MST Chapter 86 : System has another task

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Mother wants to go, Ye Guang also quickly catch up.

Ye Guang: “Mom, I will send you.”

Ye Guang and Mother had just left the door. At the door, Father turned back again, Father saw Ye Guang, and snorted, “The car key is back to you.” Saying that, Father put the car key in Ye Guang hands.

Ye Guang: “Dad, this car is still open to you.”

Father ignored him.

Ye Guang: “Dad, don’t be angry, you are coming, why are you rushing to go, let’s go after the meal.”

Father is too lazy to care for him, turn and leave.

Ye Guang smiled and quickly followed up. “My parents, I will send you back.”

Father: “No!” There is still anger in the tone.

Mother quickly grabs Ye Guang, “Okay, Okay, go back, we will go back on our own, your dad is still angry, you say you… Ah… Okay, go back, your dad has me.”

Ye Guang didn’t insist on sending his parents anymore, and Father was mad at him, let him calm down.

Standing at the door and watching Father and Mother take the elevator downstairs, there was bitter smile.

However, Ye Guang heart also loose a breath, a stone pressed in his heart fell to the ground, finally the words are said clearly, these days, getting married is like carrying an explosion that can explode at any time. Today, it really exploded, this bomb exploded, Ye Guang heart was more comfortable, At least not to deceive parents, or the more to the back, the more you want to use more lies to round the first lie, to tell the truth, Ye Guang heart has been quite guilty, this will say, Father and Mother angry, but also always do not take him, after all, is biological. Besides, in addition to the guilt of this day of lies, other problems are not big. I marry Liu Chiyan and help Yiyi to register household. This is a big one.

Back to the house, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan looked at each other with a smile, and Ye Guang walked over to Liu Chiyan and gently hugged her.

Liu Chiyan leaned on Ye Guang’s shoulder and whispered, “Your parents don’t seem to like me very much.”

Ye Guang touched her head. “No, they are just angry with me. It doesn’t matter to you. You didn’t see my mom giving you the family bracelet. She also let you change your mouth. You have now officially become my wife. The young married woman who passed the door, and later called Ye Liu. ”

Liu Chiyan is blushing, and her heart is filled with a kind of inexplicable emotion. The corner of her mouth is a smile. It should be happiness. “Thank you for maintaining me, but uncle seems to be very angry… ”

Ye Guang: “You are my wife, I don’t maintain you who cares for you, my dad, hey, can only wait for him to be calm, now he is still angry, there is no way.”

Liu Chiyan made a sound and leaned on Ye Guang’s shoulder and smelled the smell of his body. At this moment, she felt very good.

Yiyi: “When will the two of you let go, my aunt, I am hungry, the meal is not ready.”

Liu Chiyan just remembered that the kitchen was just burning. “Yes, yes, cooking, cooking, Yiyi, you will wait, just fine soon.”

Liu Chiyan went to kitchen to continue to work, and Ye Guang also came over to help.

After a while, the food was ready, and the food was served on the table. Ye Guang also brought in a heat preservation bucket brought by Mother, which was hot chicken soup.

Ye Guang took a spoon and tasted it. “Well, it’s really fragrant. It’s different if grandmother’s non-feeding chicken.”

Yiyi also smelled it. As a snack foodie, how can she let go of this delicious taste? “Ye Guang, Ye Guang, I want to drink too, you will give me a bowl.”

Ye Guang smiled and gave Yiyi a bowl. “Be careful, it’s hot.”

Yiyi ignored him and concentrated on holding a spoon and blowing it up. “Good, good.”

Ye Guang smiled and gave Liu Chiyan a bowl, “Liu’er, come and taste my mother’s craft.”

Liu Chiyan took it with a smile, and Ye Guang sighted that she had already put on the jade bracelet that Mother had given her in her right hand. “Slow down, it’s quite hot.”

Liu Chiyan: “Then you blow it for me.”

Yiyi: “Aunt… You are enough. ”

Liu Chiyan spit out her tongue and blushed.

I accidentally showed love, and I forgot that Yiyi is still there.

Although there was some unpleasantness in the front, the three people who were eating a meal were very happy, quite like the feeling of a family of three.

At nights

Ye Guang told Yiyi about the story, she fell asleep and he chatted with Liu Chiyan on sofa.

Liu Chiyan: “Just CCTV gave me a call and said that I last promised them to attend May Day party.”

Ye Guang: “Well, what happened?”

Liu Chiyan: “They want me to sing a song.”

Ye Guang nodded. “It’s fine, what’s wrong?”

Liu Chiyan held Ye Guang’s hand and leaned against him. “I want you to accompany me.”

Ye Guang said, “I am going with you?”

Liu Chiyan nodded. “Well, I still want you to accompany me on the stage.”

“Ahhhh…” Ye Guang is surprised. “I am accompanying you to the stage? How is this going? The organizer can’t agree. ”

Liu Chiyan: “Oh, I just think about it, it’s not really letting you accompany me.”

Ye Guang: “Well, what song do you want to sing?”

Liu Chiyan shook her head. “Not yet, don’t you say, this is really a problem. CCTV’s May Day party, it is estimated that what songs are sung, there is a demand, and the estimation of love song can’t sung.”

Ye Guang nodded. “That is, May Day party. It is definitely to praise the working people and praise the motherland as the main theme. You should first check if there is a suitable song. I will give you a way to think about it.”

“You?” Liu Chiyan questioned that there was some unbelief in the tone.

Ye Guang scraped her little nose, “Looking down on people again, your husband, I will do anything, just a song.”

Liu Chiyan spit out her tongue and shrank into his arms. “Then let me see it first, if you are not in a hurry, just help me.”

Next day.

Ye Guang is continuing to write ‘iPartment’ story in the office. Suddenly, the system notification sounds up.

“Ding, testing host’s current program, which is not conducive to image building and cultural communication, it is recommended not to implement.”

“Ding, Task is released: Please host a program that is conducive to image establishment and cultural communication within one month. The task punishment: the next year is not humane.”

“Ding, event panel adds event evaluation capabilities.”

Ye Guang is dumbfounded, how does the system suddenly release such strange tips and tasks?

One sentence “Fuck!” Blurt out.

Liu Chiyan and Yiyi looked at him in confusion.

Liu Chiyan: “What happened to you?” Strange, why do you say that?

Ye Guang face is bitter, then reveals a smile that is more ugly than crying, and pitifully said to Liu Chiyan, “Liu’er, let’s not shoot TV series?”

Liu Chiyan wondered, “Why?”

Where can Ye Guang tell why, I can only explain it indiscriminately. “I don’t think this script is very good. Let’s change it.”

Liu Chiyan: “No, I think it’s good.”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly. “I still don’t shoot it, I want to think about it.”

The shooting of advertisement has already been explained, and this will also be a bit difficult to brake Liu Chiyan, and Ye Guang can’t say why.

Liu Chiyan asked again, “I am not afraid, but you have to tell me why.”

Ye Guang: “Don’t ask whether it’s successful or not, it’s really impossible to shoot, it’s about our future sex!”

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