It’s almost as if it’s tailor-made, not too big or too small, just right.

Originally, Ye Guang wanted to put the ring on Liu Chiyan’s ring finger, but he thought about it. The ring finger is for married people. Although Liu Chiyan is indeed married, but the audience don’t know about it. So, Ye Guang still has a little attention, he changed to wear the ring on the middle finger, but who knows that the middle finger can’t be worn in, which is really embarrassing. It seems that God is paying attention to here this ring should be placed on Liu Chiyan’s ring finger.

So, follow the fate!

Putting on the ring, Ye Guang got up and gave Liu Chiyan a hug, and everyone applauded.

Among the staff of the program group headed by Xia Hai, Youxianqi Entertainment’s employees looked at this scene, although they didn’t make any noise, but they all had strange eyes.

There guests present also had a trace of doubt in their hearts. What is the doubt?

What they suspect is that the acting skills of Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are really good. In the scene just now, the emotions in the eyes of the two of them ‘exchanging’, it is like real. Really, everyone almost thought they were real lovers.

After Heavenly King Liu final concluding speech, the guests shouted the slogan ‘Running Man’.

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