MST Chapter 23 : First kiss

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Hmph! Brother is a principled person.

How can I be fooled by this kind of mischievous tricks? Do not agree, absolutely do not agree!

Liu Chiyan was in a hurry, and suddenly sat down on Ye Guang, her eyes widened and her mouth whispered, “Will you resign?”

Ye Guang looked at Liu Chiyan’s delicate, beautiful face, plus her big eyes, her red mouth, cute and unusual, then he couldn’t hold back and kissed her.

Going up.

Liu Chiyan’s eyes widened, her body is tight and she is scared, this is her first kiss.

She stayed there, but it was cheaper, Ye Guang held Liu Chiyan’s back and kissed her. When Ye Guang tongue reached into Liu Chiyan’s mouth, Liu Chiyan came back to her sense and hurriedly pushed Ye Guang, She didn’t dare to look at Ye Guang with her head down, nor did she tell Ye Guang to resign.

Ye Guang is also a bit embarrassed, although he has done everything in Dream World, but in this world, he is also a younger brother, he is still remembering the soft touch on his lips.

Well, Goddess Liu first kiss is a bit sweet.

The two haven’t been talking for a long time, it’s not too late, Ye Guang drove in the direction of TV station, Liu Chiyan’s car still parked there.

Along the way, Ye Guang spoke to Liu Chiyan from time to time, but Liu Chiyan ignored him and kept bowing on her cell phone.

Humph! Angry. Just ignore you.

“You are reading me the same poem from before.” Liu Chiyan suddenly said by cell phone.

“Oh.” Ye Guang didn’t ask why, he read it, “When you are old and grey and full…”

“Slower.” Liu Chiyan interrupted him. “I send Weibo.”

Ye Guang sighed, then cooperated with Liu Chiyan, she memorized it from Ye Guang.

After reading poem was finished, Ye Guang spoke with Liu Chiyan. “What is it? Is the poem sent?”

Liu Chiyan shouted, “I also posted your marriage to me on Weibo. You wait, there will be a lot of my fans curse, and you will drown you with sputum. Humph! Bad guy, don’t resign, but bully me.”

Ye Guang smiled awkwardly. He does not believe that Liu Chiyan really sent their marriage to the Internet. It is a coincidence to get married today, on April Fool’s Day, there is no one in the Civil Affairs Bureau, and it is a grandfather who does not care about the entertainment circle. He does not recognize Liu Chiyan. The most dangerous exposure time has passed, and Ye Guang does not believe that Liu Chiyan dares to publicly disclose the news of their marriage. I have to say that this is actually a kind of sorrow for celebrity, and it’s still a hidden marriage.

After finishing Weibo, Liu Chiyan put down the cellphone and ignored Ye Guang. No matter how Ye Guang flirted with her, you made me angry, I ignored you.

At the entrance of Radio station, Liu Chiyan put on a mask and sunglasses, carried her baby, and snorted at Ye Guang, then got off the car, and then drove up her own car.

Ye Guang grinning as he touched his nose.

After Liu Chiyan left, Ye Guang took the time to go back to his home. He had to to put the stolen stolen household register book back while his parents weren’t home. If his parents knew it, it would be a big deal!

When I got home, father and mother didn’t come back from work. Ye Guang sneaked back and put the household register book back in place. He hid the marriage certificate in the bottom of closet in the room and pressed it with the clothes. After doing this, Ye Guang nodded with satisfaction and drove back to Radio station to go to work.

Radio station.

Ye Guang just came, Old Wang and former Liu Bayi assistant Ma Tao was smiling and greeted him.

Old Wang : “Little Ye, great! Yesterday’s program list is the first! You have pressed down three ace programs, you are amazing.”

Ye Guang modestly waved his hand and smiled: “It is the result of everyone working together.”

Ma Tao also smiled: “It’s still good to keep your story! I have been following Late night channel with Teacher Liu for a few years, and I have never had such a good result.”

Old Wang helped, “Yeah, yeah, you don’t know, now our program group is beautiful, and whoever sees me in the Radio station now greets me. Now on the Radio station, talk about our Late night story who will not give a thumbs up.”

The show was good, and Ye Guang was happy, chatting with the two for a while.

“Right, Brother Ma, How is Teacher Liu? Did he leave the hospital?” Ye Guang asked Ma Tao.

Ma Tao shook his head and said: “Good is much better than before, acute appendicitis, has already moved, that is, Teacher Liu is getting older, recovering slowly, still living in the hospital.”

Ye Guang nodded. “Than I will go to the hospital to see Teacher Liu.”

Old Liu has been in the hospital for a few days. Old Liu and Ye Guang are not too deep in friendship, but Old Liu is also his senior. He has a passion for teaching, so he should take a look at it.

After Old Wang and Ma Tao left, Ye Guang has nothing to do. Looking at the Host exam materials on the computer, the Host exam will be taken in a few days, and the homework to do is still to be done. Although he has a Highly Retentive Memory skill, there are some things that need to be integrated to cope with the exam. After all, the exam content may not be based on the book.

The night live broadcast was very smooth. Ye Guang went home and wanted to call Liu Chiyan, but I thought it too late, and I was afraid that I would disturb her. Although he was just separated in the afternoon, I still thought about this beautiful married woman, who was just Ye Guang married.

Let’s call tomorrow.

The night passed.

The next day, Ye Guang was woken up by the phone.

The phone call is said to be the editor of Nanchang Red Valley Publishing House. Ask him if Ghost Blows Out The Light has all the copyrights, whether he has any intention to publish, and whether he can meet to talk about the issue of Ghost Blows Out The Light.

Ye Guang has not gotten up, but after the last Weibo introduction, this problem is much better. Now the profile introduction has not changed. Pick up the phone and don’t talk first, wait for the other side to finish speaking, and say that you are dissipating.

Ye Guang has n’t thought about publishing Ghost Blows Out The Light. The other party called and let Ye Guang have some surprises. Ye Guang decided to not publish it for a while, and waited for the live broadcast to finish. In fact, it may be because the other party is waking him up from sleep. So he refused the editor of Red Valley Publishing House and promised that if they published, they would first consider their publishing house.

Ye Guang, who was awakened by the phone, did not continue to sleep, got up and washed, and then ate some breakfast that Mother had left for him. If he had nothing to do, he went back to the room and went online.

“Oh shit!”

Ye Guang, who is brushing Weibo, exclaimed.

“This girl is going to turn the sky!”

It turned out that Ye Guang saw a piece of Weibo post from Liu Chiyan who had already ranked first in Weibo.

A Weibo about getting married…

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