MST Chapter 42 : To shoot advertising

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A van was parked at the entrance of the studio and several porters were moving some equipment to studio.

Ye Guang walked to Studio.

There is a pretty little lady at the front desk, Ye Guang has not seen it yesterday.

Ye Guang came in, little lady smiled very politely: “Hello sir, what can I do for you, our studio is not yet open. If you have any needs, you can wait for our studio to officially open for consultation.”

Ye Guang smiled, “No, I am working here. I’m new, you may not know.”

Little lady is awkward, “Oh, sorry, sorry, I just came to work today, I don’t know.”

Ye Guang: “It’s okay, you are doing well, come on, work hard! Go back and do your job to raise your salary.” Then went upstairs.

Little lady smiled and nodded, but whispered in her heart, who is this person, who speaks fluently and lets me do it well, give me raise, really fake? Looking at his age, he is just a little assistant.

Third floor.

Most of the employees are there, Ye Guang has come to say hello.

“Chief Ye.”

“Well, Director Xia is good.”

“Chief Ye.”

“Shen is good.”

“Chief Ye is coming.”

“Well, supervisor Zhong hello.”

“Chief Ye.”

“Chief Ye.”

“Chief Ye.”


Ye Guang walked all the way, and some people greeted him constantly. He smiled and responded one by one, but the expression on his face became more and more strange.

Ye Guang is speechless, full of black lines, can the expression be strange? Someone kept calling him Chief Ye. He was happy at first, but the more he listened, the more he felt wrong, Chief Ye, Chief Ye, Chief Ye… bastard.

Chief Ye homophonic bastard.

It’s better to have Ye Guang parent’s usual education without being on the spot.

The evil surname, the homonym of evil.

Ye Guang made up his mind, he must start a group meeting, let the big guy change his name, otherwise he feels called bastard every day, which he can’t stand, can’t do anything wrong! Don’t misunderstand, change your position, this time you don’t resign, it’s the company of your own wife. Isn’t it easy to change a position?

Ye Guang looked all the way down the corridor and finally found Liu Chiyan’s office in the innermost. The door was not listed, and probably had not had time to do it.

The door was open, and Ye Guang glanced inside. Liu Chiyan was there, Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin were there. There were outsiders, and he knocked on the door first.

The three turned to look at him.

“Chief Ye.”

“Little Ye.”

Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin greeted him.

Liu Chiyan smiled a little, “Come in.”

Ye Guang: “I didn’t bother you.”

Without waiting for other people to talk, Liu Chiyan was busy: “Nothing.” Also pointed to a desk on his side. “You will sit in this office later, and here is your office.”

Ye Guang nodded, went to the desk and sat down, the swivel chair was very comfortable, and the office supplies on the desk were all ready.

Liu Chiyan looked at him and said, “You sit down first, we discuss something.” Then turned to Jiang Fengxian and said: “Jiang brother, you go on.”

Jiang Fengxian nodded and said: “Studio is also almost ready, and it is estimated that it will be officially opened in a few days. However, we first time arrived in Nanchang, and we have no reputation at all, and there is no reputation. The original network accumulated in Beijing is not working, so I think it’s imperative for our studio to re-launch its fame.”

Jiang Xin also nodded in agreement: “I also agree with Mr. Jiang’s point of view. It is necessary to first play out the fame, otherwise the fragrant wine is buried in the soil and nobody cares.”

Liu Chiyan nodded, “It makes sense, that Jiang brother, Jiang sister, Do you have any thoughts?”

Jiang Fengxian: “I have a little idea, President Liu is China Entertainment Heavenly Queen, there are a lot of fans. It is not difficult for the studio to make a fame, send a Weibo can also get a lot of fame, but I think, this fame is only your personal fame, in the fan group may have certain influence, but in the masses and peers the results are very little, after all, studio and celebrity although closely related, but there are differences. My suggestion is to make an advertisement and use the way of advertising to get the name of studio out.”

Liu Chiyan thought for a moment. “Jiang brother, what you said makes sense. Studio and the individual really can’t be confused. Yes, I agree to make an advertisement. This is handed over to Jiang brother. You are responsible for making the advertisement before we officially open the business.”

Jiang Fengxian nodded: “I am responsible for it, no problem, just…”

“What is it?” Jiang Xin asked.

Jiang Fengxian surface Dew pained: “If just make a simple ad no problem, we have a director under hand, there are cameras, there are post-production, what people are not missing, but we are to shoot their own studio fame out of the ads, so be sure to do the ads, so as to obtain the masses and peer recognition, If we want to do a good job of advertising, we must have a good creative advertising plan. Unless it’s a high price to buy a plan from an outside advertising company, but I think that when we open, it’s not easy for those advertising companies to come up with a creative plan that is satisfactory and creative to us in such a short time. It also takes time to process later.”

After listening to Jiang Fengxian, Jiang Xin and Liu Chiyan also showed their difficulties. It is indeed a problem.

Liu Chiyan thought for a while, “What should we do now? Is it thinking about other methods or retreating to the next level. Studio first opened the business and then went to the advertising company to do the planner.”

Jiang Xin thought about it and said: “Advertising is really a good idea. I am in favor of advertising. It is really impossible to start business and then shoot out the advertisement. The quality of this advertisement may be directly related to the reputation of our studio fame, must strive for excellence.”

Liu Chiyan nodded with a frown. “That can only be like this…”

“Is advertising creativity difficult?” Ye Guang suddenly interrupted.

Liu Chiyan, Jiang Xin and Jiang Fengxian all looked at him.

Ye Guang continued: “Ad creative, I have it.”

Liu Chiyan: “Do you have?”

Ye Guang definitely nodded: “I have!”

Liu Chiyan suddenly smiled and said: “Great! Let’s do the advertising.”

“Perfect.” Ye Guang responded.

Liu Chiyan nodded happily. “That’s all for you.”

So happy, all of a sudden the problem is solved.

Jiang Fengxian and Jiang Xin are simply stupid. What is the situation? Play? Is this fixed? I haven’t said any idea yet. Ye Guang can’t make a good shot yet, don’t know why, let him advertise without asking anything? He won’t, can’t do it, don’t you just agree to feed it, this can be related to studio’s reputation and image. Hey, have you considered it clearly!

It is obvious to you that Liu Chiyan did not consider it clearly.

But Ye Guang said that he had, then she asked him to do it, not to say how much she believed in Ye Guang’s talents. She didn’t know if Ye Guang could do the advertising well.

Just because – the women in love are blind.

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